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  • Davide Madera
    Davide Madera5 timer siden

    "Is it correct having the radio only once the sand box is not calling anywhere?!"

  • WhiskySiN
    WhiskySiN5 timer siden

    Should be over clocking lunch and dinner with vegetables 😋

  • Jett
    Jett5 timer siden

    My graphics card is doing more than sweating, it's about to burn, gtx 960 4gb yes bumped up clock speeds long time ago and all that' but it's been ready for replacement for years. and now i have the money to buy one i can't find one to buy.

  • formdoggie5
    formdoggie55 timer siden

    Pcie 2.0 x16 x8 isnt even over saturated yet by current gen cards so it literally isn't a reason why you should ever make a mobo determination as long as it's x16. Only reason your pcie choice matters right now is if you're doing crazy shit with drive access and writes/unwrites. As a result: your 3080 isn't even slowed down by x58 lga 1366 boards made 12 years ago.

  • div0007
    div00075 timer siden

    Helpful video. Thanks mate!

  • Charbel Chahine
    Charbel Chahine5 timer siden

    which cpu opens up pages faster in your opinion guys such as my computer, game apps, and google chrome? 10980xe or 5950x? thanks guys. coz i was thinking of building a pc with one of those processors.

  • super0sonic
    super0sonic5 timer siden

    Personally I would run a Windows 98 or ME wallpaper. But a Windows 95 wallpaper is really cool.

  • Icecreamtruck Og
    Icecreamtruck Og5 timer siden

    Well over-clocking makes the gear last shorter and more noise, on new stuff I would not recommend it but on old gear go nuts, it will not last that long any way. All the capacitors on the mother board dry out faster with more heat and over clocking makes more heat. Taking out the anti-virus program and putting a good firewall gets you some extra processing power back, with little risk. Setting your operating system to basic graphics makes games run better, the less the operating system uses the more you can use. Turning off all extra programs "background and other" makes gaming more fun, all startup crap and background stuff. "crtl-alt-del" brings most of what is running up in win. And the better your internet connection is the more fun online games are "your ms is king" it is the most important factor in online gaming.

  • Robert U
    Robert U5 timer siden

    6:57 Linus has entered chat

  • Aaack Aardvark
    Aaack Aardvark5 timer siden

    Real talk: Jay’s iFIxIt ads are the only ones I tolerate and actually enjoy.

  • Row B
    Row B5 timer siden

    Let’s paint some bolt action models together lol.... seriously though

  • BasedRogue
    BasedRogue5 timer siden

    Never. This is the new norm.

  • Joshua Leigh
    Joshua Leigh5 timer siden

    Can you adopt me and build me one? lol kidding, f_ck the haters dude.

  • Snorty McGout
    Snorty McGout5 timer siden

    I really wish more motherboard makers would use only 2 memory slots.

  • retrogamer244
    retrogamer2445 timer siden

    How do I stop my parents from stalking me? Because they can stalk my ps4, fire stick, and iPhone XR, any help?

  • gregory pavliscsak
    gregory pavliscsak5 timer siden

    i think there is something wrong with your camera

  • Nathan Monahan
    Nathan Monahan5 timer siden

    I don't think I will ever skip over your ifixit ads. LUL

  • Scott Le
    Scott Le5 timer siden

    i clicked to watch the ifixit ad

  • awesomer thanu
    awesomer thanu5 timer siden

    I can't explain how much I love the ifixit ad, I skip everything else but I can't skip a classic 😂

  • Off-Grid Everything
    Off-Grid Everything5 timer siden

    There is still a benefit to manual overlooking on older architectures. Even my 3rd gen r9 3900x, I was able to get running much more efficiently, and greatly boost the clocks for all core, over what single core was reaching. In legacy mode ( turns off 6 cores) auto oc was only getting to 4.325 GHz during gaming, while using 1.475 V. Going in manually, I am able to get 4.425 GHz on all 12 cores at only 1.3875 V. With auto OC the cpu would use over 200 Watts, and get up to 94°, but with manual only uses 180 W max, and gets up to 70°. So there is still a benefit to going in manually, if you want your system running at Der8auer levels haha

  • baby_jake8585
    baby_jake85855 timer siden

    lol at jay running win 95

  • dignal
    dignal5 timer siden

    Linus Drop Tips

  • WrathchildVU
    WrathchildVU5 timer siden

    sorry bro but i almost got a seizure because of that background light, and god damnd migraine just kicked in. please change that i had to scroll down so i can avoid it (p.s. its no fun just to listen)

  • PovGRide742
    PovGRide7425 timer siden

    Not sure if this was asked yet, but why didn't you just enable ABT in addition to Remove all Limits? That would've been 5.3GHz 2-core and 5.1GHz all-core without any manual clocking.

