Beginners Guide to Power Supplies... How to understand the ratings

Vitenskap og teknologi

Every want to know what all those specs mean with power supplies? Well now you can!
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  • Average_Dan
    Average_Dan8 minutter siden

    Buy a good PSU, a good one will last a long time, a low quality one will not and might even kill your components. My OCZ GameXStream 700W lasted 120,000 hours (14 years always on) before I moved to a new case and PSU.

  • Average_Dan
    Average_Dan42 minutter siden

    They need to make a 90+ label and start over with the colors.

  • Dave Pearson
    Dave Pearson2 timer siden

    Never heard a pc guy correctly reference rich/lean and talk about air/fuel mixture before. Respect Jay 🤜 both my parents drag raced and and whenever I’m explaining anything to my dad, I have to use motor analogies so that power supply:fuel mixture analogy was speaking my language haha

  • Reignfire
    Reignfire2 dager siden

    Ow! My delicate ears!

  • Manfred Kok
    Manfred Kok2 dager siden

    #jayztwocents - NOlocal

  • Jimjolnir
    Jimjolnir2 dager siden

    God damnit, Nick.

  • raymond Villareal
    raymond Villareal2 dager siden

    Hi from Philippines!

  • Gavelkynde
    Gavelkynde2 dager siden

    flippin excellent info thank you - i confess i tried to watch all the nexus stuff on this and became very confused - i watched this one and i understand what i need to get

  • -Aleeke -
    -Aleeke -3 dager siden


  • J C.
    J C.4 dager siden

    My last computer was rated brown. Cause the efficiency was 💩.

  • oscarh112
    oscarh1124 dager siden

    For anyone in a market where it is avalible I recommend the Fractal design ion+ line (mostly 760 and 860W versions). They are platinum rated at a good price compared to the compitition.

  • God
    God4 dager siden

    CX750F or TX750M (Corsair)

  • geordie bakker
    geordie bakker5 dager siden

    I baught a cooler master 750w bronze and im running a ryzen7 5800x with a rtx 3070 i did a couple of 3d mark runs on them and when i saw in msi after burner it showed on the graph that my power supply hit 1 a couple of times running the test and idk it that was that i reached the peak power usige but i notices it throteling a bit along the test so im unshure if i need a bigger power supply my self (this is my firs build) i also had a bit off problems with cpu temps something i thaught was wierd since im running a corsair icue 150 360mm radiator the temps reached the 83 celcius that is my peak before its throteling down should i mabe rais it i have also chainged the fan rampup speed so that it gets more heat out of the system

  • Firestar 2525
    Firestar 25255 dager siden

    Sooo. 1000 or 1200 for 5800x and the very illusive 3080?

  • el takuache cuh
    el takuache cuh6 dager siden

    He really threw nick under the bus with that ssd incident lol

  • Ryan I
    Ryan I6 dager siden

    Another misconception with PSUs is people think that the Max Rating is the same as the RMS, or average/normal operating wattage. Therefore, if you buy a huge PSU, they immediately assume it’s going to significantly spike your power bill. That’s just not true, unless you’re doing things that cause it to constantly run at or near the max.

  • am3rican p3nguin
    am3rican p3nguin6 dager siden

    I need 550 exactly but I got a 700 Bc I wanted to upgrade my graphics card to the 3060 ti when ever this market chilled tf out ... it would put me at about 612 so that would still be fine right??

  • Dominik
    Dominik6 dager siden

    Love my Corsair rm650x gold psu

  • Patrick Ju
    Patrick Ju6 dager siden

    Hello, I really like your channel. You give good and understandable information. I am planning on building a system for Photo (RAW) and 4K video-editing. Unfortunately most videos are about Gaming systems. If you have the time and inspiration....could you make a video about a photo/video editing systems and the pros and cons of budget/normal and high-end systems.

  • Hollison Husky
    Hollison Husky7 dager siden

    I've never cheaped out on PSU's. Current PSU is a Seasonic PX-750 Prime. Running an RTX 2080 and a Ryzen 9 2950X with multiple SSD's and a single hybrid drive on it comfortably. Bought cheap once, I got lots of blue fireworks and the ominous black smoke. I try to run a rule of thumb where I spend 15-18% of my build cost on my PSU.

