300Hz Laptop with an RTX 3080 that you can actually buy?? YES!

Vitenskap og teknologi

People always made fun of gaming laptops... but this one is laughing in 300Hz
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MSI GE76 Raider 10UH-274 17.3" Gaming Laptop Computer - Blue: micro.center/c7808
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  • glenn martonic
    glenn martonic6 timer siden

    costco sells....$1299....MSI GF75 Thin Gaming Laptop - 10th Gen Intel Core i7-10750H - GeForce RTX 3060 - 144Hz 1080p

  • Jeep1967
    Jeep1967Dag siden

    i've been using gaming laptops since 2005 (Dell XPS Gen 2 was the first one). I have always used them the same way Jay does. Plugged in always. I tested each one gaming on battery power. like Jay said, the performance was horrible. Most games won't even load while on battery power. If you turned off all the "battery saver" options and ran everything at max performance (when you were able to make those changes) all of them lasted about 45 min of gaming. So always plugged in is really the only way to use these things and still get the performance you expect.

  • Al Po
    Al PoDag siden

    What's the TGP for this specific unit?

  • Tony L
    Tony LDag siden

    Use integrate GPU display mode in Dragon Center. It disables OPTIMUS and RAISES FPS A LOT (especially CSGO). GE76's RTX 3080 should be as powerful as desktop 3070.

  • Gheorghe Petean
    Gheorghe Petean2 dager siden

    Probably he tested the laptop with both integrated Grafik and 3080 Grafik on..he could get better performance using the mux switch discrete graphics and even better by using a monitor.. well maybe another time..

  • Eto Gonzalez
    Eto Gonzalez3 dager siden

    Is there a chance you can do a video on the first things to do on a new gaming laptop? Or is it somewhat similar to a pc?

    US AND THA GUNNS5 dager siden

    there all out of stock, makes sad face...

  • Absolute Longplay
    Absolute Longplay7 dager siden

    Again another laptop that would have been sick if it came with a Ryzen CPU.

  • John-Paul Tolczyk
    John-Paul Tolczyk8 dager siden

    nice laptop Jayson I am not a fan of laptops because I find them not fast enough and don't stay cool enough so I am pc guy instead

  • Tony Barban
    Tony Barban8 dager siden

    I like gaming laptops, I know I lose performance but I like not being tied down to one location, and I'm not a competitive aaa gamer. Battery wise I don't care, if I can use it in the kitchen for a recipe resource or watch a video flaked out on the couch it's good enough. I have a tilt board on my bed and end up doing most of my gaming there.

  • Bill J
    Bill J9 dager siden

    I bought an HP Omen 15 in December, the AMD version. It has lesser specs than what you just got but the most current Omen is more similar. I also was looking at the Lenovo Legion 15 at the same time but BestBuy had a better deal on the HP, so I'm not only looking at specs but I'm looking for something to meet my budget.

  • Marcus Vinicius Andrade
    Marcus Vinicius Andrade9 dager siden

    BIG BRICK. THICKER LAPTOP.... Still smaller than a desktop... The people cry for some useless reasons

  • Ray Mak
    Ray Mak9 dager siden

    Beautiful laptop

  • Ardathorium


    7 dager siden

    NOlocal commenter

  • TheFirstObserver
    TheFirstObserver10 dager siden

    You should try a Sager NP9672m. They look...theoretically powerful.

  • charlie man
    charlie man11 dager siden

    1080p kills the specs. Especially for a 17inch laptop. Should be 1440p 😄 the gpu and cpu can easily make use of it

  • 1995Gamer
    1995Gamer11 dager siden

    Damn sucks I only have 8, rtx 3070s.v

  • hyperaktiv
    hyperaktiv11 dager siden


  • Mahid Gondal
    Mahid Gondal11 dager siden

    A 3070 laptop gpu will probs be around normal 3060 desktop levels probably a bit less

    MHBGT11 dager siden

    The MSI A'VENT'ADOR :D .... Okay, I'll see myself out.

  • TinMan Gaming
    TinMan Gaming12 dager siden

    Meanwhile, I'm VERY happy with my Asus ROG STRIX G533QR SCAR 15 Edition ryzen 5800h and RTX 3070 max p. Does everything I throw at it, and keeps KICKING ass. I can't help but notice you, linus, bitwit, etc didn't review ANY ryzen 5000/ rtx 30 series laptops...

  • Jellybeantiger
    Jellybeantiger12 dager siden

    Only for rich narcissists.