  • MJ L
    MJ L5 timer siden

    Personally, I run individual games or program settings at "prefer maximum performance" in the nvidea control panel, while leaving the global settings at "optimal power", so that when I turn a game on, the computer is running high performance, but when im just browsing or streaming, its conserving energy, costs and wear and tear.

  • Tex2dj
    Tex2dj5 timer siden

    the first ad you forced me to watched it , that was funny ad lol

  • Alexander Love
    Alexander Love5 timer siden

    I wonder if he was in gear 1 or 2 for his XMP...hmm

  • Israel Ouellet
    Israel Ouellet5 timer siden

    So, OC is good only for synthetic load on multi-cores.

  • M V
    M V5 timer siden

    i tried OC RAM, enabling XMP and OC 2900Mhz and more gives me bluescreen, at 2800Mhz runs fine, i have 10600k,ballistix 3600Mhz,asus z490 mob, . Should i blame bad ram sticks?

  • jryoung_ fudd
    jryoung_ fudd5 timer siden

    Ive done this for almost 5 years lol

  • Jordn
    Jordn5 timer siden

    Was the 10900K stock clocks in these benchmarks or overclocked? I currently have the 10900KF and that R20 score is waaaaaay below what I get on 5ghz all-core (6630). I can achieve 5.5ghz all-core on it too but only at 1.6v, so I've never actually gamed or benchmarked it at that speed due to fear of killing it and not being able to replace it, no idea if it's even stable but it doesn't bluescreen or anything and idle temps are 40c, stressed it on cpu-z briefly and it reached temps of 95c (360mm aio). Edit: Oh ok, 5.1 is pretty ratshit chip. You should be able to get 10900K to 5.3 (though it downclocks under 100% load to 5.2) all-core at around 1.39v, and manage high 70c's. Not sure if there's a huge difference or not between 10900K and 10900KF temperatures, but that's my experience with mine. Not sure if I just got incredibly lucky with my chip or if more 10900KF's are like this, but 5.3-5.4 all-core at 1.45v and max temps of 90c (prolonged stress test), is pretty decent. For some reason, my chip is capable of getting 5.4 all-core at 1.45v, but it requires a whole 0.15v more to achieve 5.5, and then it just hits 92c instantly and steadily climbs under stress so I don't use that at all. (Currently set to 5.2ghz all-core @ 1.37v, 100mhz x 52, AVX offset auto, uncore 4.3, LLC Calib Ultra, Z590 Vision G).

  • Dean
    Dean6 timer siden

    I just realized my pc is already 15 years old!

  • rtyler1869
    rtyler18696 timer siden

    Jay, why the Windows 95 wallpaper?

  • SoloCamo
    SoloCamo6 timer siden

    21:08... my FX-9590 says herro. In all seriousness, probably going to replace my 4790k finally with a 11400. Need more cores and am still limited by the gpu at 4k so it's a decent upgrade. Wanted the 10900F but heat is an issue.

  • MJ
    MJ5 timer siden

    11400 is a decent chips, go for it. If need, it's also a bit tweakable. You can lock it at all core maximum boost.

