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Here we go again with some cheap but GOOD fans from AMAZON! Check them out here -
If those are gone, here are some similar models -
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  • Kegan Burrows
    Kegan Burrows9 dager siden

    These are back in stock at Amazon EU, they also have the white ones available.

  • J erje
    J erje9 dager siden

    This is the exact fan I have in my own build lmao

  • James McGee
    James McGee11 dager siden

    The Dark-Flash fan kits are pretty nice. Depending on the fan kit, all Asus, MSI, and Gigabyte motherboards supporting the 3/4 pin 5v/12v configurations.

  • agsel agsel
    agsel agsel12 dager siden

    the fans are still sold out :(

  • Maxïmum
    Maxïmum13 dager siden

    By the way I saw some cheap rgb strips that are actually amazing because it doesn't look cheap its bright and the "rgb" lights are homogenius, and it can be several colors at the same time on the whole strip

  • Maxïmum
    Maxïmum14 dager siden

    I bought not long ago the same for 40€ and it was only 3 upHere fans... I guess its not exatly the same same fans...

  • Maxïmum


    14 dager siden

    yeah mine are better : rpm: 1800 +- 10; better rgb from what i can see in the video, but they're not controllable its "random rgb" (they are still synchronised but sometimes they get disynchronised, I wonder if I buy a hub they will be connected to the same place and get less disynchronised...)

  • Maxïmum


    14 dager siden

    Just to say I think they are awesome and their rgb is very very bright

  • nathan mead
    nathan mead14 dager siden

    If they make these a set of 2 15000 RPM 80mm ball bearing fans I would buy them to use with a couple 80mm radiators on the front of my computer

  • Ken Jones
    Ken Jones15 dager siden

    Got em delivering today. No delay in the order. Cost a little bit more. But less than $7 a fan

  • Stormer Games
    Stormer Games17 dager siden

    upHere vs EZDIY-FAB?

  • Neil Hopkins
    Neil Hopkins17 dager siden

    Sold out as of 03/26/2021 1:35pm CDT

  • Hazhen 64
    Hazhen 6417 dager siden

    If you want a cheap very very good fan by noctuas

  • L33T_Taco
    L33T_Taco17 dager siden

    Honestly when i built my PC 2 years ago. I just went to best buy and got 3 120mm fans for like $20. Put 2 on the front and one in the top back corner. Worked enough fora 1660ti and ryz3 1200. And was pretty cheap however none addressable so they were solid blue.

  • deptai
    deptai17 dager siden

    oo they do be looking nice

  • Stewart Anderson
    Stewart Anderson18 dager siden

    The funny thing is these are the exact fans I bought when I watched your last video about fans but found that the fans you reviewed were all sold out.

  • Brandon L
    Brandon L18 dager siden

    It took a cheap Chinese fan company to integrate the rgb and power wires. Why was that so hard to do? Lolol

  • FriedDogMeat
    FriedDogMeat19 dager siden

    I actually heard these first from linus doing the rig update for Denis lol, they looked really good in his white rig

  • Kanishka Bandaranayake
    Kanishka Bandaranayake19 dager siden

    I am watching jayz video after few months. What happened to phil?😬😬 Edit: grammar😂

  • Max Angelo
    Max Angelo20 dager siden

    Want the best cooling system? Put your pc close to ur A/C

  • Korey Mayo
    Korey Mayo24 dager siden

    No static pressure rating though

  • Aretha Raser
    Aretha Raser25 dager siden

    The hideous high help eventually remain because scale characteristically phone over a malicious grouse. labored, two backbone

  • INgunaddict
    INgunaddict28 dager siden

    Appreciate these cheap product reviews! Already bought the cpu cooler on Amazon and currently they're $25 when you clip the digital coupon for $10 off! Keep up the great work guys!

  • Darzo
    Darzo29 dager siden

    I've got a pretty expensive build..rtx 3080, ryzen 7 5800x, x570, 32gb ram etc and I use fans slighty better than these..why pay more? Corsair fans for example are a complete rip off

  • Somen Mondal
    Somen MondalMåned siden

    At this price point they are providing a pretty good product.

  • Andrey Voronov
    Andrey VoronovMåned siden

    Sometimes I buy cheapest fans out there and convert them to 5v (with simple swap of pins in Molex) so they will be quiet and work for a long time.