  • End
    End12 dager siden

    I think the title was so wrong in the part *that I can actually buy*

  • AngelsOnOurShoulders
    AngelsOnOurShoulders13 dager siden

    i have the 3070 version, it plays everything really good at high frames for me but it gets sooo hot

  • Jokery
    Jokery13 dager siden

    if you look at the price for this laptop you can buy a normal PC 4k , also 1080 res on a 3080 its like WTF you can just add 3070 and get a lot cheaper for same performance

  • Sensei
    Sensei13 dager siden

    NO! I can’t actually buy it because✨i can’t afford it✨

  • Ty Shade
    Ty Shade13 dager siden

    Ayyy Whiskey on the Rocks! Nice

  • BadaL Badal
    BadaL Badal13 dager siden

    how much is this laptop anyways if it was to be in stock somewhere?

  • Florian Thomas
    Florian Thomas14 dager siden

    2021 the year gaming laptops finally make sense... think about that! ;(

  • Jayson Mcleod
    Jayson Mcleod14 dager siden

    I feel like Jay actually understands the difference in different types of laptops. You watch Linus complain that a MacBook isn’t like a gaming computer and it’s like duh that’s not what people want

  • Buddhafex
    Buddhafex14 dager siden

    I love that I click the link to microcenter to see how much the laptop is and I'm in Cali so I choose the Tustin store and it says that store doesn't carry that laptop, lol.

  • mooinginpasture
    mooinginpasture14 dager siden

    I see that wonderful small display and im here wondering where is the

  • Jacob Gonzalez
    Jacob Gonzalez14 dager siden

    This laptop is non existent everywhere

  • Sumona Florence
    Sumona Florence14 dager siden

    Sucks these things lack HDD space now.. my 1070 laptop fits 4 HDDs

  • Sumona Florence
    Sumona Florence14 dager siden

    0:39 Etheeeeeriuuuuummmm

  • Haloblackops Tenken
    Haloblackops Tenken14 dager siden

    I'm wondering if you change the display, via, mux switch, from hybrid to dgpu or something like that?

  • Kevin Button
    Kevin Button14 dager siden

    My issue with laptops is the GPU is hyper throttled to meet the power requirements for a laptop...so the 3080 is not gonna run as fast as a desktop 3080

  • Star masterc

    Star masterc

    14 dager siden

    MSI Afterburner undervolt and overclock...

  • Bradley G.
    Bradley G.14 dager siden

    It has a mux switch... turn off optimus and go again.

  • Enrique Coello Ibarra
    Enrique Coello Ibarra15 dager siden

    sorry if it's not a question related to this video.... I have an HP 2000 Core i3-2328 2.20GHz with 8GB of RAM (I know its a very old laptop :( ) in the HP web page says the HP 2000 has an 8GB max ram but in the Command prompt using "wmic memphysical get MaxCapacity, MemoryDevices" it says has a max capacity of 16777216 in 2 slots. Which one is right? Go for it for 16GB? Hope u can help

  • Joh447
    Joh44715 dager siden

    I'll keep my elitebook 8470P until they day I die.

  • XiloTheOdd
    XiloTheOdd15 dager siden

    yeah valve game internal FPS counters have one flaw, they update waaaaaaaay too often by default.

  • mark
    mark15 dager siden

    Just watched the don't get riped off video from feb 2020 i think feb??? where j was saying the video cards are not in danger of of selling to crypto miners. funny how times change. This is not a rip on J. Just how greed can and is affecting the gamming industry. with that i am a loyal follower of Js two cents. and have increased my computer knowledge a hundred fold. and more than doubled my O-clock numbers. so thanks out to Ja.

  • Sanshray
    Sanshray15 dager siden

    Indians can relate to the intro , it’s similar to that of the voice that we hear on railway platforms

  • konstantinos P.O.
    konstantinos P.O.15 dager siden

    Playing csgo at my 48hz laptop makes me wanna cry over that 300hz screen...

  • Thug Taters
    Thug Taters15 dager siden

    man really wish there was a micro center near me

  • Skeleton Jack
    Skeleton Jack15 dager siden

    Can actually buy....such a lie, deliver locations alone are a joke

  • Lou Vibes
    Lou Vibes15 dager siden

    this man is a fake gamer no cap

  • George Requis
    George Requis15 dager siden

    Please do a review on the Asus zenbook pro duo please!

  • LuridFTW Gaming
    LuridFTW Gaming15 dager siden

    Think I’d rather have 4K 144hz. You’d have the best of both worlds in my opinion.

  • Snow Dog
    Snow Dog15 dager siden

    Jay can you check out a program tuning in the back ground call voice control engine I found a small black line that open to a open black box setting on my desktop I have the exact same computer I hit ctrl alt delete to find that voice control engine running in the back ground hidden on my desktop can u check into that

  • WIlis matrix
    WIlis matrix15 dager siden

    Please show me your apartment sweetie ! 🤗😚

  • icy
    icy15 dager siden

    as a great magician once said.... NOT ANYMORE!!!!

