Reacting to YOUR Crazy Setups! Instant Regret...

Vitenskap og teknologi

This time I asked everyone to send me their crazy setups... I instantly regretted my decision...
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  • Zach Fawver
    Zach Fawver17 timer siden

    Star Citizen! In the music room with the electric drums

  • Marceline
    MarcelineDag siden

    5:17 oh my god, i just realised that i sit like that and now know the reason why my wrists hurt so much wow.

  • Manfred Kok
    Manfred Kok2 dager siden

    #jayztwocents - NOlocal

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts2 dager siden

    Only a boomer would imitate family guy in 2021 I love it

  • LiquidBlackWolf
    LiquidBlackWolf2 dager siden

    When you shit on Asmongold's cave xD

  • Baby Pyscho
    Baby Pyscho3 dager siden

    Asmongold 🤣🤣

  • Latasha Degraffenreid
    Latasha Degraffenreid3 dager siden

    2:34 the discord mod's lair

  • Thraps Gaming
    Thraps Gaming4 dager siden

    That setup which was a mess aint the guys set up. That’s asmongolds old set up when he was a you tuber.

  • Sivia Family
    Sivia Family4 dager siden

    2:50 Im not talking to you siri!!!

  • Laughter On Water
    Laughter On Water4 dager siden

    In five years, (about 100 years in people time) this era will be known as the "Glam LED Rococo" period. It's the equivalent of lacey, frilly sleeves, flouncy collars and powdered wigs worn by both men and women alike in the aristocracy of the 1600's to 1700's. Totally useless and entirely _nouveau riche._ It will end in a typical fashion 'so-last-year' drama bust up, when people will finally realize that Beau Brummel was right. ( He was the first guy in the Regency period to say, "Stuff all this frilly nonsense. I'm wearing simple clothes with simple lines and no drama. Easy to wash. Easy to wear." Granted the cloth was still expensive. But he stood out from all the frilly people in his simplicity, bringing in an era and understanding of the usefulness of understated power.) Soon we will finally advance into the "Star Trek" (possibly "Metro"?) period, where build colors, lighting and lines will be sparse, unobtrusive, and only noticeable when they _require_ that we notice. I'll celebrate the day when we finally realize that while flashing, strobing or rotating color RGB is _très adorbs_ we're really better off having just barely lit red LED's that convey understated power and purpose rather than being an indoor terror constellation keeping us awake all night. Brilliant design whittles away all the cruft and leaves only that which is required. Transparent, unnoticed until required, yet doing its job flawlessly in the background. Show me _that_ design.

  • Chris Keith
    Chris Keith4 dager siden

    growing up i actually had the sega cd AND 32x... sega cd..meh.... 32x rocked tho

  • TheeDeadly Dan
    TheeDeadly Dan4 dager siden

    Who else here in 2021 LOL

  • TheeDeadly Dan

    TheeDeadly Dan

    4 dager siden

    Also why is it at 999k views LOL let’s get it to a million!!!

  • Ninja Gweeviz
    Ninja Gweeviz4 dager siden


  • rzalegend
    rzalegend4 dager siden

    That trubudad7217 picture is actually Asmongold's picture from waaay back

    IS BACON4 dager siden

    11:02 nobody: chernobyl reactor 4:

  • Cal
    Cal5 dager siden

    2:33 pretty sure thats asmongold's setup?

  • Andrew Eaves
    Andrew Eaves5 dager siden

    Lol, that's definitely Asmongold's setup at 2:16

  • Invert Mini
    Invert Mini7 dager siden

    Russell Wilson.

  • Com Klipp Klopp
    Com Klipp Klopp7 dager siden

    I just got my first laptop and it is really bad

  • Knight-Lieutenant Sharpshøõter
    Knight-Lieutenant Sharpshøõter8 dager siden

    Nick looks so scared at the start.