  • Laura Brown
    Laura BrownMåned siden

    In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:

  • Dawid
    DawidMåned siden

    so whats better the ezdiy-fab or up-here

  • Jack Chandler
    Jack ChandlerMåned siden

    I purchased the EZDIY from Jayz previous video! They've been great

  • Papa Shango
    Papa ShangoMåned siden

    One of the few channels where I actually enjoy the ad 🤗 - and, screw you, end up buying stuff! 😱

  • Trigger
    TriggerMåned siden

    Well 2 of the 3 links are sold out lol

  • Ira L Moore
    Ira L MooreMåned siden

    must be a second version cause the ones I bought sucked had no airflow but hey for 36 bucks cant beat it

  • MarioMadness
    MarioMadnessMåned siden

    Im only using 12$ fans... no way was spending 40$ or w.e for a single fan and need 6x of them

  • Random Tech Videos
    Random Tech VideosMåned siden

    No, the sponsor segment isn't Ram Ranch!

  • Michelle Buffington
    Michelle BuffingtonMåned siden

    Boo! Sold out and so cool😑

  • Chris Strayed
    Chris StrayedMåned siden

    Everytime dust has found it's way into my fan bearings, I've always just disassembled them and used automotive grease to replace the fluid after I've cleaned everything with 99% alcohol. Currently I have fans in my system from an old Antec 900 case from like... 12 years ago? Still working beautifully after replacing the build up with grease. Just throwing it out there for anyone who may find this helpful. :)

  • Ic3 Clop
    Ic3 ClopMåned siden


  • bill o'neil
    bill o'neilMåned siden

    fyi they are hydraulic bearings

  • bill o'neil
    bill o'neilMåned siden

    been using these fans in their "red light only" option for about 5 months now. they're great ! using four. 2 as bottom case and 2 top case mounted with 120 mm cpu aio on one of the top mounted as a pull config and they work really well for my needs.

  • Richard F
    Richard FMåned siden

    Look on aliexpress

  • ieebz
    ieebzMåned siden

    Sooo i should get these for my optiplex 🤣

  • Jordan Trujillo
    Jordan TrujilloMåned siden

    Just got my set in, definitely fills out my lancool 2 mesh perfectly. And looks great while keeping GPU and CPU in 50s C*

  • Craig Blair
    Craig BlairMåned siden

    In the two secondary links, do both also include the controller?

  • Abhinav Keswani
    Abhinav KeswaniMåned siden

    Thanks for putting them out of stock @JayzTwoCents lol

  • richard sabatino
    richard sabatinoMåned siden

    phanteks fans are nice 4 cost me 75 dollars

  • The Chill Zone
    The Chill ZoneMåned siden

    Comes with more stuff then my 200$ 4 Corsair magnetic ones and doesn’t squeak

  • Petrified !
    Petrified !Måned siden

    I got the GIM ones, idk I’d they good but the rating are nice.

  • Scruffy
    ScruffyMåned siden

    I understand you are aiming to go super cheap, but when you do another cheap product review could you grab the product with all the works (in this case maybe got one to show how the ARGB one works and then say you can get ones without which are even cheaper). Always helpful to see the product at its fullest :)

  • Jan Paul
    Jan PaulMåned siden

    Just bought 3 of the non RGB ones on for 13 euro's. I dont like the lightshow in my pc..

  • Konsta K
    Konsta KMåned siden

    upHere is actually one of the better cheap brands, They have kits which are compatible with mobo control (ARGB), and are usually noted by customer reviews to be the "quiet and still moving air" type. When commonly these cheaper fans look nice, but don't really perform. Downsides being that unless they use "standard" connectors, you are limited with one brand when things eventually break.

  • Aepek
    AepekMåned siden

    1:33 Well now, suppose they coulda called them “Down There”......😈 But not sure how well that woulda worked for “marketing team” (if they got one) 🙄😅 I’m sure there’s other ppl like me, I’m hoping🤷🏼‍♂️... That we greatly appreciate any NOlocalr that does a vid w/ products and adds them to the Description w/ link, cuz that’s nice of you....and can be time consuming. But it sure does suck when watching a vid “L8R” and click the link, & see they all sold out😥. But who’s kidding, they PROBABLY sold out 2 mins after this vid went live, like any other channel😂 Regardless, thx Jay for the vid and work it takes to “entertain/inform” us all; & hope feeling well...along w/ your Family/Friends. Cheers✌🏻

  • Kevin hamlett
    Kevin hamlettMåned siden

    I have some of these fans in my build. Not the RGB version though. i have a total of 9 fans in my system if you count the graphics card and power supply fan.

