Another GPU you can’t buy... AMD WTF

Vitenskap og teknologi

AMD's new 6700XT is here... but who exactly is this card competing against?
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  • Sir Megallot
    Sir Megallot3 dager siden

    So hours ago I won a newegg shuffle for this card for 700. I immediately bought it. It's the GIGABYTE Radeon RX 6700 XT EAGLE 12G version, which is hard to find info on but looks really sweet, it has three fans which I hope will help it run lower than what I've seen tested. To give you an idea I have an rx 580 4gb at the moment so this would be a HUGE upgrade. I also just finished my first ground-up build and the video card was the only thing I was missing. I am slightly disappointed I didn't win any of the other shuffles for the NVIDIA cards, as what I really want is a 3070... I guess beggars can't be choosers, it really is a very nice card, I don't need the very best i just need to finish my build.

  • Jonathan Buckingham
    Jonathan Buckingham3 dager siden

    Given current availability of similar products should I purchase this card or wait for something better? Of course I'd prefer a higher end card however I am beginning to grow restless.... I have an opportunity to get the FXF MERC 3 but again is it worth it?

  • Trayxoo
    Trayxoo3 dager siden

    I got an 6700xt for roughly 800 euros yesterday.

  • Solarizer
    Solarizer4 dager siden

    The problem is just getting worse, it went from no cards anywhere to some cards but double to triple the price not just scalpers but here in AUS the retail shops as well, let say you want a 6700xt you will have to pay more then what the 6800xt is meant to be sold for removing the logical reason to buy the cheaper card.

  • BlurryFace Nick
    BlurryFace Nick4 dager siden

    I got a 6700xt for 700usd today, there was a bunch for sale

  • KoreyW8
    KoreyW86 dager siden

    I uh kinda why buy something from ifixit

  • महाकाल
    महाकाल7 dager siden

    in india 6700xt cost about the price of 6800XT about 1100-1300 usd thanks amd and indian retailers and distributors

  • BrewDiePie
    BrewDiePie9 dager siden


  • Yang Liu
    Yang Liu10 dager siden

    6700xt 45-47mh/s vs 5700xt 50mh/s

  • StaySic4Ever
    StaySic4Ever11 dager siden

    Really glad I got RX 5700 XT though, would be quite a problem to get a card now.

  • Scott Beach
    Scott Beach12 dager siden

    I lucked into finding 2 of these on a trip to Micro Center to buy 3D printer filament. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. I gotta say, I'm pretty satisfied with them. The only disappointment is that I couldn't grab a third that I could have sold to recover the cost of one lol.

  • Eric Hansen
    Eric Hansen12 dager siden

    With auto overclock I'm getting 2875mhz

  • klatoo14
    klatoo1412 dager siden

    only took 7 months but I finally got to order a 3070. By summer it will be obsolete (maybe).

  • TheStormtrooper 78
    TheStormtrooper 7813 dager siden

    I did got one, for 650€

  • Jackie Apreil
    Jackie Apreil13 dager siden

    I was going to build a new PC, then I looked on Newegg. Are you friggen kidding me?

  • Alberto
    Alberto14 dager siden

    We can't buy gpu this year XD

  • Squirrel
    Squirrel14 dager siden

    link for ifixit's newsletter is a non working link. just a heads up

  • Cadam2019
    Cadam201914 dager siden

    After 3 months of searching for GPU's I finally got a 6700XT. Here in the UK the '30 dollar' difference between a 6700xt and a 3070 is a lot more. It is more like a £180- £220 price difference right now when looking at retail prices. I look forward to the release of FidelityFX, also can ray tracing be improved through software or driver updates or is it just hardware improvements?

  • smithy94_
    smithy94_14 dager siden

    Just ordered one in a prebuild in the U.K. Arriving tomorrow.

  • Brendan Cook
    Brendan Cook15 dager siden

    Paid $1000 for asrock pro variant. Yet to see if there’s anything in the box when it arrives.

  • TheInsaneupsdriver
    TheInsaneupsdriver15 dager siden

    you know what the good thing is, about the time they get the number of GPU's up to fix the market, all those that bought cards wont beable to sell their older ones for high enough to buy the new ones, nor would anyone buy them. opening the new better cards for the people whom were screwed over.