  • Ron T
    Ron T15 dager siden

    In stock,,, ya sure. Isn't shit in stock across the country. You guys get stuff because of your channel. Reg peeps get nothing lol

  • Harry Elliot
    Harry Elliot15 dager siden

    Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.

  • Fidel Abraham

    Fidel Abraham

    15 dager siden

    @Micha Brains Believe me he's the best when it comes to Cryptocurrency trading, your profit is assured.

  • Micha Brains

    Micha Brains

    15 dager siden

    Text him on What@pp👆

  • louisa wilson

    louisa wilson

    15 dager siden

    @Micha Brains Thanks

  • Micha Brains

    Micha Brains

    15 dager siden


  • louisa wilson

    louisa wilson

    15 dager siden

    I wanna Invest too, how do I get to Bryan Joe ?

  • Stats NetF
    Stats NetF15 dager siden

    94c when installing apps?? Thats garbage

  • Audun Solvoll
    Audun Solvoll15 dager siden

    If you want good sound, you have to test the new 16" MacBook👌😂 I know you don’t like Mac😆

  • Prevenant
    Prevenant16 dager siden

    The catch being it's a laptop.....

  • Tech&Tools
    Tech&Tools16 dager siden

    I just bought an ASUS M15 with 2060 with the 4K panel, it was on sale and couldn't resist. I'm not a huge fan of MSI, I don;t know why just never have been. Always had good luck with Asus and Evga. Like you, I've always liked laptops. My first PC i bought was a laptop, a Sony Vaio. I would never buy one without a GPU now after using this one. Something about the portability and not being restricted to one area. Plus the performance nowadays is pretty dang good. My desktop still smokes it, but it's nice to have both. I was wanting to get the new 3080, we all see how that went. I got a whole computer for around the same price, kind of glad I didn't look harder for the 3080. I got back into computers a few years back once I started making better money and have really enjoyed your videos and appreciate all you do for us as a community. Thanks Jay from a Jay, Jason.

  • Jadeee Shu
    Jadeee Shu16 dager siden

    sana all

  • Dynoids
    Dynoids16 dager siden

    Really.. not even laptops are in stock.

  • Meepers55
    Meepers5516 dager siden

    Not anymore lol

  • 1Dshot
    1Dshot16 dager siden

    Personally I don't look for anything smaller than 17.3 in, I can't see them at all, battery isn't too much of a thing forme either, usually have it plugged in and playing when using it

  • Alyssa
    Alyssa16 dager siden

    "that you can actually buy" There is 1 available stock during the making of this video....

  • ChristianMuzikEndTimes
    ChristianMuzikEndTimes16 dager siden

    sponsored by jaytwocents this is the 3080 laptop!

  • ohyeah10456
    ohyeah1045616 dager siden

    Sold out

  • Ligerstripe
    Ligerstripe16 dager siden

    meh. the premium between the 3080 and 3070 laptop cards isn't worth the performance boost. I'm happy with my asus zeph g15 2021. even got linux on it.

  • jwollheim
    jwollheim16 dager siden

    Would love to see you review the alienware m17 r4 with a 3080. From my research it's the only one that outperforms this laptop

  • Heartless Angel
    Heartless Angel16 dager siden

    Worst audio?? My dominator pro so loud like im using bluetooth speaker

  • boobacockaa
    boobacockaa16 dager siden

    Lol. Love it when Jay tries to sound smart about electricity, but fails utterly.

  • zielone_ciastko
    zielone_ciastko16 dager siden

    I can understand 144Hz laptop, but 300? Noone who needs 300Hz woudl like to play on so small screen

  • Galaxy-Cat
    Galaxy-Cat16 dager siden

    Scalpers got them already. Its sold out everywhere.

  • Marius Nicolae
    Marius Nicolae16 dager siden

    Hello! I just bought this laptop and I yes is very powerful. I want to ask you what are the maximum indicators for the overcloking? You made this test? Thank you in advance

  • Johnny B
    Johnny B16 dager siden

    For around $3k you get a 1080p 17" screen with a RTX 3060ti computer. Yeah fck that!! If I was rich, sure why not I'll take 4 of them for my family lol.. but I'm not. So another video of shit that 90% of us can't honestly afford.

  • Mistseeker
    Mistseeker16 dager siden

    just went to check my local stores. the pages say this model was sold out the same day it arrived on the shelves. Miners. Miners everywhere, even on laptops.