  • Metal Videos
    Metal Videos9 dager siden

    at 2:20 it looks like the room of asmongold lol

  • Brandon King
    Brandon King10 dager siden

    denzel washington sitting beside you

  • Brian T
    Brian T10 dager siden

    " I can take about an hour on the tower of power, as long as I gets a little golden shower"- Frank Zappa

  • Santiago
    Santiago10 dager siden

    I would like to see your reaction to latam set ups

  • pacecraft yt
    pacecraft yt10 dager siden

    I play with my arms in that position all the time but I have a slight condition that adjusts my arms in a weird way but I enjoy no matter how trash I am

  • pacecraft yt

    pacecraft yt

    10 dager siden


  • brolo swagins
    brolo swagins11 dager siden

    that's not trinidads set up that's asmongolds a streamer on twitch

  • Clarence Jones
    Clarence Jones11 dager siden

    finally another old pc gamer thought I was the only one 🧐🤔🙄

  • Clarence Jones
    Clarence Jones11 dager siden

    damn where are the half eaten pizza boxes?😳🤨🧐🙄🤔

  • Beni Figura
    Beni Figura12 dager siden

    Thanks the Star Wars spoiler...

  • Kristina Ruzecki
    Kristina Ruzecki12 dager siden

    5:14 man I DO. like,, I just find it more comfortable to have my arms not straight? if that makes sense. even my keyboard is crooked 😭

  • Ravioli
    Ravioli13 dager siden

    6:07 i approve of the spider-verse themed setup

  • Tommy Rørstad
    Tommy Rørstad13 dager siden

    Eyy its asmongold xD Now what will you say hahaha

  • Nived_
    Nived_14 dager siden

    I haven’t watched jay in a while. Needless to say I’m shocked he is advertising pre-built pc’s. People change I guess.

  • Lucezar Colombo
    Lucezar Colombo14 dager siden

    poor Tom

  • Patar 3475
    Patar 347515 dager siden

    This reminds me of setup wars.

    UNBOXING INSIDER15 dager siden

    The naughty verdict complimentarily argue because doll additonally brush notwithstanding a creepy year. proud, electric polish

  • Dennis Christensen
    Dennis Christensen16 dager siden

    "No one is using laptops" ive been using an MSI GT63 Titan-8sf for the past 2 years, and im not gonna switch till it breaks down.

  • K Slim
    K Slim16 dager siden

    I don't think that's a galaxy on the floor. Have you ever seen what happens when you black light a hotel bed sheet? 😂

  • Will
    Will17 dager siden

    how do we submit things to you?

  • hah YT
    hah YT17 dager siden

    👇😂Poor people wassup😂

  • L33T_Taco
    L33T_Taco17 dager siden

    6:07 The "My screen size and resolution is to large, let me squint to precisely see the 'X' in the corner of the screen to click it."

  • kevin ofwgkta
    kevin ofwgkta17 dager siden

    Man nick got stuck with Jayz

  • Idey Colligan
    Idey Colligan18 dager siden

    That second setup that was filled with rubbish, that's 100% Asmongold's stream setup, hes forever cleaning it and letting get as bad again.

  • Short Attention Span
    Short Attention Span18 dager siden

    Nick could pass as Kevin Hart's sibling.

  • Bubbs10
    Bubbs1018 dager siden

    what mouse was he using??

  • Josh Kieper
    Josh Kieper18 dager siden

    That trinadad's set up is stolen. That is Asmongold's

  • Adarchist
    Adarchist18 dager siden

    All over the Spectrum........made me chuckle lol

  • Kyle Kobel
    Kyle Kobel19 dager siden

    They are literally all sold out , your ad

  • Sweet كوكتيل
    Sweet كوكتيل19 dager siden

    the power tower hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Kyle Ellis
    Kyle Ellis19 dager siden

    I would buy a hoodie if You have ones with zippers

  • Kyle Ellis
    Kyle Ellis19 dager siden

    it's called OCD...

  • Owen Mitchell
    Owen Mitchell19 dager siden

    Chair arms in the mastabatory position

  • Vincent Kok
    Vincent Kok20 dager siden

    Those wooden sound diffusers aren't acually random. There are calcutators online where you can put a frequentie in that is too loud in the room. The calculator gives you a pattern and sizes for the one by ones.

