AIO vs Air Cooled Video Cards... worth the extra cost?

Vitenskap og teknologi

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  • Dane Milne
    Dane MilneDag siden

    got my new GPU from a new prebuilt, not touching overclocking of any kind haha

  • Siproc
    Siproc2 dager siden

    I have an AIO version, unless I did customer watercooling when I eventually get a new card I'll go with just a fan based one.

  • Ryler gaming
    Ryler gaming2 dager siden

    watercooled cards are worth it its what im doing for my 4k set up

  • VillaMasterSF
    VillaMasterSF4 dager siden

    aircooled vs watercooled vs nonavailable graphicscards !

  • Exotic Butter
    Exotic Butter5 dager siden

    i keep watching videos about GPUs knowing I won't have my own GPU for like, a year. I guess I'm a masochist that way.

  • Saman
    Saman5 dager siden

    You don't need water cooling if you live in Scandinavia ;)

  • Bashen Shackelton
    Bashen Shackelton5 dager siden

    Still don't understand why this test wasn't in a closed Case? Wouldn't that yield more realistic results?

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin7 dager siden

    These results are strange because for cpus AIO cooling is the worst of the big three in terms of performance.

  • Pris L
    Pris L12 dager siden

    AIO easy better looking no dust.

  • XrazgarX
    XrazgarX14 dager siden

    at 32 raids of Deep Stone Crypt I am wondering what I will get first Eyes of Tomorrow or finding a RTX 3080 at MSRP.

  • XvLarvavX
    XvLarvavX15 dager siden

    "Aye-eye-oh?" I've never even _seen_ a REGULAR video card..

  • Captain Greenhat
    Captain Greenhat16 dager siden

    Is it wrong of me that i wish we could have more of asus' posidon line up?

  • please leave
    please leave17 dager siden

    Guys just play csgo on your igpu and save your cash for the Rtx 4000 series gpu

  • Louiienation
    Louiienation19 dager siden

    Air cooled FTW ! Cause that’s all I can get my hands on now a days !

  • Gregg Williams
    Gregg Williams19 dager siden

    There is a generic fan company that makes the 360 mm solid fan it's called asiahorse

  • DwrtyDrifting
    DwrtyDrifting21 dag siden

    can you make a video air cooled vs watercooled on a open air case like cougar conquer , what's better for cooling?

  • David Vel
    David Vel23 dager siden

    no porpuse to see any graphics card unboxing in 2021 with those prices

  • costafilh0
    costafilh026 dager siden

    I don't get it! With LN2 it would run faster, and it crashes below 50C even tho it is specd for 95C before turning off! Why isn't it auto overclocking further? if there is temperature and power headroom...

  • Robert Green
    Robert Green26 dager siden

    Have a 5800X with AIO that reaches CPU temp of 85 c. Can prolonged use at these temps cause damage to an AIO?

  • Steve
    Steve27 dager siden

    *me crying in poor gamer with my Ryzen 3 1200 and GT 710:* I like your funny words magic man

  • Roamingnomad_
    Roamingnomad_Måned siden

    No wonder I stopped watching these channels as a whole when they get priority and nobody can validate the experience when no one has it lmfao

  • Frank R
    Frank RMåned siden

    Once you go to custom loop you never go back.

  • Damian Fernandez
    Damian FernandezMåned siden

    Currently I have a gigabyte nvidia 3090 xtreme waterforce, I use the machine to play in 4k resolutions, previously I had a 3080 gaming pro palit and a 3080 msi gaming x trio msi, all mounted in a lian li 110 dynamic xl cabinet and the difference of temperatures is impressive, in my case it is worth the difference in prices, if these were normal.

  • Richard Wynn
    Richard WynnMåned siden

    6:30 Nice lookin A10 T-Bolt II... anyways...

  • Jean-Sebastien Levesque
    Jean-Sebastien LevesqueMåned siden

    Love my motherboard, i can choose the temp sensor for a particular fan output 😏

  • James Kerr
    James KerrMåned siden

    I would really like to see a bolt on 30 series aio or an expandable aio or kit. considering the the shortages and miners and everyone else buying and or selling gpus for insane prices. Being an automotive enthusiast and a truck driver by trade I like to tinker in my cases and try new things or least new to me things lol. Ive modded my meshify 2 so i can have 2 140mm fans beneath my video cards. done things things like stacking but with different rpm/sized fans there. I do like the whole custom water cooling but for me a diy version of the store bought gpu aios would be awesome

  • Dkerch _
    Dkerch _Måned siden

    “If I can get it in there; story of my life” relatable

  • FatheredPuma81
    FatheredPuma81Måned siden

    If Buildzoid has taught me something with mobo's it's that very high end power delivery doesn't really need to be cooled. So I assume it's the same here?

