How to buy a video card in 2021

Vitenskap og teknologi

If you want to get a new GPU, here is one way to get one...
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  • Woolier Blueberry
    Woolier Blueberry37 minutter siden

    There should be some form of taxation for People who buy a bunch of the same product, especially pc parts and other things that are supposed to last for a while. Something like this would have also prevented the stupid hoarding at the start of the pandemic. Oh, you wanna buy 8 packs of the same product in a go? This product that is supposed to last you at least weeks? Good. Pay up 50% extra.

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel RodriguezTime siden

    How to give a 10 min tangent intro about build vs. bought and not get into the title of the video in 2021

  • William Kristy
    William Kristy2 timer siden

    Just gonna say microcenter to get your gpu.

  • reacts
    reacts5 timer siden

    I had all my parts to rebuild but a GPU in 2020 because I was waiting for 30 series. Biggest mistake ever. My 760 isn’t cutting it so I went on eBay and got a nice 980ti to tide me over for a while longer. It runs what I want it with my CPU nicely and that’s all I really can ask for with the state of the market right now

  • Jataxs
    Jataxs5 timer siden

    I bought a prebuild with a ryzen 7 pro 4750g and no gpu. I wasn't able to find a graphics card on a normal price and I'm not talking about a 3000series card, I wanted something around a 1080. I wasn't able to find ryzen 5 apus nor the new 4000 apus, until I found a prebuild deal with a price really close to what I would pay for it if I bought it by parts. I'm okay with my purchase, i'll wait and safe my money until we are able to buy gpus again, if ever. Good luck everybody.

  • Charles Vane
    Charles Vane7 timer siden

    Graphics card manufacturers need to put their prices UP. No joke. That allows them to invest in production and increase the supply. The increase in supply will eventually drive the price down and do it faster. At the moment, scalpers are the ones profiting because people are buying them at ridiculous prices and pocketing the money and nothing is going to increase the production. Supply and demand is a law. Be careful to those who attack companies who do put the price up. It has backfired.

  • Lighty
    Lighty8 timer siden

    Literally waiting since 2011 to even get an actual pc, stuck with laptops my whole life ,_,

  • Rolling Thunder
    Rolling Thunder8 timer siden

    since we wont be building anything on 2021, I'll be seeing you all on 2022..I hate fucking crypto clowns and their fucking rigs!

  • saturn185
    saturn1859 timer siden

    i was looking for a gpu in late january (for reference i live in portugal), ended up buying a 6gb 1060 second hand for 140 euros, i just looked up the prices for the same gpu now and the cheepest one is at 290 euros, i think i made a good decision

  • Tmoney9877 :RE
    Tmoney9877 :RE11 timer siden

    I don’t even want a 3090 not even a 2060 I JUST WANT A FRIGGIN 1080 OR A RX570!!!!

  • killer piplup
    killer piplup12 timer siden

    Buying an Origin PC $3500(before tax) 😔 checked the price and it's like $500-800 overpriced. Rtx 3070 & i-9, 32GB ram and 2TB I could build a way better PC and it'll still be cheaper than Origin's. I found all the parts on amazon, best buy and Corsair's site but I don't want to deal with the stress of finding thr Nvidia rtx 3070/3080

  • Kobain
    Kobain12 timer siden

    Maybe if they stop giving GPUs to asshole YTer and e-celebs (i like to call them useless shills). Thatd be a great way to get thousands of cards back.

  • Adam_Roman
    Adam_Roman14 timer siden

    Redux is charging $750 to put in a 3060ti.

  • Sjoer van der Ploeg
    Sjoer van der Ploeg15 timer siden

    No, just shut up and let a streaming service take my money instead... much cheaper ;)

  • Lefy Phxyam
    Lefy Phxyam15 timer siden

    How to buy a video car in 2021: You don't

  • Anik
    Anik15 timer siden

    $1500 later, I have a super nice intel i9-9900k with the best parts I could get, but NO GPU....I just have regrets and regrets over regrets. All that spent to be able to do some video graphic work, and can't even work with it. Just pathetic, PATHETIC! I could have definitely wasted my money else where, if I was to have a computer that led me do be stuck with the same as I had 7 years ago. Plus our stupid Quebec PM Legeault thinks he is super smart to close all computers stores because ''Ohh covid! let's close all stores including computers stores! the Quebec government want you to work from home, but hey, screw you if you have problems with your computer, you will wait till it reopens, sometimes, but we don't know when'' (This is the stuppidest I tell ya, no where to buy computer parts physically other than in Ontario or online) Like if computer support was only for government workers...estupidos). I tell you, Quebec province in Canada have the most moronous laws in Canada, always. At least the Ontario got the clue that if they want you to work on your computer, they must leave computer stores opened. What a shame!