  • jakob findlay
    jakob findlayMåned siden

    I already have to adapt my RGB header for my fans I'd rather have the cable wired together first fan I've seen like this thank you!

  • Nikita Liz
    Nikita LizMåned siden

    I got these to replace my fans that started making noise they are awesome tad noisy but they cooll way better then my old fans

  • Luke Dethomas
    Luke DethomasMåned siden

    What is the point of RGB fans that don't go with the RGB from my motherboard

  • Ole
    OleMåned siden

    It's a heavy zip-loc bag. xD

  • Everett Troya
    Everett TroyaMåned siden

    I used those for cabinet that I put my NAS in, they have been great for the last year or so.

  • nitefalcon7
    nitefalcon7Måned siden

    I will pay the extra money and at $14 fan get more Noctua NF-P12 redux-1700 pwm 120mm

  • Robert Rowland
    Robert RowlandMåned siden

    Just to be clear about the "fan speed". That option controls the rate that the pattern of lights flash, it does not control the actual fan rotational speed.

  • TheRealXesc
    TheRealXescMåned siden

    4 days later: "Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock." - Nice

  • bill o'neil

    bill o'neil

    Måned siden

    @TheRealXesc I meant to say at different vendors on Amazon. As I corrected my self in second comment. 👍

  • TheRealXesc


    Måned siden

    @bill o'neil This was on Amazon.

  • bill o'neil

    bill o'neil

    Måned siden

    at different sellers on amazon by model number

  • bill o'neil

    bill o'neil

    Måned siden

    plenty in stock , check amazon.

  • STEF
    STEFMåned siden

    They look like the Phanteks fans that come with the P400A

  • Barry Co
    Barry CoMåned siden

    Wireless remote is actually pretty neat feature for non-addressable rgb fans. You can't have that in the more mainstream brands.

  • Drackar
    DrackarMåned siden

    You've heard of the hug of death, now witness the "JayzTwoCents says it's decent" of decimation of inventory.

  • Gorb
    GorbMåned siden

    A: Love the cheap parts reviews. B: Get well and be safe. Bless you.

  • TheAkiraQc
    TheAkiraQcMåned siden

    i bought Up here fan and the amount of rattle coming out of those was so disgusting i returned them and invested in quality fan. there not enough rubber on the edge.

  • Dakota Wood
    Dakota WoodMåned siden

    I actually have used up here several times. I had no porblems at all and the fans were decent. Actually had them in my first rig

  • Alex
    AlexMåned siden

    Your mom

  • scoobtoober29
    scoobtoober29Måned siden

    I love the slap stick ifixit. Very memorable. Give Jay more money to have more fun!!!!!

  • AeroMiku
    AeroMikuMåned siden

    Instant sold out LOL.. I would like to check whether they have ARGB variant which I can use it for cheap PC build for my customers.

  • Greg Ski
    Greg SkiMåned siden

    Uphere actually makes 5v argb pwm fans with motherboard link, got 9 of them in my pc total cost was like £60 last year and looks good enough to me 😁

  • SwordTail 17
    SwordTail 17Måned siden

    I have a set of these fans and you can buy a set that is meant to connect to your mother board that way you don’t have to use a controller

  • chris KD2TFJ Luckett
    chris KD2TFJ LuckettMåned siden

    i been working on a his and hers bedroom setup still working but as of now i have it looking good, when will you be doing the videos for setups again jayztiwcenter

  • Jacob Green
    Jacob GreenMåned siden

    I was gonna use an UpHere AIO from Amazon .... open the box said F this and sent it back.

  • Wes Luther
    Wes LutherMåned siden

    The quality and power of Sirius loop fans when I got them from Amazon baffled me. For $35 you get 3 RGB fans that compete with the Corsair ML120 Pro. Some are great finds.

  • Kevin McKeever
    Kevin McKeeverMåned siden

    I used these in my build. 9 months in and they are still working.

  • Tim Haun Fishing
    Tim Haun FishingMåned siden

    I will never get tired of the ifixit ads.

  • Nick Osborne
    Nick OsborneMåned siden

    The uphere fans I bought for my build a few weeks ago had a fan and rgb header that plugged the controller into my MB and synced up with mystic light and lets me control speed. The ones I got seem like they are better quality than these and was like 40 bucks for a 5 pack.

  • Tameem Bhyat
    Tameem BhyatMåned siden

    I'm pretty sure the speed button doesn't control the fan speed. It controls the speed of the RGB effects.

  • TonyKabooch
    TonyKaboochMåned siden

    I bought these a few months ago and they are pretty good "non rgb" for a pack of 3.