  • SaveOurPlanet01
    SaveOurPlanet017 dager siden

    4:50 That’s it, I’ve decided. I now want the 500 Master Maker Master Class Master Edition Master of the Universe... Ya know what?... Screw it! Just give me a good power supply! 😂

  • GatecrasherSlim
    GatecrasherSlim8 dager siden

    if this vid was really to help noobs why not mention "just google psu calculator". It'll tell you what you need, accounting over by quite a few watts. someone with a 1060 2060 or 3060 is wasting big bucks on an 850w psu they could of spwnt elsewhere

  • Nathan Serra
    Nathan Serra8 dager siden

    Thank you for catch me up on the new tech

  • Juuqe
    Juuqe8 dager siden

    9:18 “But as you can see, the size does matter.” fuck

  • Robby Morning
    Robby Morning9 dager siden

    And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Heb 9:27 KJV) & & & And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. (Revelation of John 20:15 [KJV]) & & & The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. (II Peter 3:9 [KJV]) & & & If you refuse to humble yourself before Jesus Christ and call upon his name and ask him to save you with contrition, you will be cast into the lake of fire with no rest, day or night.

  • Ethan Rutter
    Ethan Rutter9 dager siden

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but are the cables included with a full modular system? Or sold separately

  • Natalie Sierra
    Natalie Sierra9 dager siden

    Did you say Titanium? That's new. I'll never go back to Gold.

  • Rintzler 69
    Rintzler 699 dager siden

    1k watt its a bit overkill in asia here. They are pricey as hell

  • Christopher Mullins
    Christopher Mullins10 dager siden

    Enough power is enough but.. too much power... well now that is even better than enough!

  • cyllo
    cyllo10 dager siden

    Is the Antec NeoEco good? Or should I get a Be Quiet! System Power U9 500w?

  • Brandon Bailey
    Brandon Bailey11 dager siden

    hi there, new to pc gaming, kinda would like for you to go over motherboards. currently running a ryzen 7 2700 on a msi b450m pro m2 board and a geforce gtx 1080ti fe.

  • Aninuji
    Aninuji11 dager siden

    That RPG MMO comparison is just gold.

  • foster hexxx
    foster hexxx11 dager siden

    Thanks this is the first time I will build my own PC and I need a bunch of info to keep my building up

  • Joe mores
    Joe mores11 dager siden

    I messed up an ordered a 750w psu from nzxt for my 3090 10900k build.

  • Theboogerbomb
    Theboogerbomb12 dager siden

    11:42 you frikin jumpscared me

  • Justin Phillips
    Justin Phillips12 dager siden

    As someone who has been watching this channel for almost two years being a die hard console guy, these guides you do Jay have been amazing! I’ve just ordered parts to build my first one. By far my favorite tech channel especially cause I can relate being nerd about this kinda stuff but also being a car guy! The car analogies help so much 😂.

  • zero
    zero12 dager siden

    I have a 162 watt desktop system and I need a power supply and I'm on a tight budget and I need some advice please and thank you

  • GBZChristianGBZ
    GBZChristianGBZ12 dager siden

    The standard in Europe is 230 Volts (50Hz) AC, or anything between 220 and 240

  • Michael R.
    Michael R.12 dager siden

    Im running a i9 9900k and a 2070 super with aio and stuff on a probably 10 year old 500w Silverstone ST50F-230 and have like no problems lol

  • Kasrowi
    Kasrowi12 dager siden


  • Blair
    Blair12 dager siden

    As a newb... why does gamers nexus say 450 is max necessary?

  • Duval Betty
    Duval Betty13 dager siden

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  • Bobby Jenkins
    Bobby Jenkins13 dager siden

    Thx, this really helped! New to the pc game. One question, is an 800 watt 80 plus gold still ok over overclocking a 3080, 5950x, and 4266 mhz ram?