    DENNIS GUERRERO6 timer siden

    wooooww...impresive...BTW im watching these with my RYZEN machine

  • deminybs
    deminybs6 timer siden

    13:32 I got that BSOD code with my original 3900x after maybe 3 months. very long story short:CPU was semi defective (guessing because the multiple ccx count technically it would work most the time until anything went to dead ccx) but it was specifically that code. Which when you look it up does point out CPU, just In a way I'd never experienced before. no joke the longest/most infuriating troubleshooting I've ever done. but an example would be you could go to transfer some files then watch the progress bar stop, move the mouse it would continue for a few seconds then stop, rinse and repeat. that's if you were lucky lol, otherwise would BSOD. luckily microcenter warrantied it for me and gave me $88 back since prices had dropped on it

  • Charbel Chahine
    Charbel Chahine6 timer siden

    I have a 10750h and it can reach in the 6000s lol in cinebench. 11th gen is trash

  • Charbel Chahine
    Charbel Chahine5 timer siden

    @Burban ok no worries. Thank you.

  • Burban
    Burban5 timer siden

    Thats the wrong Cinebench my guy... there's different versions with different score ratings... the 10750h is a lot slower no offence.

  • reacts
    reacts6 timer siden

    I had all my parts to rebuild but a GPU in 2020 because I was waiting for 30 series. Biggest mistake ever. My 760 isn’t cutting it so I went on eBay and got a nice 980ti to tide me over for a while longer. It runs what I want it with my CPU nicely and that’s all I really can ask for with the state of the market right now

  • r e d
    r e d6 timer siden

    I was really hoping an IFIXIT ad to interrupt the IFIXIT ad

  • adam ford
    adam ford6 timer siden

    I also started building PCs when I was 10 and now I’m 40. I need to start a NOlocal channel about PC building.

  • Alec Shoemaker
    Alec Shoemaker6 timer siden

    Adblocker are useful for NOlocal videos

  • adam ford
    adam ford6 timer siden

    2 years ago…Don’t buy more GPU than you need, especially 2 GPUs…today..Damn I wish I could buy a decent Gpu.

  • Markus Dortmann
    Markus Dortmann6 timer siden

    RAM in Gear 2 mode....:-\

  • Damian Ramirez
    Damian Ramirez6 timer siden

    Jay hook me up with trying to find a decent graphics card 🙏🏽

  • lucien wolf
    lucien wolf6 timer siden

    That's what she said to this hole damn episode 🤣

  • Ningyuan Wang
    Ningyuan Wang6 timer siden

    11:42 The nostalgia windows 95... Love the wallpaper

  • Danny Olson
    Danny Olson6 timer siden

    Isn't the RAM issue mitigated because you are only using 2 slots? I can hit high frequencies with my RAM when using A2 and B2 which is technically what you are doing? I cannot hit anything above 2933mhz when all 4 slots are filled. I am just trying to figure out how the 11th gen fixed the issue. I have a 10th gen i9.

  • Gr33n N1ck
    Gr33n N1ck6 timer siden

    Dude stop drinking from your Ln2 Thermos!!!!

  • Magick Academy
    Magick Academy6 timer siden

    The dumbest thing I've done is listen to my attorney. Every time...

  • James M
    James M6 timer siden

    I'm happy that I got 3600 MHz ram to work with a 3200G. Lol!

  • Jataxs
    Jataxs6 timer siden

    I bought a prebuild with a ryzen 7 pro 4750g and no gpu. I wasn't able to find a graphics card on a normal price and I'm not talking about a 3000series card, I wanted something around a 1080. I wasn't able to find ryzen 5 apus nor the new 4000 apus, until I found a prebuild deal with a price really close to what I would pay for it if I bought it by parts. I'm okay with my purchase, i'll wait and safe my money until we are able to buy gpus again, if ever. Good luck everybody.

  • Martin Sim
    Martin Sim6 timer siden

    I need a bit of help My pc uses a b365 gigabyte board with an i5 8400. The cpu came from an hp prebuilt, but it's in a new machine now. The cpu would boost to 3.9 ghz on the hp motherboard with the stock cooler, but now, with the new motherboard and a much beefier cooler, it drops to 3.5 ghz under load even though the new cooler keeps the cpu under 55 degrees. If someone knows how to fix this then please reply. (Also I turned off all the power saving features in the bios: speed step, speed shift, etc)

  • TehKazlehoff
    TehKazlehoff6 timer siden

    "A modest 360 AIO" AYYY ITS MY AIO! WOO! :D :D

  • Galactic Ruler
    Galactic Ruler6 timer siden

    Day 3 of telling Jay to face Skunkworks

  • Ali
    Ali6 timer siden

    id rather get the 10900k for 280 usd new

  • Joe Pro
    Joe Pro6 timer siden

    Jay is always saying post was unappreciative. He sure seems like he likes it in this.