  • Ronan Brouard
    Ronan Brouard16 dager siden

    Hey ! Got a problem with my GE66 with RTX 2070... it’s brand new and I’ve got fan noises on the cpu fan like loud vibrations on the top left of my laptop. Must push a lot of pression with my finger to erase it... thanks for your help ! Sorry for my bad English if there is some mistakes. Have a nice day 🇫🇷

  • Brief case
    Brief case16 dager siden

    12:21 Mouse game

  • pabloc106
    pabloc10617 dager siden

    anything with a brick of 280w cant be a 3080, period, its kinda scam, or they just try to put 2 bricks of 350w each

  • kbbentley1
    kbbentley117 dager siden

    You should look forward to the lenovo legion 7! 2021 version, of course. I think it's going to release around April or May. I'm getting it but I hope you do the same. Edit: I wrote that in the beginning when you said you're looking for the perfect laptop! For MY requirements, I was looking for screen refresh high, BUT I wanted higher resolution. Because I travel and don't want to carry around a monitor.. You get what I'm saying. Anyways. Keep up the vids man. Love to see em

  • kimberly mulhern
    kimberly mulhern17 dager siden

    no jay the thinnest is stealth, the raider is a good one but I look for bulky and performance remember its a laptop so if you want to do high end stuff you will have to deal with noise for cooling and you will want high end hardware! making them thin is not easy so bulky over performance equals fan noise! either way the stealth looks the best jay or the leopard version! I want to see you do reviews of those versions from MSI! I also would like to see you do reviews of other manufacturer's versus MSI like there are tons of RTX laptops on newegg.com also MSI has the thinnest with the stealth so you should do performance vs temp vids of those laptops jay!

  • Loren Chapman
    Loren Chapman17 dager siden


  • Liron Glickman
    Liron Glickman17 dager siden

    I own this laptop, also i have 3080 desktop, this laptop is absolutely insane! it can play CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE at max setting + RT on at avg fps of 165fps

  • ShamblerDK
    ShamblerDK17 dager siden

    That's an MSI laptop... MSI is like Apple, when it comes to being anti-consumer. They won't sell you spare parts and will refuse to repair your stuff the second it's past warranty. In short: DO NOT BUY MSI LAPTOPS!

  • Evilsamar
    Evilsamar17 dager siden

    I was subscribed to Jays2cents when he had about...idk...I wanna say around 40k subs, when I just enrolled into highschool and was all about gaming. Had to let go of it all for a while (not completely, but following hardware trends) and now almost graduating college I am slowly getting back into the game. I randomly stumble across Jays channel and remember the endless hours I spent watching him like ten years ago and what do I see? My man Jay has 3 million subs! Way to fucking go!

  • Edwin Nieves Firpi
    Edwin Nieves Firpi17 dager siden

    Do you mant see my apartment? 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Christian Gormley
    Christian Gormley17 dager siden

    Can't wait to sit on the home screen and be running at 80 degrees Celsius 😀

  • Ovi Wan Kenobi
    Ovi Wan Kenobi17 dager siden

    I'm guessing CAD$20,000?? Lol

  • skogenburzum
    skogenburzum17 dager siden

    The bezel Nazis are probably cringing in this video. Bezel nazis are almost worst than cancel culture, but at minimum, are on par with being total losers.

  • Patrick O'Neill
    Patrick O'Neill17 dager siden

    all these 3000 series chips sitting in bullshit laptops that nobody buys

  • Steve McQ
    Steve McQ17 dager siden

    Can you play Space Engineers and Second Life properly?

  • "FUWA""CRAB"
    "FUWA""CRAB"17 dager siden

    £3.300 on amazon cheaper to bye a scalped RTX3090?

  • Rock&Roll
    Rock&Roll17 dager siden

    Show me 300hz in game play and I will believe it

  • blacklotus432
    blacklotus43217 dager siden

    There is nothing in the links

  • Miko Djako
    Miko Djako17 dager siden

    Go search for Asus Scar 17 with Ryzen 9 cpu and 3080 gpu - 300hz screen (they have 360hz also and 165hz with 2k res)

  • Chris
    Chris17 dager siden

    It only costs me my right liver! Off to the dark web i go!

  • Patro TV
    Patro TV17 dager siden

    I thought you don't like msi

  • Nathan Riediger
    Nathan Riediger17 dager siden

    This is the first time I’ve ever heard someone use jazz on a speaker test........ but Im not complaining.

  • BeastMaster 64
    BeastMaster 6417 dager siden

    Its out of stock imma kms

  • Bon Chickenfry
    Bon Chickenfry17 dager siden

    lol out of stock at every store. There is no loophole!

  • TwoFacedM
    TwoFacedM17 dager siden

    If your not even reaching 300 fps on csgo, whats the point of having 300 hz on a laptop..

  • TwoFacedM
    TwoFacedM17 dager siden

    The thing i dont like about latptops is they run extremly hot. If im gaming i can barely touch my upper part of the keyboard without burning my hands.

  • petademonplus
    petademonplus17 dager siden

    test please alienware 17 r4 with 3080