  • Matt Tiaz
    Matt Tiaz15 dager siden

    I love this NOSENSE reviews and comparations nowadays :D

  • C.N
    C.N16 dager siden

    I actually managed to get one off of Newegg. I realized that the Combo deals on Newegg usually stay in stock longer, giving you a better chance of getting a graphic card. unfortunately, the price was at 899 CAD, which is almost 1.5x the MSRP for the card. Also, that I fix it add was lit, prob the only in video ad that i have watched in a long time

  • Evilsamar
    Evilsamar16 dager siden

    Is "Stream processors" the AMD's name for "Shaders"?

  • Kalcron
    Kalcron16 dager siden

    Its like that Meme ( sings / Nobody cares! ) by AMD

  • Bluemiska Baackstab
    Bluemiska Baackstab17 dager siden

    we have few in one of our shops, but price is almost like 6800xt

  • Llovani Rincon
    Llovani Rincon17 dager siden

    I paid double the price due to the crisis we are facing with graphic cards sold out . For all the streamers . Grind Hard

  • AdmireFiestaGuild
    AdmireFiestaGuild17 dager siden

    Pffft now even Jayz shop is out of stock and cant deliver ....

  • Magicalツ
    Magicalツ17 dager siden

    Dude I went to micro center two days after the launch of this card and someone actually gave me their voucher for the 6700xt. Of course I lost my mind in disbelief and redeemed the opportunity to buy this new video card in sheer panic and excitement. It was worth it. The card goes for like 2k on 3rd party marketing and it's very depressing.

  • Marc Cognet
    Marc Cognet17 dager siden

    I hit like just cause of the ifix it segment... I must do a an ad for my store like this GET NOW DONT BE A PUSSY YEAH lol got 2 of these if anyone wants ...crazy pricing tho.. ;/

  • Mayhem
    Mayhem17 dager siden

    Liked the video right after I saw the iFixit add.

  • James Wallace
    James Wallace18 dager siden

    releasing the damn 6700xt just increased the prices of all 6800xt's. Thank AMD.

  • Andrew Cranmer
    Andrew Cranmer18 dager siden

    $535 @ micro center

  • Ecalleros323 Ecalleros323
    Ecalleros323 Ecalleros32318 dager siden

    Is it just me or msi went with the team rocket logo from Pokémon? 😭

  • Colin Lane
    Colin Lane19 dager siden

    I have one and it’s solid and for the price I got mine I’m happy out

  • GfromKC
    GfromKC19 dager siden

    I just bought this at MicroCenter. Going to build my gaming rig around it. First PC ever. This was all I could find though.

  • Keith McFarlane
    Keith McFarlane19 dager siden

    I got one today in store Sapphire Pulse. Online impossible unless you pay a kings ransom for one. I am hoping to trade mine for RTX 30 series. And some cash thrown in to get a 3080

  • Hitman0220
    Hitman022019 dager siden

    Luckily I was able to get a 6700XT in my cart on launch day even with the site issues but site crashed at checkout and I lost it.

  • palamida gheo
    palamida gheo19 dager siden

    i wonder if gamers really buy an high end gpu for this kind of money or they are just for miners? cause i am not. and how are the sales going on for gaming industry cause you know no gpu no games

  • y b
    y b19 dager siden

    I got in February a 3070 Gygabite Eagle OC for 650 euros (80 to 90 eur above the launch price).. I hated overpaying that much back then, but now I unfortunately consider it a bargain.. 🤷‍♂️

  • gwolf1985
    gwolf198520 dager siden

    i got one paying the normal price but had to wait in line for 8 hour at microcenter LOL . and it play games good .

  • Kitty Flip420
    Kitty Flip42020 dager siden

    managed to get one for msrp and refunded my 3070 whic i paid 200 over msrp for

  • Chaddiouskilbane
    Chaddiouskilbane20 dager siden

    I've seen the I FIX IT ad so many times but I can't look away!

  • Bardock32nd
    Bardock32nd20 dager siden

    I really like the 6700 XT, I got lucky at Micro Center which had one left it was expensive since it was the Red Devil Power Color version but I must say coming from a GTX 980 it’s a huge leap in performance and I’m blown away by it and the settings they have like AMD boost which I seen in the software settings to dynamically change resolution without impacting image quality to give better performance is a plus and I can utilize AMD Freesync on my MSI monitor now. I also spent 900 on the card because it costs 800ish but I got the protection plan as well. And gpu user benchmark shows its nearly on par with a 2080 which is impressive that an entry level mid card can reach a high end card in performance

  • Charles Earl
    Charles Earl20 dager siden

    This whole gen from both camps is a pass for me until cards are at MSRP. 3060ti and 6700XT are $800 CAD and that is out of line. Keeping my 5700XT for another year. Only paid $500 CAD for that a year ago.