  • Ronni Andersson
    Ronni Andersson13 dager siden

    efficiency has nothing to do with the quality of the component you freaking idiot lol. a 80 white can be better quality in the component than an 80 titanium. haha That score has nothing to do with the quality its the efficiency of the component/powersupply build which has nothing to do with the quality.

  • Say .What
    Say .What13 dager siden

    im using 850W Gold for my 5900X and rtx 3080

  • Duval Betty
    Duval Betty14 dager siden

    The creepy december hopefully sin because ellipse inexplicably branch per a hushed knickers. lavish, annoying era

  • Eric F
    Eric F14 dager siden

    Good to hear 850W good then ... I want the Corsair RM850x Gold White , going all white with my new build ...

  • Dep96
    Dep9614 dager siden

    Ha! I don't need to worry about this because my prebuilt pc has a bad 460w proprietary power supply without an 80 plus rating!

  • MarqØ
    MarqØ14 dager siden

    I knew all of this! watched everything because you can never know too much.

  • hmm ok
    hmm ok15 dager siden

    Even PSU prices are inflated 😩

  • Sam Skellern
    Sam Skellern15 dager siden

    Hugs 12 year old Jeantech 1000w PSU 😆

  • Sam Skellern
    Sam Skellern15 dager siden

    My poor PSU has to drop down from 250v lol!

  • Omar osama
    Omar osama15 dager siden

    Size does matter😂😂😂😭

  • Ryan Kalo
    Ryan Kalo15 dager siden

    My computer is broke can someone anyone help me....I think jay should do some videos helping out some his subscribers. I’ll volunteer 😝

  • Templar Tank
    Templar Tank15 dager siden

    Do you need the second 4pin connector to the motherboard to overclock without liquid nitrogen?

  • Mr Anderson

    Mr Anderson

    12 dager siden

    No, you don't need it.

  • Skylin Megas
    Skylin Megas16 dager siden

    2:09 .... Anyone else hear electroBoom with 🔥 eyes

  • Mythical Phoenix
    Mythical Phoenix16 dager siden

    Me: buying a NZXT 750 watt 80 Plus Gold power supply days before seeing this video. Jay: I recommend 850 watt 80 plus gold. Me: Well shit

  • mitchell roswick
    mitchell roswick17 dager siden

    can I use a cx750m with the evga 3080 ftw ultra? my psu has 1x8 pin pcie and a 4+4 cpu port. I would have to daisy chain one of them. I dont even know if the 4+4 can be used for gpu

  • Mr Anderson

    Mr Anderson

    17 dager siden

    Bruh, you got a 3080, why skimp on PSU? It is like buying a Ferrari only to feed it with low octane fuel.

    NINO PEČEK - NO PROBLEM LAJF17 dager siden

    I have mustard wires setup in a 3070rtx, 5600x, 32gb ram system. I hope you can sleep well.

  • Baptiste Dargaud
    Baptiste Dargaud17 dager siden

    I still have a hard time choosing my power supply for a RX 6900 XT Red Devil, I see lots of conflicting crap on the internet.

  • Jacob Jahnke
    Jacob Jahnke18 dager siden

    Ugg those colors bother me as electrician yellow and orange are 480v and black is 120 hot...

  • Jacob Jahnke
    Jacob Jahnke18 dager siden

    Ugg those colors bother me as electrician yellow and orange are 480v and black is 120 hot...

  • Murry's Fallout Silent Cinema
    Murry's Fallout Silent Cinema18 dager siden

    Got a weird issue that just popped up, hoping someone can help me narrow down the possibilities. After noticing my rig was getting kind of hot playing a game, shut down the game and was about to shut down the rig to diagnose the cooling issue (ended up being minor, a fan had stopped working)... the resulting issue wasn't quite as minor, before I could turn the rig off it basically crashed itself off, booted back up just fine, and otherwise seems ok but now it either turns itself off every time it goes to sleep or gets stuck in sleep so I have to do a hard power off and restart. What exactly did I fry, can't imagine it being a software issue since everything was working fine before the crash. Thanks.

