If you like weird cases, then you HAVE to see this!

Vitenskap og teknologi

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  • JayzTwoCents
    JayzTwoCentsMåned siden

    Important ad correction! Micro Center is currently giving away a free pair of bluetooth headphones! See the description for more details! sorry for the mistake.

  • Shane pressnall

    Shane pressnall

    2 dager siden

    That thing dose look like a piece of starwars tech or something so a weathered build would be cool

  • Hyperstrike


    19 dager siden

    Contact the guys at Catalyst Game Labs! A BattleTech build would be AWESOME!

  • dawson gamblin

    dawson gamblin

    Måned siden

    cyber punk build ???

  • joshua morin
    joshua morin2 dager siden

    ANY time you get a big box that you don't want to open, pm me and I'll happily send you my address. :-)

  • love2rogue
    love2rogue2 dager siden

    gud intro

  • 02GTConvert
    02GTConvert2 dager siden

    I still like the V8 engine idea. Would be crazy on the front end of a custom sim rig build!!

  • Firestar 2525
    Firestar 25256 dager siden

    Definitely reminds me of a Clan mech. Timber Wolf maybe?

  • HWS_ Wolf
    HWS_ Wolf6 dager siden

    Do a black X-Wing Republic Cockpit build in it.... that would be SICK lit with an orange or frost blue

  • Johan Helmel
    Johan Helmel7 dager siden

    I know I’m late to the party, but this case would look awesome as something you would find in the Star Wars Episode I scrapyard. Think salvaged from a ship with cut wires and cooling tubes like it was part of something bigger.

  • Mental Gaming
    Mental Gaming8 dager siden

    It needs a flux capacitor in the water loop

  • James Barnes
    James Barnes9 dager siden


  • Ghost Games
    Ghost Games9 dager siden

    Fallout case fallout case fallout case power armor

  • Benjamin Luscombe
    Benjamin Luscombe11 dager siden

    I missed the giveaway 😥

  • Ben Bouissieres Music
    Ben Bouissieres Music11 dager siden

    Oh man, do a build in this case! The V8 idea sounds amazing!

  • CX X64
    CX X6412 dager siden

    Mech Warrior build all the way!!!! Make a torso and some legs lol

  • Edwards8816
    Edwards881612 dager siden

    Bit late to the party but it kinda looks like a tie bomber out of Star Wars

  • dean muscat
    dean muscat13 dager siden

    Also looks like the chest plate of gypsy danger from pacific rim

  • Jackson
    Jackson13 dager siden

    Personally I would see about moving the front panel connectors and standing the thing big fan side down and building it that direction. Break from the mold.

  • Heath Ratliff
    Heath Ratliff14 dager siden

    Pair it with the tub from a defunct Morgan 3 or Morgan 4, force feedback driving/flight controllers, and driving/flight Sim style rear projection screens for a refined immersive simulator.

  • Kurho Oni
    Kurho Oni14 dager siden

    i think its better to have no case that this thing

  • Diranu Kun
    Diranu Kun14 dager siden

    Would have loved to see you build some custom build with this case 🤯🤩🤞🏼

  • Robert Wright
    Robert Wright15 dager siden

    Mechwarrior all day long, or the V8 engine.. I run with both

  • Chris Jackson
    Chris Jackson15 dager siden

    With that fan in the front and mechanized look, it reminds me of Gypsy from Pacific Rim.

  • KnifedByAKangaroo
    KnifedByAKangaroo16 dager siden

    star trek themed ship build

  • Badfinger Smith
    Badfinger Smith17 dager siden

    I like your idea of starwars peace debris from a motor like a Lazer blast 😀 but it looks back to the future look becauseof the two doors,, they could come up with gr8 ideas 💡 I see the end of office desktop coming to an end, who ever came up with this idea 💡 I FU##ING LOVE

  • laurits damgaard
    laurits damgaard17 dager siden

    BUILD IN IT pls i would watch it five thousand times

  • Mads
    Mads18 dager siden

    Will we ever see this build?