  • Terrestrial
    Terrestrial21 dag siden

    Where lucky in Australia then, we still have some 6900XT and 6700XT, maybe I should buy and sell it to you guys in America

  • Nurul Ahad Akil
    Nurul Ahad Akil21 dag siden

    gpu has become such an abstract thing that you can only watch the reviews and you cant buy it or touch it like love

  • Ignacio P.
    Ignacio P.21 dag siden

    not gonna lie, that intro gave me ltt ptsd

  • greg cool
    greg cool21 dag siden

    lmao i have the 3090 and 10900k. My pc is god.

  • terry ruiz
    terry ruiz21 dag siden

    i got lucky at 2am last week had to pay double for it but got a 3060.

  • Oystein Soreide
    Oystein Soreide21 dag siden

    I got the XFX Qick RX 6700 XT . Well it's on its way to me. I got it from a retailer. I bought it more because I need a graphics card rather than that particular one. For my usecase it's actually quite overkill. But I don't want to spend similar money on a gtx 1660 or something.

  • Nemanja Glišović
    Nemanja Glišović21 dag siden

    BuT aMd Won

  • Lee Sills
    Lee Sills21 dag siden

    I got a 6800 Saphire for £699, i thought i was getting ripped off because it was £100 more than MSRP. Then 2 weeks later all retailers upped their prices by another £100. Shocking. I think it is only just worth £699 so definitely don't spend anymore than £700 on a 6800.

  • Fabius Maximus Cunctator
    Fabius Maximus Cunctator21 dag siden

    I never watch ads, but this ifixit clip just nails it 🤣👌🏻

  • safe bet
    safe bet21 dag siden

    I sent my 6700XT back today due to coil whine. Interesting that this is not mentioned anywhere. Depending on the FPS and load of the card, it gets extreme. In Cyberpunk 2077 it was a very loud beeping, in less demanding games like World of Warcraft, World of Tanks, it was quieter but still present. There were also various driver problems and I had to reinstall all drivers several times + clean up the registry. I can not recommend the 6700XT!

  • terry
    terry21 dag siden

    I am sick of hearing influencers wondering "why oh why are they even issuing a new card" when scalpers and miners will snap them all up. Manufacturing requires extensive advance planning/investment, where as mining and youtubers do not. Its not funny any more.

  • Ben Brock
    Ben Brock21 dag siden

    I just bought a 6700xt fe for $700 AUD is that a good deal?

  • Seattle206723
    Seattle20672321 dag siden

    *I only wish the Graphics Card industry a slow painful D**th! This isn't new with graphics cards selling out at ridiculous prices. Its only gotten worse. Anybody that's 35+ knows this to be true. Its been a slow consolidation with chips from Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing! This only happens with International Monopiles*

  • Seattle206723


    21 dag siden

    PS I didn't get any and are still rocking EVGA 970GTX's and Ti660 FTW SLI Style! I'm going to Replace My MB, and CPU and Memory on my Cosmos 2's with 3950x's and leave the GPU's in both. I'm coming out of AMD Phenom' and 8350 ASUS Sabertooth's. Bad time to fully upgrade, but what I got and will get will work for now on Asus Tuf 570x's. G Skill NEO's

  • Emil Guldmann
    Emil Guldmann21 dag siden

    Going hypothetical with the 3070 any day for a while now.

  • lolo mo
    lolo mo21 dag siden

    Screw my loved one. I will buy ifixit for myself

  • jflaliberte
    jflaliberte22 dager siden

    Hardware Unboxed did an excellent test where they compare the 5700 XT vs the 6700 XT at same clock speed. Same performance.

  • beefstewiscool
    beefstewiscool22 dager siden

    I was able to snag a few and a 3090. Good times.

  • HardTarget Jimmy
    HardTarget Jimmy22 dager siden

    You cant buy it so why bother with these videos?

  • NintendoNerdKim
    NintendoNerdKim22 dager siden

    I'm the newbie aspiring PC builder here watching in hopes GPUs will be back in stock and I can finally build my first PC. I'll continue crying on the inside because it will not happen for a long while. Anyway, great video like always! I discovered your channel during the pandemic when I was doing research on how to build PCs and what to expect. Almost 6 months later...all the knowledge, and no GPU available for me to build my first PC. haha

  • Nafeez Imtiaz
    Nafeez Imtiaz22 dager siden

    Jay's Advertisment voice is annoying ugh..

