I ruined another GPU....

Vitenskap og teknologi

I was told by the XOC community that I wont get any farther in my OC adventures unless I lap my GPU die AND my LN2 pot... since I already lapped the pot... I guess its time we work on the die...
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  • Edward Van den berg
    Edward Van den berg15 timer siden

    lol LTT Store, Nice Nitrogen bottle Jay.

  • [MK] Vector95
    [MK] Vector954 dager siden

    The XOC Arms Race has only just begun.

  • Michael Eliot
    Michael Eliot7 dager siden

    Wait why are you blowtorching the pot? Gets the pot ready faster? In what way?

  • Michael Eliot
    Michael Eliot7 dager siden

    At this point, why not figure out how to pour LN directly onto the die without clamping anything to it. Just put a well around it.

  • Michael Eliot
    Michael Eliot7 dager siden

    3M makes an adhesive sandpaper sheet that would've been good for this.

  • Take Away Kitty
    Take Away Kitty13 dager siden

    Use fine valve grinding compound in a figure 8 on cold plates or anything you want flat. Then use fine 1500+ polishing paper to get the desired surface finish. I noticed a more consistent hight center to edge using a dial indicator.

  • yeetius maximus
    yeetius maximus19 dager siden

    You use pot as thermal paste niiice

  • Kaden Leatherman
    Kaden Leatherman22 dager siden

    The L is from Linus cursing you

  • Blair
    Blair22 dager siden

    For a se I thought you were gonna cook on an oc bench 😜

  • DragoSmash
    DragoSmash24 dager siden

    There's a huge shortage of graphics cards and Jay casually destroys one of the most powerful cards to this date The absolute madman

  • Joshua Fino
    Joshua Fino25 dager siden

    Jay did you ever consider using an old school torque wrench on the c clamp ?

  • Russell
    Russell26 dager siden

    Jay a child in Africa could have eaten that card!

  • PersonalDroneRepair
    PersonalDroneRepairMåned siden

    Your assistant is pissed !

  • Rocky
    RockyMåned siden

    Is this a spoiler? "I ruined another GPU...." :'[!

  • poopsled
    poopsledMåned siden

    So I'm totally new to all this ( like just started watching his videos last week). I've heard him mention the worry of frost/ice/water with the extreme temps. Why not use a Jerry rigged dehumidifier to force dryer air around the components to reduce that risk?

  • Komadori 420
    Komadori 420Måned siden

    Look's at surface grinder 😏

  • Jason Luvisi
    Jason LuvisiMåned siden

    This is painful to watch...

  • DeadisBetter
    DeadisBetterMåned siden

    I'm fairly new computer and I know you are doing this for a reason that I don't understand, but doesn't the thermal paste fill in the gaps and unevenness?

  • Savage Historian
    Savage HistorianMåned siden

    Either Jay REALLY loves that shirt or his wife needs a new octocore washing machine. Edit*** f m8 if that's considered lunch I'm happy to live in Europe and eat actual food.

  • Ryan McGowan
    Ryan McGowanMåned siden

    Try silver plating one or both of the contact surfaces. Silver is more thermally conductive than copper. You can check true flatness with a small piece of glass. Glass is as near flat as you will get due to the manufacturing process. Low viscosity/low surface tension fluids like acetone or methyl alcohol sandwiched between two surfaces will maintain capillary contact between the surfaces where they are closest, and with glass, you can easily see it. This includes checking two pieces of glass for flaws. Moving and rotating the pieces reveals flaws because the liquid "sticks" with the piece containing the flaw.

  • Tute Tutin
    Tute TutinMåned siden

    2:39 - which part of 754 mm² (Die Size) of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is "smaller" than a 628 mm² (Die Size) of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090, i guess that's Jayz logics.

  • Patriot10
    Patriot10Måned siden

    You could use a machinist indicator to find the low and high spots to a thousandth of an inch and use polishing compound instead of sandpaper for a more accurate lapping. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Dan West
    Dan WestMåned siden

    "I know all you plebes can't get cards because of all the bots, so watch me just ruin cards and not care because I get them for free" :D

  • Mmm Cheez
    Mmm CheezMåned siden

    11:10 if you are concerned about getting some of the mounting screws too tight(compared to the others) a torque wrench would assist in ensuring the screws are equally tight. If you are torquing them in unison(the way lug nuts are tightened on a wheel) , it might be causing the card or even the die to flex ever so slightly.