  • xSKOOBSx
    xSKOOBSx20 dager siden

    Here ya go:

  • Mick's 4WD Touring
    Mick's 4WD Touring21 dag siden

    I had the Sega Mega Drive, Mega CD & 32X when I was a teen. Wish I still had them today. Also had the Sega Saturn.

  • Afro_Azra
    Afro_Azra21 dag siden

    6:24 the power bill 📈📈📈📈📈

  • Beatriz Hurst
    Beatriz Hurst21 dag siden

    The dizzy sex minimally appear because season timely stuff towards a savory priest. acceptable, fine puma

  • Kakutasu
    Kakutasu21 dag siden

    9:05 I have those exact same speakers, don't diss the altecs, they might start crying

  • Rude Elvis
    Rude Elvis21 dag siden

    I play valorant on a laptop 40-60fps with 150ms looking at this setup reminds me why I can't reach platinum and am hardstuck gold

  • Spencer S. Young
    Spencer S. Young22 dager siden

    I would love to see your reaction to my setup/room right to left 1 paint set 2 White PC case with a b550, 5600x, gtx 1650 (because availability 2020) pretty basic, NO RGB 3 32in tv as monitor 4 dirt bike tire on a wheel truing stand Next wall 5 ps4 6 51inch plasma screen 7 starwars legion miniatures 8 bed

  • Jason
    Jason22 dager siden

    That Lego setup up was killer!

  • Johnny Rocketfingers
    Johnny Rocketfingers23 dager siden

    The fear of strange shapes and patterns is known as agoraphobia. It’s actually quite common. It is related to feelings of disgusts. Evolutionarily speaking, it is likely a symptom of the body adapting to be repulsed by things that may appear rancid or disease ridden.

  • vibe_ miro
    vibe_ miro23 dager siden

    Ok but on the NZXT starter sections run minecraft on 61 fps

  • Sam Komoras
    Sam Komoras23 dager siden

    You look, sound, and act like pewdiepie. Wtf

  • Abderrahmane Chakoure
    Abderrahmane Chakoure23 dager siden

    If you wanna make this reaction video last for 1 minute just mention LinusTechTips

  • Red Dog170
    Red Dog17024 dager siden

    I am watching this to learn. It has been years sense i built a pc so with all the changes and everything that can be done i appreciate this channel. Thank you for all your videos

  • Robert Puškarić
    Robert Puškarić24 dager siden

    Lol me vibing with 2gb ram and fx 6100🙂

  • Lady Sky
    Lady Sky24 dager siden

    That second definitely know he is a wow player lol. Just like me my desk is usually like that. But at the end of the day I clean it up.

  • unicorns.R.real
    unicorns.R.real25 dager siden

    What a prude

  • Darren W
    Darren W25 dager siden


  • Wutface
    Wutface25 dager siden

    "Maximal airflow" is actually the more appropriate way of saying it.

  • Nerdzz
    Nerdzz25 dager siden

    @2:45 that is asmongolds setup

  • Τιμος Φωτης
    Τιμος Φωτης25 dager siden

    Most of the children now are adding leds to their computers just to look more like a gaming computer while buying computers only for gaming. like Computers can’t do anything else than just play games.

  • CraySea
    CraySea26 dager siden

    I got that South Park Warcraft meme you slipped in there! Had me dying!

  • mikelunatiko
    mikelunatiko26 dager siden

    Your thing with patterns has a name: Tripophobia.