  • Mizuki Joalnez
    Mizuki Joalnez22 dager siden

    To bad... If u like to wake up early and do a line ... yes u would have get it. I went to pick up a Ge76 Raider MSI with a 3080 16gb to microcenter and there was a line of more than a 100 people. Everyone got 1 6700xt. Now online is a different story lol.

  • Panda Kun
    Panda Kun22 dager siden

    I actually got selected in the shuffle for a Sapphire 6700XT for a little over $600. Plan to upgrade my wife's 570, though the flip temptation is real.

  • JT
    JT22 dager siden

    Just hit another 5 gpu with my bot hahaha😂😂

  • Joris Janssens
    Joris Janssens22 dager siden

    The RT 6700 XT is actually one of the very few graphics cards available in Belgium (prices between 900 and 1000 EUR). The other ones are mostly Quadro cards and some GeForce GT710 1GB cards

  • MrBigdjg
    MrBigdjg22 dager siden

    Sold my Vega 56 for $800 and bought a Sapphire Nitro+ 6700xt for $789. Fair swap. Feel good about it. Only card I could get my hands on.

  • rubbers3
    rubbers322 dager siden

    If I had the money and the cards were freely available, then I'd definitely go with Nvidia. However, since I buy used, 4-ish years afterwards, then my prediction is that AMD would be a better offer, since the used prices will be a lot lower than the Nvidia counterpart, since not many people want to buy a used AMD card, for a variety of reasons.

  • N47H4NI3L Aus
    N47H4NI3L Aus22 dager siden

    I'm almost certain that AMD's raytracing handicap is software-based not, hardware-based.

  • Aorus Mini-ITX RiG
    Aorus Mini-ITX RiG22 dager siden

    It is just dirty business. I would be glad if all would goo bankrupt ! all advertise and stupid bitcoin

  • The Hybinator
    The Hybinator22 dager siden

    Metro Last Light Redux has ray tracing ???

  • leandro del mistro
    leandro del mistro22 dager siden

    Fuck data miners

  • Kennedy Pickford
    Kennedy Pickford22 dager siden

    If you're here in 2021 and you haven't into bitcoin already then you're late. But it's better late than never..

  • Luis Figueroa

    Luis Figueroa

    21 dag siden

    @Ineptias Bais yes, this obviously a scam, they don’t even try to hide it

  • Ineptias Bais

    Ineptias Bais

    21 dag siden

    Fake replies funny how only 1 successful trader is continuously mentioned and everyone is making crazy amounts of money in months while bit coin value hasn't increase a HUGE amount in the last 5months

  • Linda Thompson

    Linda Thompson

    22 dager siden

    There have never been a better time to invest in Bitcoin than now

  • Linda Thompson

    Linda Thompson

    22 dager siden

    I just checked her profile at IADP website, Her certifications and licenses is insane.. Wow I'm definitely contacting her..

  • Evelyn Hernandez

    Evelyn Hernandez

    22 dager siden

    I'll get to her right away I need to invest and make profits too

  • YanWest
    YanWest23 dager siden

    Got it today!

  • D
    D23 dager siden


  • John-Paul Tolczyk
    John-Paul Tolczyk23 dager siden

    no haven't Jayson but I will be buying one in a few weeks but its going to be a gigabyte GeForce RTX 3080 vision OC 10gb GDDR6X graphics card😁😁😄😄😆😆😆😊😊😊

  • Fifth Cylinder
    Fifth Cylinder23 dager siden

    that ifixit ad was great lol

  • Oscar Santana
    Oscar Santana23 dager siden

    I swear this shouting about this ifixit crap really makes me press the unsubscribe button even tho i like your videos.

  • Yazmo
    Yazmo23 dager siden

    I have been trying to get my hands on one of these "30 series" since the very beginning as i am stuck at home unfortunately. being able to just do that and search online, all days. I still could not menage to get one! All sold out before i even try you see! And i was looking hard... "MS" stuck at home with a very old GPU 920gt now as my 1060 die oct2019. decide to buid a new Rig possibly the last rig as i knew new cards was on their way but also knew covid could slow down the build, which it did, you have no idea RMA etc.. everything out of stock... but i was excited, all hype up, youtubers boost me, they pump me "30 series 30 series 30 series" as i was trying to build my last rig which is still not fully complete as for today. GPU was my only remaning culprit and i was needed a new card, preferably a 30 series, 3070 to be exact, possibly 3080 any of these 30, i would take anyway. but you know the story again. All sold out before i even try you see! And i was looking hard... Here as for today even an used ASUS 1060 3GB here is around 400CAD used all the prices went up on every lvl My PC is all rdy for a bigger graphic card i always been mid power PC and i want to ultra experience for a change.