  • Joshua Kelsey
    Joshua Kelsey16 timer siden

    Well Redux isn't selling their cards for MSRP, they are cheaper than scalpers but they still have a $350 mark up on the 3060Ti... Not saying given the time's it's not a good deal though, just wish Bitcoin would crash or something so we could go back to normal graphic card prices.

  • Aitch
    Aitch16 timer siden

    HAHA, I had an Alienware aroura, wish I still had it tbh.

  • Jacob
    Jacob16 timer siden

    Local PC shop let me pre-order a 3070 & a 3060ti with about a 2-3 month waiting time. About 2 weeks down so I am really hoping they pull though.

  • Тарас Стецько
    Тарас Стецько18 timer siden

    Well, thank you! I wanted to build my own PC, but today I realized that I’m not doing it. Let’s wait until the issue is solved.

  • Blueberry Neko
    Blueberry Neko20 timer siden

    what's the actual error of not having a GPU in a system without and APU?

  • Jamie Luo
    Jamie Luo22 timer siden

    we have graphics card in stock:-)

  • Jnthun
    Jnthun23 timer siden

    Literally 2,000 for my rx 5700 xt rn thank god i bought last year 🤗 i was on the brink of buying a cpu instead

  • Jon C.
    Jon C.Dag siden

    Luckily I don't have to do either. My components for my next build are on the way. I'm just slapping my 2060 from my current system in it then handing the tower it down to my son with on-board Intel graphics.

  • 2506Larry
    2506LarryDag siden

    Jay, I am in that exact situation. I just use the on-board graphics to use the PC. Thankfully, I have other PC's for intensive functions.

  • Ph4n1om 7
    Ph4n1om 7Dag siden

    Me who just bought every part but a gpu: 👁👄👁

  • chris nelson
    chris nelsonDag siden

    Just download one

  • Randy Shaffer
    Randy ShafferDag siden

    Do I need a GPU if I am building a PC for music production?

  • Edgar
    EdgarDag siden

    I swear, people are so selfish, like they buy out the whole stock and don’t let anyone else to buy

  • Brandon Buckingham
    Brandon BuckinghamDag siden

    Yep. As I watch this video I am working with a VGA cable to try and get 3 monitors working with a GT 730

  • Evan S
    Evan SDag siden

    I bought a 2070 for 436 after tax, brand new right before the 3000 series came out, my discord buddies thought it was stupid and to get a $500 3070 instead. I think I played my cards right.

  • Vladimir72
    Vladimir72Dag siden

    Ive got all the parts but a cpu, GPU and ram to finish my first ever PC build, started this way back in November and I didn't think the graphics card shortage would go on this long 😭. Is there a good lower end GPU i can use to just to get my system built and running so i can use it for basic stuff and watching netflix while i wait for the GPU market to normalize? I was planning on running an AMD 3700x which i dont believe has integrated graphics?

  • AeroNevin
    AeroNevinDag siden

    Im a PC gamer n00b and I have no hesitation on my decision - Im saving up for a prebuilt rig. Great channel JayZTwoCents!! Already my fav.

  • Luis Angel
    Luis AngelDag siden

    Bought a HP Omen 30L with an i7 10700k with an RTX 3070, good fans, and actually good AIO, 1TB NVME, nice basic motherboard, WIFI6, cooler master psu, RGB, and 16GB of ram that’s hyperx. Returned my Alienware m15 R3 2070 super max P at micro center and I exchanged it for the omen that day. No regrets at all. Only thing I’m going to do is change the case and maybe get a 240mm AIO but not sure yet. Blessed to have it cause I had no idea how bad things actually were.

  • Quelwin Morillo
    Quelwin MorilloDag siden

    NZXT honestly seems like the best decision for me rn, best customization, closest msrp price, and nice user interface what can I say they’re good

  • Quelwin Morillo

    Quelwin Morillo

    Dag siden

    It’s come down to this huh a pre built, but they look like the least over priced choice rn

  • Feen Pvp
    Feen PvpDag siden

    I did find a full built i7 32g of ram with a 1080 for 900$

  • Feen Pvp
    Feen PvpDag siden

    I waited to long to build my computer I see

  • Terby
    TerbyDag siden

    my nearest micro center had a bundle with a 3070 included. it was beneficial to me because i was going to buy all of the parts in the bundle for my first build anyway. i got lucky ig

  • saifullah qureshi
    saifullah qureshiDag siden

    Ive built my pc and i dont have a graphics card😭....when will the market return to normal ffs....killing scalpers should be legal.