  • Marvin Jügel
    Marvin JügelMåned siden

    The Silicon-Ingot are cut/sawn into raw Wafers but later grinded down to the wanted thickness. At least that's what we're doing at work, don't know how TSMC etc. are doing it, but doubt they take the raw cut/sawn wafers.

  • Duice Nasty
    Duice NastyMåned siden

    Gold leaf on both the GPU die and cooler. Gold is soft and super conductive.. May be more resistant to the cold temps than paste. Also an amazing click bait title (:

  • Jimi Chernin
    Jimi CherninMåned siden

    Nissel plated copper?

  • Baron_von_Noob
    Baron_von_NoobMåned siden

    Wait, so you have dozens of $1000 GPU's lying around, but not a $50 microwave? XD

  • c s
    c sMåned siden

    "I ruined another GPU...." Well. I wasn't expecting that....

  • Anthony Martin
    Anthony MartinMåned siden

    I am fairly sure the letters are engraved into the die, they aren't raised. and they probably have next to negligible effect on temperatures. The biggest issue is the die probably has almost no buffer before you reach circuitry so if you go any deeper than the letters you are probably hitting the circuitry in the die.

  • M Drizzle
    M DrizzleMåned siden

    We can't find cards and you're destroying em ..... :(

  • SkyGuy
    SkyGuyMåned siden

    imagine breaking a 3090 to bm everyone who can't get one pog

  • Ryan Bouska
    Ryan BouskaMåned siden

    shouldve put your food on a rx 580

  • DoubleZero
    DoubleZeroMåned siden

    2000 grit is too abrasive. The minimum grit you would need to use is 8000 grit or finer. Anything else would just be too abrasive. I like to use abralon pads which are used for polishing fighter jet canopies. It takes way longer to lap but it's much less aggressive which gives you more control.

  • Lethal Engine
    Lethal Engine2 måneder siden

    Here we are struggling to buy any gfx cards and Jay ruins them like it's going out of style lol

  • Jared Stewart-Melton
    Jared Stewart-Melton2 måneder siden

    15:48 Nick in the background betraying the actual feelings in the room

  • DisturbedParadise
    DisturbedParadise2 måneder siden

    I genuinely hope no new builders see this and think it's something they need to do

  • Jody Wiggins
    Jody Wiggins2 måneder siden

    He hass destroyed more 30 series cards than I have even seen in stock.

  • Gruxxan
    Gruxxan2 måneder siden

    jayztwocents: fucking things up so you dont have to

  • Mathew Hex
    Mathew Hex2 måneder siden

    Jay! What the fu ckaw man! If you really nuked a gpu I’ll be mad unless I win that contest thingy

  • Tall Boy
    Tall Boy2 måneder siden

    Dremel and a buffer wheel.

  • NeroKoso
    NeroKoso2 måneder siden

    No worries. Vincent will send another one again. For 4th time.

  • C. R.
    C. R.2 måneder siden

    Why you use thermal paste instead of liquid metal?

  • GoBO207
    GoBO2072 måneder siden

    This guy is what happens when you have money, but no brains.

  • Carlos Puche
    Carlos Puche2 måneder siden

    New to PCs here. What’s going on in the video?😅 As in what is he doing and why.

    AKP MANIC2 måneder siden

    Plzz can u give gaming pc for me PLZZ I didn't have😭

  • Lucas Oliveira Gomes
    Lucas Oliveira Gomes2 måneder siden

    Jay next video: lapping GPU die using a super precise laser 😎

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones2 måneder siden

    Big oof

  • Citizen Tech Talk
    Citizen Tech Talk2 måneder siden

    But WHY Jay!? A 3090 as well!!!??? Jesus Christ would have been screaming at you as you did this! And that crunch 😖. Why not a 3060 instead to see if it works at all first?!

  • John Starrett
    John Starrett2 måneder siden

    that one dude, the one who isnt jay.. needs to get some sleep!

  • Matt Spooner
    Matt Spooner2 måneder siden

    I wanna say Linus and Luke started with 650grit on their cpu 😬 As to why the mfgs don't lap their dies.. you know you can make pretty much any engine work without a head gasket given tight enough head and block tolerances.. same reason...