  • Hyphen
    Hyphen23 dager siden

    Imagine thant finding a GPU in Escape from tarkov is actually easier than in real life atm.

  • C Y
    C Y23 dager siden

    All these gpu paper launches are making me sad. Gonna Unsub cuz this is just bullshit. Wake me up when the pandemic is over

  • Christopher VanZetta
    Christopher VanZetta23 dager siden

    AMD is just screwing people out of their money now 🤣

  • Gavin Anderson
    Gavin Anderson23 dager siden

    I'm exhausted from this whole supply issue. I think I would still be exhausted even if I wasn't trying to finish my computer.

  • Deucely
    Deucely23 dager siden

    Can somebody who understands what is going on explain to me(us) why O' why GPU manufacturers don't like money? why can't they just make more if the market is skyrocketting on demand... This is so frustrating I need to upgrade my computer but I don't wanna pay a grand for a videocard, This has been going on for a while now, it appears to be a DRAM shortage, which happened before and will happen again as there is no way the demand ever goes down or low, unless they figure out how to make parts that last forever and ever, if they were to figure that one out, I'm betting everything I own they won't do it, so what's stopping them from upgrading their infrastructure to build more, it's not like that stuff is going to go to waste, demand for electronics is gonna keep going up. Anyways, that's my take on it and I would love for someone who actually knows what's up to clarify, tyvm, great content as ever, those Ifixit ads are evolving, lmfao!

  • Chris R

    Chris R

    18 dager siden

    They are upgrading infrastructure. The problem is that chip production factories take a few years to be made.

  • Maanus Mei
    Maanus Mei23 dager siden

    The more time goes by, the more I'm happy that I bought Vega 64 3y ago for 300€ and still using it.

  • Neil
    Neil23 dager siden

    The R looks like it's a Team Rocket gcard

  • Rahim Ullah
    Rahim Ullah23 dager siden

    I think you meant Metro Exodus instead of Last Light. I'm pretty sure Last Light doesn't have ray tracing, and the fps seem way to low for that title (that or my Vega 56 dominates this gen 😂)

  • Toni Decker
    Toni Decker23 dager siden

    yeah...its a mid range card! its better than 3060 but not as good as 3070! but even this were the best card in the doesnt matter, cause no one can buy it!! Gpu reviews are useless nowadays, cause there are no gpus for the usual people in the wild.

  • Geoffrey Dodge
    Geoffrey Dodge23 dager siden

    That beat tho!!!!!

  • Spirited Nate
    Spirited Nate23 dager siden

    I went to micro center to get a 6700xt reference card and had to pay for a Msi oc edition for a whole 300 dollars more

  • Krhys
    Krhys23 dager siden

    When AMD came out with their mediocre 5000 series GPUs I promised myself I would never buy one. Now, I would be more than happy to get my hands on a used one without having to sell a kidney.

  • void nebula
    void nebula23 dager siden

    I would have liked to upgrade but the market is a sewer right now. PC gaming will die if this keeps up.

  • Michael
    Michael23 dager siden

    It would just be nice to be able to get a GPU to finish my first pc build... I don't care about mining.

  • Malevolent AK
    Malevolent AK23 dager siden

    I was wondering how the supply and demand issue on GPU’snd CPU’s is effecting the rest of the industry? I can’t imagine anybody wanting to build a new system if you can’t get all the components.

  • Malevolent AK
    Malevolent AK23 dager siden

    I can’t understand this supply and demand issue we are still having. Yes I know that there is now two groups of users for these GPU,s (gamers and miners). Yes I understand that the mass production of chips seems to be an issue. I can’t imagine why a business is not capitalizing on this situation and increasing the production numbers. It’s not like their income for these cards are increasing from the 300% msrp markup. I think they spend more money on PR and answering hate mail now. I’m pretty sure money can fix any supply and demand issues, even if you have to build your own manufacturing plant. And if that doesn’t do it, maybe we should all get an Ifixit kit and use it on these scalpers.

  • Chris R

    Chris R

    18 dager siden

    Because they literally can't. They literally can't build any more supply for a quick solution. If they could, they would.

  • Christopher Bradbury
    Christopher Bradbury23 dager siden

    I can't even use ray tracing with my XFX AMD Radeon RX 6800. I even contacted AMD support and they just had me uninstall it with a program they requested and reinstall they version the recommended. Didn't work. Now they won't even contact me.

  • Rob Dion
    Rob Dion23 dager siden

    I just bought an MSI RTX3080 VENTUS 3X 10G OC for $1069