  • Matt Franciola
    Matt Franciola18 dager siden

    Link for the screwdriver?

  • Inri Felix
    Inri Felix19 dager siden

    A metal gear case theme with this would be amazing

  • ashelon02
    ashelon0219 dager siden

    Gundam all day

  • Pooka Chu
    Pooka Chu19 dager siden

    looks like a Tie-Fighter

  • FAB Online, LLC
    FAB Online, LLC20 dager siden

    Looks like a AT-AT body. Put some legs on it with a couple of cannons out the front.

  • BAY35
    BAY3520 dager siden

    manI can't wait till next year when Jay finally gets this build done lol

  • Brovideolol
    Brovideolol20 dager siden

    Change the glass panels into solar panels instead that would be insane :D

  • Salvus
    Salvus21 dag siden

    The second I saw it I thought v8 too! That's my favorite idea.

  • ekulretlas
    ekulretlas22 dager siden

    do a no guns life build :)

  • VR & AR dev.Studio
    VR & AR dev.Studio22 dager siden

    Poor him and his big inconvenient boxes of free uber tech! Oh well.. Within a mere 48 hours my own rare recent tech order (purchase ,.. ahem.. lol) will arrive! I got a Huion 24" Kamvas PRO Pen Tablet and Display at Quad HD resolutiob for $200.00 off direct from Huion w/ no tax and $0 shipping. After working 12 years on my old 4x3 ratio Wacom Cintiq 21UX! I even took it apart when it 'broke' after 8 years, and replaced these long incandescent light tube things, with two strips of white LEDs and after 8 years, it looked better, brighter and truer color than ever before!

  • Harold Stewart
    Harold Stewart23 dager siden

    I want to see a build with this beauty

  • General M-13
    General M-1324 dager siden

    I'd love to see some kind of iron man build in that!

  • Alon Vostraikh
    Alon Vostraikh25 dager siden

    I love weird cases but this isn't catching my eye

  • Scale Model Enthusiast
    Scale Model Enthusiast26 dager siden

    You need to do a bad ass Tripp,e rad h20 build on that biatch

  • onehopeofthedoomed
    onehopeofthedoomed28 dager siden

    A reactor, with electric blue plasma

  • Mechaneko61
    Mechaneko6128 dager siden

    A kind of military/futuristic/mecha worn out build in that case would be really fucking great, you need to do it! (okay i need to see it)

  • Legolat
    Legolat28 dager siden

    ironman build PLEASE! Make the middle fan look like the arc reactor!

  • Jdot Richardson
    Jdot Richardson28 dager siden

    I use to see an engine but once you said “mech” all I could see is the torso of a Gundam

  • TheRedGamerFPV
    TheRedGamerFPV29 dager siden

    you do not know how much i want to put linear servos on the wings

  • dragonhed123
    dragonhed12329 dager siden

    That robot shooter editing was amazing i felt like a kid again!!

  • Brad White
    Brad WhiteMåned siden

    Please! It's already in the shape of a starship!! You could coil the tubing underneath the gull wing doors ind it would look so cool!!!!!

  • bombadoosh
    bombadooshMåned siden

    Please oh please do a build lol

  • John Hopkinson
    John HopkinsonMåned siden

    Put some tank track on the bottom , it looks like something from RoboCop.

  • b te
    b teMåned siden

    Make it into a really anime dustbunnypunk mech mod, with more big ass fans

  • Laura Brown
    Laura BrownMåned siden

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  • xzyvvy
    xzyvvyMåned siden

    I wish you did some CPU giveaways. I managed to get all parts except CPU. Sitting and collecting dust for over a month now. I "purchased" 5900X from one store in December and they keep sending emails every 2 weeks about new estimated availability date from a manufacturer/supplier. I also managed to "score" 5950X from Amazon at MSRP. It's over a month now and they only sent me an email that it takes longer than usual. Just waiting for one to actually send me a package so I can cancel the other one. I have no clue when and if they will send me anything. I was never picked in NewEgg Shuffle... and before the Shuffle was a thing I only was able to see "Add to cart" once just to be welcomed with empty cart. I spent hours camping some websites, on discord with bots reporting availability and yt streams with no luck. I'm probably a bit slower than a bot when it comes to purchasing online. I picked a wrong time to upgrade my computer, but I was excited for 30XX GPU series cards. I was extremely lucky with GPU as EVGA opened a new queue for Hybrid 3090 and I signed for it a few minutes after opening the queue and got the email a few hours later. Chance of winning a giveaway is small but it's nice to have that option too.