  • mjktrash
    mjktrash2 måneder siden

    Suggestions: Besides learning about "flatness" and the "3-plate" method, as you're lapping the die surface with your custom sanding block, besides changing the direction and method of lapping, also change the orientation of the sanding block, by 180deg, then 90deg, then 180deg, then 90deg, this will "zero" out any of the remaining variations in the sanding media itself.

  • AFK
    AFK2 måneder siden

    Jay 3-4 years ago: Bitcoin miners have really ruined the GPU market and I'm actually going to talk about it and make videos on the situation. Sellout Jay nowadays: I ruined a GPU that you can't buy lol hehe

  • G G
    G G2 måneder siden

    Nick's hair are on LN2.

  • Ewan Marshall
    Ewan Marshall2 måneder siden

    I can't even buy a 30 series... and here you go doing this to one.... :O

  • john papajohn
    john papajohn2 måneder siden

    Awww shit. Im in the same boat with a cap on my titan x pascal thats near the pci slot amd ive practiced on dead cards to do the solder job i fuck it up every time. I know it works it just needs that cap but its got the pad ripped off of one side

  • eVo 7
    eVo 72 måneder siden

    I know the feeling, i did the exact same thing taking apart a cooler on a 1070 FE to put a water block on years ago, returned it to where I bought it for an exchange lmao.

  • Jim
    Jim2 måneder siden

    could have just used one of the ol' vega 64 dies that were known for having un-level die/HBM heights.

  • Jordan Rodrigues
    Jordan Rodrigues2 måneder siden

    Me, clicking on video: I wonder how he'll clean the abrasive paste up... Me, when Jay mentions double-stick tape: okay, I can't finish this

  • Embiggened Badger
    Embiggened Badger2 måneder siden

    I knew Jay was really pulling out all the stops when he switched to a sandpapper repacement.

  • John-Paul Tolczyk
    John-Paul Tolczyk2 måneder siden

    jay buy a microwave this year so everyone can have hot food yay yay yay yay yay😲😲😮😮🤗🤗😊😊😉😉😆😆😁😁☺☺😃😃😀😀😎😎🤩🤩

  • SicK • Official
    SicK • Official2 måneder siden


  • Motarded421
    Motarded4212 måneder siden

    Would it be at all safer to use liquid metal, or is that not an option with the LN2 temps?

  • Baby shark channel
    Baby shark channel2 måneder siden

    Laser machines can etch the gpu evenly at a low power for several i think this will get the job done neatly

  • Baby shark channel
    Baby shark channel2 måneder siden

    Use laser🤔

  • Aquilux R.
    Aquilux R.2 måneder siden

    BTW, jay. All the effort you put into making the plate flat was lost using the sand paper (it's much more inconsistent than the metal at that point). Look into the techniques for lapping surface plates for inspiration. Use diamond paste or another paste based abrasive if that's too fine. And if you want truly flat, glass won't cut it. Leverage geometry for perfection. ericweinhoffer.com/blog/2017/7/30/the-whitworth-three-plates-method

  • Vo Thai Son
    Vo Thai Son2 måneder siden

    I wonder, why people don't make a "PC with just GPU", i mean a VGA PC 😅 and then plug in a CPU card?

  • N L
    N L2 måneder siden

    did the name of this video change today? I started it this morning and finished it tonight and I swear it was called something like "gpu modding... gone wrong" or something like that lol

  • Dane Carpenter
    Dane Carpenter2 måneder siden

    get a lapping plate, or a Granite surface plate. Much better for lapping. Or at the very least get 12in x 12in Granite tile from the hardware store for lapping. Much thicker and less likely to flex.

  • YourArgumentIsInvalid
    YourArgumentIsInvalid2 måneder siden

    @JayzTwoCents Why don't you overclocker folks use japanese sanding stones? they're perfectly even and available up to 10,000 grit

  • justin
    justin2 måneder siden

    2000 grit is not a finishing grit

  • War Pigs
    War Pigs2 måneder siden

    Jay did you mount a vapor chamber heat sink to your VGAs?

  • War Pigs
    War Pigs2 måneder siden

    Do a plastic molding first. Then create a heatsink accounting for the raised letters.

  • Old Rock Geeser
    Old Rock Geeser2 måneder siden

    "Ruined another GPU" coming from the guy who criticized other peoples build. Sometimes a mirror is the best thing to come back to reality.