  • Josh Stanton
    Josh StantonMåned siden

    I'd love to see what this'll do with hardmods for power delivery and memory control, since that cooler is keeping it pretty damn cool.

  • Racktoar
    RacktoarMåned siden

    I got an Aorus 1080 Ti Waterforce in 2017 or -18 (I think?), best performance 1080 Ti I've ever seen for myself. Loved it. Sadly, my 6700K probably couldn't keep up in some games.

  • Internet Explorer
    Internet ExplorerMåned siden

    I actually had my old R9 290X with the NZXT bracket and a H75 AIO and that was the only way I could keep the VRM’s from hitting 127C

  • Jokery
    JokeryMåned siden

    i wish i had one of those video cards

  • Jasper Skallow
    Jasper SkallowMåned siden

    full coverage AIO are worth it, and in the Vega 64's case, they're paired with better binned GPU. But what really should be done is to cool the entire pc in a "chill-box".

  • Yow
    YowMåned siden

    “I have covid-19”... 8 days later: let’s make a video. That’s why 2021 is also doomed.

  • Derick Masai

    Derick Masai

    Måned siden

    I was wondering the same thing when I realized he wasn't alone in the studio as he'd said he'd be. Did he already beat it?

  • Kain Kage
    Kain KageMåned siden

    I think 3fans air cooling is good for some good oc, my GPU runs good at 67 degrees Celsius under stress with benchmarks with around 1.9 2.0 Ghz clock, which is a good temp for high OC. Aio cooler seems good if u wanna go Xtreme with maybe some RTX 3080 or 6800XT with much OC, or to have a more silent build.

    DJJOOLZDEMåned siden

    Significant 1% improvement. Totally worth it.

  • Shamrock_three
    Shamrock_threeMåned siden

    my opinion you just need a triple fane GPU

  • Kamogelo Leshaba
    Kamogelo LeshabaMåned siden

    The video could've been better if graphs were used, air vs aio

  • psychotictactoe
    psychotictactoeMåned siden

    Call me a grumpy old dude but it pisses me off when you see 'content creators' treat hardware like shit because they just get boxes of the stuff to test. If i spent thousands on my hardware and slapped it like this my mates would think id had a stroke!

  • johan alink
    johan alinkMåned siden

    1995 Ajax won the Champions League 😂🤣


    i need one

  • James Lucop
    James LucopMåned siden

    I think it’s not worth all the extra money and mucking about. Just save your money and buy the next better GPU!! 😂

  • Helliott Productions
    Helliott ProductionsMåned siden

    I try not to shove things in holes too hard Jay 2021

  • Richard Feynman
    Richard FeynmanMåned siden

    I got my MSI Trio X 3080 to score 13,000 in port royal, but that was using a 430W (suprim) bios.

  • Oath
    OathMåned siden

    I’d love to know how hot the memory on the backplate gets. That’s what I’m struggling with at the moment on my card, the memory is hitting 110c or around 101-103 while gaming max everything.

  • Terd Ferguson
    Terd FergusonMåned siden

    Sucks to be a gamer and shooter, both things that I pursue for happiness are empty.

  • Vulzz Azizora
    Vulzz AzizoraMåned siden

    yh folks dont shove thigs in holes to hard thats how baby computers r made

  • Windi
    WindiMåned siden

    if my card would often run with 100% then i would use aio but when the card runs most of the time idle thenn its not worth it

  • Steven Moeller
    Steven MoellerMåned siden

    1995 was my Freshman year in HS...

  • jackcameback
    jackcamebackMåned siden

    Managed to get a GTX 1650 for 2800DKK on Thursday this week - hmmmm not by best impulse buy!!

  • Michael Bouman
    Michael BoumanMåned siden

    Can you even buy the iGame cards in the US?

  • Nicholas Bassaholic
    Nicholas BassaholicMåned siden

    I want AIO Graphics card and AIO CPU cooler but where am I going to put my 6 hard drives?????