  • Mr Anderson

    Mr Anderson

    17 dager siden

    Relax, dont think you fried or toasted anything, in fact the pc shut down/crashed in time to prevent that from happening. Might be corrupted windows file/registry or software related problems. Do a clean install of Windows maybe.

  • Christian Bivens
    Christian Bivens18 dager siden

    Very good info but what’s rails?

  • Richard Belisle
    Richard Belisle18 dager siden

    my fiancés evga power supply just blew a compositor lol

  • Chris Anderson
    Chris Anderson18 dager siden

    When I blew up my old power supply dropping a soda on my PC I went to Best Buy fast to get another to see what broke, bought an EVGA 600 watt 80 Plus White PSU for $60 like 3-4 years ago. Things still going and the only things my old PSU blew up besides itself when it drank that soda was the pci-e WiFi card thank goodness.

  • Kilgorio
    Kilgorio18 dager siden


  • SwirlingDragonMist
    SwirlingDragonMist18 dager siden

    Very cool man, that last bit about the cables has got we ancy now as I bought some 3rd party sleeved 16awg cables to upgrade over the stock included 18awg. If you could do another piece on the cabling, I’d like to hear your thoughts and experiences.

  • Truong Hanh Vi
    Truong Hanh Vi18 dager siden

    The like kilogram gergely pack because poland algorithmically scratch aside a unarmed bull. entertaining, sad event

  • Shawn Crittenden
    Shawn Crittenden19 dager siden

    Bought a SEASONIC FOCUS 750w GX Gold (not FOCUS+) it is still NIB Hope it is good to me.....

  • Mr Anderson

    Mr Anderson

    17 dager siden

    You can't really go wrong with seasonic.

  • G
    G19 dager siden

    Question. I have a power supply fan that keeps ticking. Its a corsair 1000 watt. What is the best way to fix the noise? Repair? I'm good with my hands not sure what to do. Replace? Don't know were to source a replacement.

  • G
    G19 dager siden

    Power supplies keep the smoke inside the chip.

  • Starz
    Starz19 dager siden

    The timing of this video is really convenient. Just last night I was watching Jay’s video about power supplies from 6 years ago and then this video pops up in my recommended section

  • Jared Talbot
    Jared Talbot19 dager siden

    Could you please make a new video on Custom Water-cooling?

  • John Carpio
    John Carpio19 dager siden

    I would like to get more information on mother boards

  • JayPrince
    JayPrince19 dager siden

    Thanks for that audio warning at 11:42...

  • spaceman sproggit
    spaceman sproggit19 dager siden

    Jay... great intro to PSUs... Hope you don't mind, but I have a couple of follow-on questions. 1. PSU Quality... In the past I've had experience of a [well known, supposedly reputable brand] PSU that was offering distinctly "off" voltages [like 10.2 on the 12v rail, 3.8 on the 5v rail]... You didn't really get in to this aspect of PSU quality. The quality ratings you discussed here were primarily efficiency, not delivery accuracy. Wondering if you've ever had issues with system stability from an under-volting PSU? (Can be a real hassle to chase that one down)... 2. Noise... I built a new machine last year (see here, but be nice: that includes a pair of 2080Tis in SLI, a heavily-overclocked 7920XE and some massive overkill on cooling... By *far* the noisiest thing in my machine is the PSU (Leadex SuperFlower, 2000W). Thinking of swapping that for a pair of lower-rated PSUs... but interested in getting a model where the fans stay idle below a given load (I used to have a Zalman 1250w that was passively cooled up to 40% load). What's your view on the best way to reduce PSU fan noise in already very-quiet machines? Cheers

  • jesse lamb
    jesse lamb19 dager siden

    Love what you do man, it’s sad it’s so hard to get any type of GPU And PSU at all,

  • Arwing
    Arwing19 dager siden

    That jump scare tho

  • Tom Weech
    Tom Weech19 dager siden

    Just rebuilt my ten year old system last year, and replaced every single component...except the PSU. The 750w SeaSonic 80+ gold soldiers on!