  • Chemy Torres
    Chemy Torres2 måneder siden

    It's win

  • Dave
    Dave2 måneder siden

    Was it nicks card he looks like he is going to cry.

  • MyLonewolf25
    MyLonewolf252 måneder siden

    Unironically you may benefit with building a faraday cage. You’ve already shown that your wireless mic has affected stability I wouldn’t be surprised if interference is affecting stability with how hard you’re pushing these I’d also recommend having a UPS to smooth power delivery to the PSU (you get what you pay for) which would help make power delivery smoother and cleaner and increase stability

  • MrPerforations
    MrPerforations2 måneder siden

    look up walking the barrel technique, its best way to hand sand flat, its used for lens making. thanks Jay for all your help.

  • Tom B
    Tom B2 måneder siden

    Jay: "...I'm not going to solder this on..." Louis Rossmann: Sigh, thank you!

  • Honkinator 22

    Honkinator 22

    2 måneder siden

    he would immediately loosing his mind

  • Aizel330
    Aizel3302 måneder siden

    nick will to live is GONE. #savenick

  • Himbel Himbel
    Himbel Himbel2 måneder siden

    Have tech for litterly millions in shop, dont own a cheap microwave in shop 😅

  • Cladoxylopsida ‎
    Cladoxylopsida ‎2 måneder siden

    This is not lapping, this is sanding. Please do a video on real lapping I want to see it so bad.

  • DBADaddy
    DBADaddy2 måneder siden

    The rest of us can't get any 30XXs, Jay has enough he can afford to break them.

  • Emer Ald
    Emer Ald2 måneder siden

    Couldn't he just take a 710 or something. What a waste.

  • Odai YouTube
    Odai YouTube2 måneder siden

    u could modified the cooling block bruh 🗿

  • Xilent
    Xilent2 måneder siden

    Never thought a blow-dryer would be a lifehack for warming up food. Good sh*t bro

  • lordpantsington
    lordpantsington2 måneder siden

    If you want to make two things flat, look into techniques used by machinists. There are plenty of channels on yt for this, I recommend any by oxtoolco.

  • Inspire
    Inspire2 måneder siden

    I mean, did the heat gun work well with the lunch? thats what im more interested in ngl.

  • TabsAnDabs
    TabsAnDabs2 måneder siden

    "Go grab the pot" I'm already two steps ahead of you Jay 👍 And why didn't someone go buy this man a hot lunch

  • Player187
    Player1872 måneder siden

    Thumbs down.. What is this slack jawed content

  • twizz
    twizz2 måneder siden

    Shouldn't you re lap the pot since the letters etched into it?

  • Robert Perry
    Robert Perry2 måneder siden

    Jay You should get a professional machinist/ scientists, to lap both sizeds of the die and heatsink, you could use a micron etcher, or something really funky to get that material perfectly flat

  • Daniel
    Daniel2 måneder siden

    is liquid metal dumb for ln2?

  • Barış P.
    Barış P.2 måneder siden

    Jay... Have you tried using Glorious Mayonez as thermal paste blin? Some tests show it outperforms regular thermal paste.

  • Nol HB82
    Nol HB822 måneder siden

    I saw fire where's the EXPLOSION?

    C:\DEAD\PIXEL2 måneder siden

    Don't matter if you damage a GPU set aside from the manufacturer specifically for you. Given to you, whilst the actual gamers are getting scalped for 3,000 a unit. But go ahead ruin it.

  • Pwnag3Inc
    Pwnag3Inc2 måneder siden

    I will ship you a microwave in exchange for a working 30 series gpu. Scratch my back and i will scratch yours.

  • Joe Searle
    Joe Searle2 måneder siden

    "... if you are talking about making a flat from scratch, without any master flat or expensive test equipment, then the answer is the three plate method. This is used in the machine shop environment with spotting and scraping and in the optical world with abrasive grinding (lapping). The optical world clearly produces the better or flatter surfaces as they are not only flat to the sub tenths tolerances of the best machinist's flats, but are highly polished and flat to within millionths of an inch."

  • Martin Matias
    Martin Matias2 måneder siden


  • Martin Matias
    Martin Matias2 måneder siden

    We cant fucking buy a decent gpu and someone just fucking throw 3090 into the trash...