  • Jason howe
    Jason howeMåned siden

    finding something that covers everything in its own individual loop and having a 3 chambered container that is somewhat chilled to a point that it can contain a chilled element to benefit keeping the gpu chilled so it doesn't crash.. Looking at the average dl of games and various additional content I would think to have it all active in a way you are either at the routed of creating the scenario of adding NVME storage and use is as ram bank boost to run the games with all those additional features because even with access to 24GB, looking at all the new features I think there isn't appropriate ram to cater to these productive and progressive, and if you are going to keep bottleneck ram whether it be on console/pc/laptop. we are going to play-ability issues long term.. because you end having to use harddrive/ssd space as a caching service if not relying on some form of device to offload some of the processing too as seen with both the xbox one x and ps4 pro at this stage we have been at the 128GB and higher options gpu space otherwise we pay a penalty of hand off to either 65/128/512/756 GB or 1-10TB of storage ram to offload the processing too just to process 4khdr and all the widescreen formats you can name including support the realism of shader aspect that consumes.. I think both amd and nvidia might end up having invent a daughter card just to cater for the next version of their own phys-x engine where all the compute engines are catered to from that card interface otherwise we are going to have retire the older crap to cater for cards with up to 2TB of ram just to process the newer graphics engine.. as for cooling it I don't have a clue though I suspect what is and what will be within the marketspace in the next 2-5 years might not be suitable for cooling purposes.. that much ram never mind the other components of the gpu

  • ShneekeyTheLost
    ShneekeyTheLostMåned siden

    I just stick with air cooled. It's easy to install, easy to run, and have fewer things that can go wrong. I very rarely overclock because my RX 5500 XT provides my 1080p 60Hz monitor everything it can handle, so there's zero point TO overclock. I don't have 4k monitor, I don't play AAA titles like Shadow of Tomb Raider, I give absolutely no **cares** about RTX or any of that nonsense, and I consider RGB to be one of the greatest atrocities to have ever infected computer hardware. So... I use air cooled because I don't push my hardware hard enough to require liquid cooled, so if I don't have to deal with all the extra headache of an AIO, I'm just not going to do it.

  • hayden butler
    hayden butlerMåned siden

    I like how this looks. Hope i can buy one... someday...

  • Jimmy Currire
    Jimmy CurrireMåned siden

    Cant find either type of card anywhere, what's the point I'm stuck with my 2080 ti

  • Hairu TheNinja
    Hairu TheNinjaMåned siden

    With the current graphics card market making me upgrading to a new card unviable would it be maybe worth it for me to grab the nxt bracket and a cooler and diy upgrade my 1070 fe and oc it for a few more frames in my games ?

  • John D.
    John D.Måned siden

    The new GPU and CPU are so powerful that President Biden is helping to get this rolling.

  • Edward Neuman
    Edward NeumanMåned siden

    Given the price of current and high end cards a extra 100 bucks is nothing considering the performance boost. if you don't need 4 or 8k res just get one with less memory.

  • Tylernl
    TylernlMåned siden

    Omg that rubbing with headphones on! *hard cringe*

  • Damián Dvornický
    Damián DvornickýMåned siden

    13:22 Jay being random as he loves to be ❤️🤣

  • Shaun Marshall
    Shaun MarshallMåned siden

    Using an aio is great, have done it for my last 2 gpus using the kraken g12, the fan it comes with is dead quiet and can be run 100% no issues. During most gaming situations the fans on the aio don't even need to run much, I have a h80 with one sp120 run at 900rpm constant, temps were not over 60 degrees, idle was around 30

  • Luca
    LucaMåned siden

    1. Only interesting thng about this card is that the tubes come out with 90° fittings 2. Why even bother reviewing this kind of a card when not including a teardown or closer investigation of the VRMs etc

  • SuperChlark
    SuperChlarkMåned siden

    GPU's - 2021 - OUT OF STOCK | GPU's - 2022 - You win Lottery instead screw the GPU's

  • Claus Nielsen
    Claus NielsenMåned siden

    I choose to stay with my current card

  • livingfast 2
    livingfast 2Måned siden

    1995 you where a sophomore in high school ? Dude how does my dad look younger that you

  • Rafael Toledo
    Rafael ToledoMåned siden

    My RTX card is air cooled... in fact it's pretty much just air

  • Jaco Oosthuizen
    Jaco OosthuizenMåned siden

    So not worth it if it was in stock and so not worth cause there is no stock. guess we shooting for 4000series by now. Oh well more performance my 1080 still runs sweet!.