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith6 timer siden

    Its amazing how worried he is about us slicing our fingers.

  • Custos Venetus
    Custos Venetus6 timer siden

    Remember: base clocks are smooth freeways: for that CPU, you have to use 3200 MHZ. I recommend the Gigabyte Designare 3200 and the Vision D mobo. 🌿

  • ryan_vp
    ryan_vp6 timer siden

    I actually bought one of these a white one they are so nice and really well made Corsair out did themselves this time

  • King_Millz
    King_Millz6 timer siden

    Newb here Wtf is overclocking???

  • computers2max
    computers2max6 timer siden

    Great video, a real world of and with kit most people would use. Thanks jay

  • Zzzz Zzz
    Zzzz Zzz6 timer siden

    WINDOWS 95???????????????????

  • CoolTitanium 68
    CoolTitanium 686 timer siden

    Day 69 of asking iFixit to use Jay's iFixit ads as the official advertisement for iFixit

  • what tf
    what tf6 timer siden

    Just downloaded new cpu, ram and motherboard.. Still waiting on my gpu to finish then I'm all set 🏃

  • Ali The Alien
    Ali The Alien6 timer siden

    I downloaded my nan

  • ennio
    ennio6 timer siden

    What about power consumption ?

  • OG Mark
    OG Mark6 timer siden

    Okay, so I know this video is like a year old, but watching you try to keep it together, man, I'm way past that right now. 04/05/21 I finally was able to buy all the parts I needed to make a supposed killer system for Blender as well as lots of fun gaming. Just now got everything all nice and put together and....... WHAT THE FLIP!!! Awesome colorful lights, real quiet, nice little system, to bad it never boots. You just see the little red light on for the CPU meaning something is up. Ryzen 9 3900x Gigabyte Aorus Ultra X570 Two sticks 16gb x 2 Corsair Vengeance RAM Older Nvidia graphics cards, will get a good one when I can afford one Tried everything under the sun. Called Gigabyte and attempted to get some help, but yikes, felt like I was talking to a wall or something. Tried to do the BIOS update but nothing seems to happen. No blinking light or anything. Just dreading being forced to send EVERYTHING BACK cuz who knows which part or what is the problem. Just wanna go to sleep and wake up like none of this ever happened. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.... ogmark34

  • Justin Green
    Justin Green6 timer siden

    Meanwhile, I Handbreak for 40+ hours on my 1950 Threadripper and never go over 57 C with a 360 AIO

  • Jose Felix
    Jose Felix6 timer siden

    #linusdroptips 😂😂

  • Xcraft Llc
    Xcraft Llc6 timer siden

    I just got an Maximus XIII Hero and updated thr bios to the beta that allows Adaptive Boost Technology and it has been amazing!

  • Some Dude
    Some Dude6 timer siden

    so the whole ifixit thing is nicked from powerthirst right

  • The BC Jungle
    The BC Jungle7 timer siden

    I used to run my 2500K at 5.2 on an ASUS board. That thing ran like a beast for 5 years like that.

  • Ali The Alien
    Ali The Alien6 timer siden

    U got seriously lucky haha

  • Ethan Bradley
    Ethan Bradley7 timer siden

    Best sponsored add ever

  • Hussam Alnajjar
    Hussam Alnajjar7 timer siden

    Keep up the ifixit ad 👍🏻🤣

  • Snute7
    Snute77 timer siden

    When’s the max power draw competition between you and Steve?

  • Allah Turbo
    Allah Turbo7 timer siden

    that's utterly handsome looking board

  • illumique
    illumique7 timer siden

    1:06 Wow Jay you was that dude at the car.

  • Patrick Krypt
    Patrick Krypt7 timer siden

    Engagement comment.

  • biffisgreat
    biffisgreat7 timer siden

    Ifixit cannot fix a 67 Camaro 😓

  • The BC Jungle
    The BC Jungle7 timer siden

    Should have had Linus say "Busted" ala the toasty guy from MK