  • Gaijin Kuri
    Gaijin KuriMåned siden

    Uphere sells some good stuff. Been using their products for a few years now.

  • Dan W.
    Dan W.Måned siden

    Those fans have 3 speeds.. Use the remote.. The ARGB version is NK1207-5 5 of them for 37.99 ARGB pwm up to 87 CFM and 1800 RPM. The ones I have are just RGB and have a remote and the button like those, but you can select Fan speed, preselected modes or just colors and brightness. If you use the brightness for the preselected modes it actually controls the speed in which the mode moves. Mine are only 1100 RPM with 3 Fan speeds and around 45 or 50CFM

  • Last Hope
    Last HopeMåned siden

    I've had their fans, I even have some in my system now, I honestly wouldn't recommend them. They glitch out (multiple fans) where randomly RGB light will turn on by itself and stay on, or just persistent 1 color regardless of setting. They also don't work that well where multiple of them will just not spin at all, but if I take the panel off and spin it by hand they than work for a short period of time. These fans are not that good, most products look nice straight out of the box, these fans go down hill quickly.

  • Duke Red
    Duke RedMåned siden

    Jay you did it again!

  • depth386
    depth386Måned siden

    I did this exact 6 pack of fans in a budget build for someone within the last year. They just rainbow puke by default and frankly that's fine.

  • Mysticalmaid
    MysticalmaidMåned siden

    I bought 2 cpu heatsink/rgbfans in this make a few days ago for my own and another build, exact same box like you have there and included thermal paste + instructions as well as spare parts, seems to be doing it's job, nice and quiet and cool.

  • Kenan Skrobanović
    Kenan SkrobanovićMåned siden

    iFixit ad just brightens my day.

  • benhn1
    benhn1Måned siden

    i already have a box of these fans

  • Roland Kontson
    Roland KontsonMåned siden

    Love all the pocket-shots in the "ad".

  • Dexter
    DexterMåned siden

    I guess you should have ordered them before you uploaded the video 🤣🤣🤣

  • Embiggened Badger
    Embiggened BadgerMåned siden

    I use six of their their single-color dark blue LED fans in my case. They work *really* well for the ridiculously low price!

  • Dexter
    DexterMåned siden

    Amazon is bad for my computer build. They never delivered my order on two occasions

  • PCgamerbydefault
    PCgamerbydefaultMåned siden

    If you have an ASUS mobo with RGB lighting, spend the extra few dollars and get the UpHere Aura Sync fans. Your fans RGB will be able to sync up with the entire system for greater aesthetics, they are also a wee bit brighter than these fans, I own 4 different sets from this company and have no complaints whatsoever for the price, and really no complaints in general for that matter.

  • JTM2007
    JTM2007Måned siden

    I've been using up here led fans for well over 2 years now and I have had no issues what so ever , they're not the same as those fans but just saying my experience has been very good.

  • Xavier Lemieux-Ferland
    Xavier Lemieux-FerlandMåned siden

    Got unlucky i guess !! bought these and came DOA with a faulty controller that became very hot.... Be careful

  • Syphious
    SyphiousMåned siden

    I bought a set of PCCooler Corona fans in the 5 pack, They actually surprised me on the price and build quality, Still working 6 months later just fine. Not sure how well the ARGB works as my motherboard doesn't have a 5v header but the controller supports 12v and 5v so it works well with 12v so far. I wasn't about to spend 120$+ on fans lol

  • Tanner Cloyd
    Tanner CloydMåned siden

    I was using these in builds for customers with tight budgets for a long time. It actually looks like they’ve been updated and look a little better

  • twillis 26
    twillis 26Måned siden

    pccooler corona fans are really good quality but cheap.

  • Philip Meyer
    Philip MeyerMåned siden

    Review AIGO fans

  • SnazzyLemming
    SnazzyLemmingMåned siden

    Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock.

  • Faidzal Haman
    Faidzal HamanMåned siden

    its not fan speed..its LED speed on remote controller. From Amazon 'A wireless control is included for convenience and easier operation. By only one key, you can easily adjust fan speed (S/M/H)/ lighting effects/ brightness/ LED speed without opening the case."

  • Robert Lizak
    Robert LizakMåned siden

    bought a bunch a while back. more than half would chatter in the hub. IEEEwaste

    FRIXXXMåned siden

    Been using these for a min. you can actually connect this to your motherboard to control the color. but you have to hold the reset button every time you turn on the computer.



    Måned siden

    Wait i have the other version my bad