  • Shane Tobin
    Shane TobinMåned siden

    look at the size of that water cooled GPU box.its nuts.

  • Christopher Hadsell
    Christopher HadsellMåned siden

    Oh! I'm really laughing at that little flashing blue circle (14:15)! I'd love this graphics card, just for that! Hehehe!

  • wissen
    wissenMåned siden

    lol this GPU has my name on it lets goo

  • Lutz Rieken
    Lutz RiekenMåned siden

    the best 3080 is... (Drum Roll) the one in your rig !!!

  • Mihail M
    Mihail MMåned siden

    Damn I wish I had temps like that I’m on a GeForce mx150 +240 core clock and + 700 v ram clock

  • koaschten
    koaschtenMåned siden

    Any chance you checked the Mem TJunc Temp of the AiO Card with HWInfo?

  • WhyteDem0n
    WhyteDem0nMåned siden

    Once you go open loop, there's no going back. I took the plunge 3 years ago and I cannot believe I waited so long to do so.

  • Blake Grandstaff
    Blake GrandstaffMåned siden

    Let me get that 2080 kingpin off your hands my man

  • Deividas Leimontas
    Deividas LeimontasMåned siden

    Nice video quolity 4K :)

  • Shelby T
    Shelby TMåned siden

    Accelero extreme 3 on my 1080ti, 25% fanspeed 2100mhz max 55°C

  • Kevin Xiong
    Kevin XiongMåned siden

    I would like your opinion on thermosiphoning. Would that have better performance than air or liquid?

  • Joshua
    JoshuaMåned siden

    NZXT kraken g12, thank me later

  • Rocky Intertidal
    Rocky IntertidalMåned siden

    Won’t pay scalpers, don’t have a NOlocal channel with new packages piling up at my front door and probably won’t have anything to cool until 2022 so who cares?

  • J
    JMåned siden

    This is comical: do I want the not in stock or the notify me when available

  • louiethepitt
    louiethepittMåned siden

    they are sending shit for reviews?...why?... there are any in the market unless you want to overpay like stupid

  • MHanssen
    MHanssenMåned siden

    I hit 2050 mhz on core with my 1070, with a tiny oc

  • Lance Zimmer
    Lance ZimmerMåned siden

    Your ten years younger than me?! I thought you were older. LOL

  • Chris Robson
    Chris RobsonMåned siden

    i love watching these vids although most of it might as well be in klingon😁😁😁

  • KiddsockTV
    KiddsockTVMåned siden

    would love to see more outtakes. PLEEEEAASE!!!

  • Elijah Mitchell
    Elijah MitchellMåned siden

    Just get a mf prebuilt, they got 3070s and 3080s for days

  • Roland Rudolf
    Roland RudolfMåned siden

    Can't wait to see 150 of these chain hooked up, and only the front one having their fancy RGB arc visible.

  • Pratik Ghodake
    Pratik GhodakeMåned siden

    Can I get one card from above 🙂

  • Tim Drew
    Tim DrewMåned siden

    Still waiting for you to cover a graphics card PCB in LIQUID ELECTRIC TAPE! Keep being great

  • Joel W
    Joel WMåned siden

    That 2080 Kingpin should be the giveaway card. 😁

  • Carlos Yánez
    Carlos YánezMåned siden



    I have a aorus aio rtx3080 it is fantsantic

  • itsruf1
    itsruf1Måned siden

    observation: make a 20 minute video - a comparison contrast of the shroud style vs cut it off. Take a butt load of temps, etc Asking for a friend.

  • itsruf1
    itsruf1Måned siden

    observation: @ 3:36 - "they got this channel along the side of the blade" The correct term is shroud. Fan shroud. An integral molded on shroud. That design is pulling more current due to the extra mass is my guess.

  • Jeff Something
    Jeff SomethingMåned siden

    down vote for out of stock

  • Jeff Something
    Jeff SomethingMåned siden

    the background lighting gives me a headache lol

  • TheDarkWolf
    TheDarkWolfMåned siden

    it would suck if one of the fans broke then your stuck with one fan or have to replace both

  • James Hogue
    James HogueMåned siden

    My main reason for getting a card with aio cooling is for noise. My 1080ti with aio replaced 2 R9290xs so the noise difference was huge. Not sure this applies to today's cards though...