  • Justin Câmara
    Justin Câmara2 dager siden

    This shortage isn’t just crypto. All computer components are short supply including CPUs which aren’t used for mining. This is more Covid related since demand for all PC components has gone up like 25% at least in the last year.

  • Justin Câmara
    Justin Câmara2 dager siden

    This shortage isn’t just crypto. All computer components are short supply including CPUs which aren’t used for mining. This is more Covid related since demand for all PC components has gone up like 25% at least in the last year.

  • MS DOS
    MS DOS2 dager siden

    Building mine

    ONE HIT GAMING2 dager siden

    Me sending my application to nvidia graphic card department so I can snatch my self a card

  • slavkid
    slavkid2 dager siden

    i genuinely have a GPU from 2012

  • SolidGEE
    SolidGEE2 dager siden

    get a prebuilt and wait 3 months to get it or make a bot to buy one for you.

  • james wubbolt
    james wubbolt2 dager siden

    Thats the plan all along.Paying twice for one system.Maximum profit for the companies.

  • DootDoot
    DootDoot2 dager siden

    I bought 3 pre-built for our office solidworks stations. Ibuypower, cyberpower and skytech. The skytech had best build quality, high end parts but slightly less stats that I could find with cyberpower which is second all around. Ibuypower had a sick amd rig. But it showed up a little rougher with video card not even properly fit. No foam inside to protect it and the case is a bit of a pain. But its fast.

  • DLZ
    DLZ2 dager siden

    I thought I was safe I bought a GPU in November I built my build rn and the GPU is faulty 😑

  • mike wilson
    mike wilson2 dager siden

    Took your advice mate got a decent pc with a 3070 for a few hundred pounds more than current gpu price ty!

  • CoolBreeze2
    CoolBreeze22 dager siden

    Honestly because of the markets current state, it would be easier to buy a cheap pre-built with a good card and use the card on your old system. If you don’t have an old system getting a decent prebuilt would be easier and less expensive

  • Mr Anderson

    Mr Anderson

    2 dager siden

    Prebuilt is okay if you shop wisely, just don't be like that guy who told me a prebuilt with 1660ti for $3k is _cheap_ LOL

  • Jonathan Espinoza
    Jonathan Espinoza2 dager siden

    Local Micro Center worker told my friend people have bought prebuilts and returned them with different GPUs and one time even without a card lol as of speaking they have 15 prebuilts with 11700k/3080 with 32gb of RAM for $2,199 pretty much $2,500 plus tax I got one from IBP for $2,700 (3K plus tax) with R9 5900X, 3080, 32gb 3400

  • Michael Craig
    Michael Craig2 dager siden

    I'm building a DAW PC so my requirements for a GPU is... does it display? I lucked out at getting an ASUS Radeon HD 7870 for £50 at this time. My heart goes out to all the PC gamers on GPU row.

  • Amanda Jansen
    Amanda Jansen2 dager siden

    I'm in the shitty camp that my GPU is deciding to die on me in this time.....

  • Ryan Kerr
    Ryan Kerr2 dager siden

    I'm so glad I got a 3080 Founders edition here in the UK last November.

  • Mike Plus
    Mike Plus2 dager siden

    As long as people are willing to pay those ridiculous prices, they will ghrow

  • Clap Trap
    Clap Trap2 dager siden

    Buy a prebuilt, rebuild it. Win. But now all the prebuilts are gone.

  • Clap Trap
    Clap Trap2 dager siden

    5080's will be out before the 3080's come back down to MSRP

  • HockeyMC5989
    HockeyMC59892 dager siden

    Went in to build my first Pc at micro center a week ago, and they had a 3070 tuf gaming in stock. thats some luck

  • Raul Diaz
    Raul Diaz2 dager siden

    bought prebuild msi to get a 3080

  • Matt
    Matt3 dager siden

    I build my own pc every 5 years or so, just last year towards the end I got my new parts in, (I know it ain't big or shinny what I got but I went from potato pc to what I've got now), the parts are a Ryzen 7 3700x, Asus ROG Strix b450 f mobo, 16GB corsair vengeance LPX (used to have only 8 so that's BIG for me), a RM550x power supply(750w), and a generic case that the parts fit in. I kept my old ssd and hdd since they were just fine for me. Wanting to upgrade down the line anyway. The thing I didn't buy was also (because I had just so much I could spend sadly) was a new gpu, and looking at the prices now I'm pissed that I didn't just ask someone to borrow me the money and got at least a 2070 or 2080, now I'm stuck with a 1060, which is not a bad card for the games I play, but you know, kinda hurts to see all that better stuff in there and then having that card. Plans are to upgrade from the stock cpu cooling to water cooling and to replace my storage with a 1tb m.2 drive and also prolly get a bigger/better case. Good that at least that those are still easy to get and fairly cheap. Gonna have to wait a year or so for an affordable gpu tho sadly.