  • brxidxn ヅ
    brxidxn ヅ19 dager siden

    Is 550 watts enough for a gtx 1070 and r7 2700

  • Ymcha
    Ymcha19 dager siden

    The WoW burnnn, damn son

  • Paulo Neves
    Paulo Neves20 dager siden

    Whatt´s up Mr Jay, im your biggest fan here in Portugal. And i really like to learn from in every single video. I also really like to have have your help buying my dream GPU: Asus Strix 3080, that i can´t buy here in Lisbon Portugal. if i send you the money do you help me ? Thank you very much from your help regardless your response, i allready learn a lot from you. Thank you very much, stay safe be secure.

  • Saxon Descendant
    Saxon Descendant20 dager siden

    4:55 Same.

  • Mayhem
    Mayhem20 dager siden

    RIP MY EARS lmfao

  • theonlyegg
    theonlyegg20 dager siden

    Ryzen 5600x, RTX 3070, 16GB 3600, 1 SSD, 1 HDD, no water cooling. Is my 650w underpowered?

  • Butch E30 M3 s14
    Butch E30 M3 s1420 dager siden

    I'm European, not sure we have this '80' rating here tbh... Correct me if I'm wrong

  • ZekE DaK
    ZekE DaK20 dager siden

    Me watching this even I am broke af having a 700w 80+ bronze psu that I cannot upgrade

  • davkdavk
    davkdavk21 dag siden

    I have a 10yr old Corsair 850w supply that I maintain well, and she's still going strong

  • Kenneth Berntsen
    Kenneth Berntsen21 dag siden

    6 consoles

  • Frankie Santiago
    Frankie Santiago21 dag siden

    WAYTOODANK 11:42

  • LiK
    LiK21 dag siden

    The car engine exploding cracked me up 😂

  • Born2Legit
    Born2Legit21 dag siden

    Me with my white 650w Evga psu paired with a Ryzen 7 3700x, and gtx 1060

  • G-Unit1111
    G-Unit111122 dager siden

    I have an EVGA G2 but it's nearly 7 years old now. I finally wound up replacing it with a Corsair HXi 850W and my system has been smooth sailing ever since. Also too, efficiency does not always equal quality. I've seen some 80+ Gold units in my years of building systems that are absolute garbage.

  • kght222
    kght22222 dager siden

    seeing this video i decided to look up my power supply just to see it's rating, i was pretty sure it was 80+ gold. while looking it up i noticed something, i paid like 110 bucks for my psu when i got it, it now sells new for 230 or so bucks. i had to think about it, but i know why now after a few minutes, it has usb monitoring. digital monitoring, and 90% efficient at certain loads.... people are using it for mining clusters. i have a corsair rm650i. i guess people figured out that you don't have to plug it into the motherboard that it powers, or into anything, to use the usb monitoring. so you can hook them all up to one control unit. gives you real time voltage and load monitoring from one source.

  • Trigger
    Trigger22 dager siden

    This is great advice - for someday when you can actually buy any PC parts that aren't scalped and price gouged lol

  • Zevo
    Zevo22 dager siden

    if we had a way to monitor how much power the computer is drawing like we have for pretty much every other component in the computer, maybe there would be less confusion over what power supply you need. i tend to try to go a bit bigger just so i know i'll never reach that limit, because i dont actually know what all my components can max draw at the same time

  • Mr Anderson

    Mr Anderson

    22 dager siden

    There are actually a few ways to go about it. Hwinfo, hwmonitor etc for individual components. A power meter on the wall socket while you run some benchmarks/stress tests will give you a good idea of what is your maximum usage.

  • Damian Butterworth
    Damian Butterworth22 dager siden

    I built a PC. Booked a week off to play Windows Flight Sim and the updates had a problem and kept resetting. Then the power supply started making cracking noises and blew up. Then PC World were out of stock and when I did get one it was time to go back to work.

  • Mr Anderson

    Mr Anderson

    22 dager siden

    Well at least only the psu blew, your other components are intact. This is the best outcome out minus the missed gaming time.

  • جبهة لبنانية
    جبهة لبنانية22 dager siden

    best tutorial ever!

  • grizzlyyy
    grizzlyyy23 dager siden

    No SeaSonic in the lineup? Son I am disappoint.