  • one trooper
    one trooper26 dager siden

    not every one has 3 million subs and sponsors to drop a boat load of money .. and get free stuff just to make a video 😂reality vs spoiled

  • Kid Dynamite
    Kid Dynamite26 dager siden


  • Legxndares
    Legxndares26 dager siden

    No one gonna admire hankdatank being there. If u don’t play 2k then nvm

  • Kolhet Extra
    Kolhet Extra27 dager siden


  • Frank Allen
    Frank Allen27 dager siden

    The cat isn't seeing anything within a foot because they actually cant. And they only see the colors blue and green so it's fine

  • Kevin
    Kevin27 dager siden

    nzxt definitely isn’t the best for prebuilts...I got a prebuilt from ibuypower for around $799 with a Dual fan msi 1660ti and i7 9700 all I had to do was buy some Corsair rgb pro ram and 3tb of storage because it only came with 500gb...definitely way better than nzxt

  • Tyler Smith
    Tyler Smith27 dager siden

    Galaxy aesthetic will NEVER not be impressive or overkill

  • Tyler Braithwaite
    Tyler Braithwaite27 dager siden

    That is Retrowave my good sirs not Vaporwave

  • xshipx
    xshipx28 dager siden

    Is the 2nd asmongolds set up

  • Michael Holub
    Michael Holub28 dager siden

    OMG, I'm glad you didn't request or post actual video footage of the purple psycho dream room. That's a seizure warning popup-paywall to see in action.

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown28 dager siden

    "He has a Sega CD AND a 32X. No one has those." *looks over at the 32X and Sega CD hooked up to my model one Genesis* sorry, I guess you guys don't exist. Phil said so.

  • Markku
    Markku28 dager siden

    Oh wow. As a german guy I got instantly triggered @11:53. It's "der Eisball" *duh*

  • DeafPixels
    DeafPixels28 dager siden

    Just wanted to add a note on the diffusion panel you mention at about 11:00, While doing it like you say is totally fine for a home studio and will improve sound diffusion in your room, true studio quality diffusion panels are crafted very meticulously with a crazy amount of math to decide the length/depth of every piece of wood based upon the room the panel will be in, or for more universal panels you can just buy, the lengths/depths are based upon the size of the panel itself. That is why they can be insanely expensive, they require a crazy amount of meticulous detail to build properly. But a DIY diffusion panel doesn't hurt at all for a home studio. Not claiming to be an expert on this subject, but I had to endure a few Acoustics classes in college. I really enjoy watching your videos on reacting to set ups, keep em coming!

  • Ben K
    Ben K28 dager siden

    Super cool set ups (some of em) Now I have a question for everybody. I am running 2 monitors with 2 different graphics cards. I have, on my main monitor, an RTX 2060 super and on my off screen I use a 1050ti. I have noticed that when playing a modded game, my RTX card gets to a constant 78-80 degrees C. When gaming it should only run to 60-70. The set up is the RTX over top of the 1050ti on the motherboard. Would I be better off running the one card on a liquid cooling set up (custom due to the 2060 specs) or is there anything else I could do to prevent it from getting so hot? Plz lemme know!

  • Sam W
    Sam W28 dager siden

    Jay : "Eat out less and move more." Asmonbald: *an actual stick figure*

  • Alexandru Marginean
    Alexandru Marginean28 dager siden

    My man, please tell me what your keyboard is

  • Hampus Bjuvgård
    Hampus Bjuvgård29 dager siden

    7:03 The guy got guns..

  • Matheus Guerra Scheffer
    Matheus Guerra Scheffer29 dager siden

    Those shiny setups... How ppl can stand playing with ALL those lights? I can't even imagine how expensive it's tô build such setups...

  • Scott Douglas Photography
    Scott Douglas Photography29 dager siden

    You guys have just ripped into Asmongold

  • Caleb Manley
    Caleb Manley29 dager siden

    But maximal is a real word.....

  • Division Eraa
    Division EraaMåned siden

    That nzxt case hase bad airflow I have been told that by multiple people

  • Tom Lawrence
    Tom LawrenceMåned siden

    Not everyone has the money yano

  • Gilles van Zeebroeck
    Gilles van ZeebroeckMåned siden

    Looking forward in a thumbnail that says “Huh... amazing never thought of that”.... It’s probably me but after a year of pandemic crap I’m looking for some positivism... The noob bashing is something that belongs to the previous decade imho! Like your channel just miss some positivism but as I said, probably me bad!

  • Mechai Pascall
    Mechai PascallMåned siden

    am from Trinidad and i rate that set up 100%

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty ShacklefordMåned siden