  • AJ Barnard
    AJ Barnard3 dager siden

    Haha yep... Even my local shops have the 3090's listed for more than $4,000 AND they are NOT in stock! There is no way I'm paying that much for a graphics card. I will say that a pre-built is actually starting to sound really good right about now, since I do have a full system without a graphics card 😕 I'll just sell the rest of the parts I guess and recoup some of the cash. Might as well do a CPU and RAM upgrade on the pre-built while I'm at it 🤷‍♂️ since I bought my parts last year during Christmas, but couldn't get a graphics card...

  • Game Master
    Game Master3 dager siden

    Rx 580 and waiting for a 3060

  • handersan4u b
    handersan4u b3 dager siden

    $3500 is an atrocious price to pay.. Diversify hobbies until manufacturing can meet demand. -r9 280

  • Damarion Scott
    Damarion Scott3 dager siden

    Bro called me out at the beginning of the video

  • Vanear
    Vanear3 dager siden

    What cases did you use/show in the beginning? I want it lol

  • Here Here
    Here Here3 dager siden

    I got a rx480 for like 80 bucks brand new years ago .. and I'm not having a pissing contest with anyone and I'm happy with it .. every game I play im on high settings just fine ..

  • Alan Ultra
    Alan Ultra3 dager siden

    Massive Bitcoin mining farms, China trying to wipe out the US dollar. That’s where the cards are going.

  • Jacob Coffelt
    Jacob Coffelt3 dager siden

    fuck it, im just going to get a razer laptop lol

  • Travis Stoneking
    Travis Stoneking3 dager siden

    I bought a pre build got it four months ago now my gpu is worth more than my pre built cost 😱

  • Jared Stacey
    Jared Stacey3 dager siden

    This year was suppose to be my year to upgrade my GPU. I have been rocking my 970 since 2015. After endlessly searching for a 20/30 series deal.. I finally bit the bullet and just bought a used 1080 and I just plan to wait out this crap. I think one thing you could of mentioned was possibly buying used older generation cards and just wait this storm out. I was able to sell my 2 970s(I bought another 970 last year when I upgraded my cpu/mobo) and I only ended up paying a little over 100 to get my 1080. I also looked at the prebuilt route, but I just didn't wanna pull the trigger on that because the rest of my computer is still great and able to handle anything I throw at it.

  • The AVG Guys
    The AVG Guys3 dager siden

    I had to buy a prebuilt top specs amd 6900 xt and amd 5950x but even then I had to wait 4 months for it just got delivered recently

  • David Croutch
    David Croutch3 dager siden

    Not me I've been doing this for about 15+ yrs. I'm 66yrs.

  • Mohamed Ashjau Aslam
    Mohamed Ashjau Aslam3 dager siden

    im getting tired of vega 11 graphics now

  • Dmitry Bu
    Dmitry Bu3 dager siden

    Bought a Powerspec g707. Pretty happy right now.

  • Mehuge
    Mehuge3 dager siden

    I have an i9 11900K 12GB RTX 3090 system on order atm, due next month. I used to build my own, but... we are only talking saving a few £100, and you don't get a warranty, and when you factor in my time its just not worth it. You can be very specific on what parts go into the system when you spec the system from a builder. In these times, pre-built systems are even more attractive because I just wouldn't be able to get the parts to build my own.

    SKULLCRUSHER GAMER3 dager siden

    I would build new pc and use my old graphics card for the time being

  • Stefan Leithner
    Stefan Leithner3 dager siden

    I orderd a prebuilt for 3500€ with an rtx 3090, arrived 2 days later. I checked the online store again the day after it arrived, it was already sold out and new once are predicted to arrive in september. so lucky🥵🥵🥵

  • ahwayzcool
    ahwayzcool3 dager siden

    I'm happy with my 2080 ti and 2080 super. I'm good.