  • Kyle Bohannon
    Kyle BohannonMåned siden

    Am I the only one that would be afraid of sticking my fingers/cords into that fan?

  • TyRecks
    TyRecksMåned siden

    I think A V8 replica build would be cool. Make it look like an engine. Iver never seen anything like that. Could be 1of1

  • Adam Lankford
    Adam LankfordMåned siden

    First thought was a V8, then was a center of a Tie fighter/ some space wing.

  • Umbrella2906
    Umbrella2906Måned siden

    @JayzTwoCents Where do i get this Blue electrical Screwdriver? :)

  • iFix Phone Repair
    iFix Phone RepairMåned siden

    This case is beaut!! Please do a water cooled build in this!

  • MrGivmedew
    MrGivmedewMåned siden

    @jaystwocents If anyone had problems mounting a tube res sideways you could just add a filler tube that went vertical. Technically that makes the filler tube a reservoir but that's fine. I totally want this case BTW but I already have like 10 cases in the basement. I keep building custom cooling loops in cases and then end up ripping everything out to put it back in my Corsair wall mount case that's on a pull TV mount because it makes the ultimate space saving benchtop case. This thing would take up an entire corner of my computer area lol. Love it though

  • George Head
    George HeadMåned siden

    can we all stop and appreciate that screwdriver!

  • Loren Gamer
    Loren GamerMåned siden

    What liquid refrigeration does it have? Since I'm looking for it and I can't find it

  • Alex S
    Alex SMåned siden

    Yes do a build lol

  • Juicy Trill
    Juicy TrillMåned siden

    V8 V8 V8 V8 !! Please

  • N Scale On Closer Inspection
    N Scale On Closer InspectionMåned siden

    makes me think of a jet fighter cockpit would nice for a Flight Simulator build

  • Squeeeps
    SqueeepsMåned siden

    Yes yes mech warrior build. Especially with water cooling because it’ll look like all the hydraulic lines powering things and all that

  • tutacat
    tutacatMåned siden

    Jump, jump up and get down

  • Chris Putkamer
    Chris PutkamerMåned siden

    Dude do a Gundam style build/paint job this case already kinda looks like a Gundam chest piece

  • Thomas Zazueta
    Thomas ZazuetaMåned siden

    The Numidium from Morrowind would be neat

  • Glitch
    GlitchMåned siden

    V8 and Mesh the holes. I think that would look sweet!

  • AudyRen
    AudyRenMåned siden

    I hope you gonna build in-.. errr.. on it. With 3x360 rad or 1x420, 2x360.

    REDSP1R1TMåned siden

    I wish Utah had a Micro Center, god damn it.

  • Quacker Gaming
    Quacker GamingMåned siden

    Definitely going to be getting one when they come out if I can get my hands on it

  • Valur Albertsson
    Valur AlbertssonMåned siden

    PLZ Do a build in this Jay

  • Root_Login
    Root_LoginMåned siden

    Azza has some good cases, I have an Apollo 430 (orange/white). They even have cube and pyramid cases too. They also work with cyberpower pc and supply them with cases.

  • A Gonzo
    A GonzoMåned siden

    MechWarrior build hell yes!!!!