  • Eychimo's Adventures
    Eychimo's Adventures3 dager siden

    Actually I am tired of you people pushing products that are not even available to the average guy. Why talk about fantasy products except you are on the AMD and Nvidia tits. Because you sure are not doing your viewers any favors.

  • Gadv_
    Gadv_3 dager siden

    yeah my 2GB GTX 750TI is fine... ill be fine....

  • hanakin520
    hanakin5203 dager siden

    Me with my 750 ti

  • flavio romano
    flavio romano3 dager siden

    how about make cryptovalues fucking miners can go and fuck off and dont waste gpu's....

  • xLogicxl
    xLogicxl3 dager siden

    Bro it’s fuckin impossible

  • Lendam
    Lendam4 dager siden

    For my luck i got a 3080

  • Drean
    Drean4 dager siden

    I considered a prebuilt but I don't personally make enough to spend $3,500 on a fully built pc let alone just the graphics card. Since I'm just gonna have to wait, I decided to just upscale the rest of the parts. Ryzen 7 to a 9, more ram, better ssd, etc. Gotta wait anyway might as well go big.

  • Roach KillR
    Roach KillR4 dager siden

    Im a newbie who just jumped over to PC from console. I work on my own vehicle so ive always wanted to build my own PC but out of convenience sake i bought a pre-built from ibuypower. When i get home months later i notice they never gave me the gpu that was advertised with the pre-build. Now i have to deal with a nightmare. NEVER BUY "IBUYPOWER"!

  • Vellinith
    Vellinith4 dager siden

    If I could I would buy a prebuilt to get the gpu for my current pc, and keep the other pc around as spare parts just in case something in my rig goes bad so I can replace that part same day.

  • zAlfredo
    zAlfredo4 dager siden

    i live close to a microcenter. does anyone know if they’re sometimes in stock selling at msrp?

  • Snowy
    Snowy4 dager siden

    Would wait

  • Aaron payne
    Aaron payne4 dager siden

    I was in the process of rebuilding a hand-me-down computer, piece by piece due to budget before the whole shortage thing happened. I had held off buying a graphics card because of pricing. Now I can't get a new card and my current card seems to be failing. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do now.

  • johngrimm1989
    johngrimm19894 dager siden

    Love how my 5950x build is going to have a GTX1080 in it 🤣 NOlocalrs need to share their sample hardware with the rest of us 😉

  • Opal Stigma
    Opal Stigma4 dager siden

    I’ve had a system built since the first week of January of this year, my gaming computer is still useless because of this shortage, I’m low-key thinking of just selling my build because this is ridiculous.

  • Sixtus23
    Sixtus234 dager siden

    Thanks for the tip Jay! The whole pc was exactly the same price as the gpu alone (at authorised dealers). I suggest crappy office supply shops that have miserable search functionality. I got a steal at a shop that does not let you sort by GPU. Just cpu, harddrive size and such.

  • labbet&daniel REVIEW
    labbet&daniel REVIEW4 dager siden

    go to a brick and mortar

  • omar m8
    omar m84 dager siden

    My card just got fried yesterday, I touched the power cord and it shocked me and the killed my RX 480 nitro

  • roughouse gaming
    roughouse gaming4 dager siden

    I got a 3070 for Msrp and 6700xt for Msrp for my girlfriends pc but honestly I would recommend going the si route it’s just too much of a time investment imo

  • Brian Real
    Brian Real4 dager siden

    I am in wait list from BLT since January for a GPU, I was lucky enough to buy a 3070 from a bestbuy drop, and I am building a second one for a friend, but I simply cant find one more GPU, so I end up buying a base prebuilt from Lenovo with a 3070 and replacing cheap SSD, PSU and memory. overall that was the best value in current market, and I really rather build my own.

  • Mr. Rothstein
    Mr. Rothstein4 dager siden

    No lie I just want a GPU to have as a back up just in case as I need it for my work but there is no way in hell I am paying $3000 for a card which costs $700 which means it may be cost them $100 to physically make. Personally I would like to see Nvidia and AMD file lawsuits for price gouging on Amazon newegg eBay etc.

  • Wargel Garbel
    Wargel Garbel4 dager siden

    I liked that Torch and Pitchfork Mobs part... (Grins in GTX 760 [with now one fan missing], welcome to the 2021 dark ages).

  • ken ferrell
    ken ferrell4 dager siden

    So glad I decided to build my pc last year. The prices of everything have gone up. Try buying a 4x8 sheet of plywood in Canada. 97 dollars