  • Anth0160
    Anth0160Måned siden

    No joke, legit looks like an engine

  • Keiz
    KeizMåned siden

    Please do a build in this case!! I’d love to see it. I think it’d be awesome to do a more car themed engine type build personally

  • Anzhou Zyc
    Anzhou ZycMåned siden

    Emmmm, maybe u should call it "unique"

  • Cris n Mary Fam
    Cris n Mary FamMåned siden

    They call it "The E-ATX Engine Enclosure"... Freakin Badass, now where do I get the turbo 4 cylinder version... because that is clearly the v8 version lol.

  • Walter LeSaulnier
    Walter LeSaulnierMåned siden

    JayzTwoCents - A friend asked me for a recommendation on a case for a build. It is his first build and he doesn't care about RGB and won't be overclocking. It will be a daily use PC. He has a VERY tight budget and asked what the best IDIOT PROOF (his words) mid tower would be for a first time builder. He said appearance is not a concern... just ease of doing a fool proof build with it. He hoped for something around $50 (US) though that is a little flexible - especially to get features for an easy build. THANK you for your time.

  • Trevor Jenkins
    Trevor JenkinsMåned siden


  • Free Spam
    Free SpamMåned siden

    v6 with 2x 3 fan GPU

  • Brian Nielsen
    Brian NielsenMåned siden

    Titanfall 2!

  • colby950
    colby950Måned siden

    I don't care what the build theme is, I just want to see you build it lol that case is so awesome

  • M F. AlRayes
    M F. AlRayesMåned siden

    i want a red/Yellow ferrari build

  • Chuck Mather
    Chuck MatherMåned siden

    multi motherboard server

  • mamazboyzRiddlerX
    mamazboyzRiddlerXMåned siden

    Funny how the frontpanel connectors haven't been made into a fixed plugin/cable-connector yet, still these weird spaghetti cables connectors

  • Jameson .Campbell
    Jameson .CampbellMåned siden

    Millennium Falcon Cockpit??????

  • ɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑ
    ɑʟpʜɑ ɱɑсʜɪиɑMåned siden

    Get someone to build you some turkey walker robot legs like from Hawken or Mechwarrior, and make it a standing robot case.

  • Danny Wiley
    Danny WileyMåned siden

    An engine Jay

  • awesome369
    awesome369Måned siden

    Car theme please....

  • Pawl
    PawlMåned siden

    That's a mech head. And the interesting thing is... being able to actually accommodate a beefy modern system within, if you used that case as a mech's head, it could actually power a legit full sized warrior. You'd have to collab with someone like Hacksmith or whomever but THAT would be badass, and maybe even a little creepy lol. Come on Jay, do a Terminator build, you know you want to.

  • GoatDev
    GoatDevMåned siden

    Yes yes yes

  • Metroidvania
    MetroidvaniaMåned siden


  • Michael
    MichaelMåned siden

    Make it a V8 build with a real Borla Induction V8 85mm Air Horn Kit on top.

  • Captn Crash
    Captn CrashMåned siden

    Because of the large Fan on the Front, it looks more like an Engine. A "Sci Fi" Build with Scorch Marks sounds like the same old, same old...

  • Wayne Williams
    Wayne WilliamsMåned siden

    Definitely getting this when it comes available

  • Kindanyume .Kindanyume
    Kindanyume .KindanyumeMåned siden

    New fighter based on the Gripen for Canuckistan while the dumb as shit usaf/usn/usm/etc of today suffer with the complete turd f35 (very happy i was ret long b4 that turn was forced on the poor victims of the leaves)

  • Alexandre Esquenet
    Alexandre EsquenetMåned siden

    Really funny, thanks ^^ And great case!

  • Zechs113
    Zechs113Måned siden

    The SilverStone Technology 2.4G Wireless Remote Computer Power/Reset Switch would go well with a engine block build.

  • Peaches
    PeachesMåned siden

    This honestly reminds me a lot of Titanfall, and I would love to see this turned into a Titan-themed build

  • EvoLuZioN_PR
    EvoLuZioN_PRMåned siden

    YUSSSSSS!!! But the build has to match the ‘69 Camaro paint color and that way it will be done when the restoration is done too!! Channel collab???!?!!?