The RTFM Show! - Episode 1

Vitenskap og teknologi

The RTFM Show! - Episode 1
0:00:00 Starts in 02:00...?
0:01:31 What is RTFM?
0:06:43 Ragequitting
0:19:46 Piece of Tech You Can't Be Without (aside from phone & computers)
0:34:30 New/Weird Hobbies
0:50:51 Life/Tech Hack
0:58:09 FTFA: From The Freakin' Audience
0:58:33 Q: Biggest Mistake in PC Building
1:10:32 Q: Experience with Debt
1:22:27 Q: Who Has The Craziest Ideas for Videos/Projects
1:29:26 Epilogue
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  • donnbrasco31
    donnbrasco319 dager siden

    I didn’t really think I was going to like this format when you first started. Gotta say I was 💯 wrong. Thoroughly enjoyed listening to the three of you chuckleheads just having a fun and relaxed chat with eachother. Feels like when I used to hang with my long time buddies back before I moved to Vegas. Very enjoyable. Well done.

  • Will Leary

    Will Leary

    2 dager siden

    Absolutely all of the above. You guys just hanging out and discussing shit is thoroughly entertaining and your chemistry and friendship is obvious. I'd sub for this alone. A+ content.



    8 dager siden

    We Need Timestamps!

  • JMUDoc


    9 dager siden

    @SeeTheWholeTruth You can't be a part of Star Wars or the MCU, either. Or any book.

  • rephlex tek

    rephlex tek

    9 dager siden

    laughed my ass off. It's great.

  • SeeTheWholeTruth


    9 dager siden

    Yeah! Except... we cant be part of it. Radio show.. with no input from the listeners. Have fun!

  • purebeaux
    purebeaux4 timer siden

    Rocket League is my chill-out game (almost 1,500 hours in it so far...on m/kb lol). Matchmaking can be frustrating; even at higher MMR. I've lost 15 games in a row before.

  • Matt Knowles
    Matt Knowles8 timer siden

    Will this be available on Spotify?

  • TheAcadianGuy
    TheAcadianGuy12 timer siden

    Phil makes it so much better

  • Chill man, chill!
    Chill man, chill!16 timer siden

    I just bought a car this weekend and the dealer was really impressed at my credit score. I'm 28 and my experian score is 795 which is higher than I thought it was cause apparently credit karma isn't fully accurate

  • Chill man, chill!
    Chill man, chill!18 timer siden

    I've never broken a controller, I've thrown other stuff so that my controller stays in one piece lol. My new hobby is actually buying sneakers instead of just knowing about them lol

  • Colin Edwards
    Colin Edwards18 timer siden

    The show is awesome. Some shows seem to take a long time to get the format right but you guys are two episodes in and it feels like you have been doing it for a long time. Cant wait for the next one.

  • David Croutch
    David Croutch22 timer siden

    THIS IN POOR TASTE!!! This is wrong and should not be PUT online like this!! This isn't a AGOOD example to your children and others who are watching not to mention those who try to stop drinking with that you should be shelling of GOOD example not a bad one stop drinking online I do not support this or you as of right now I'm not attending your channel and until you stop this now! right to something good with this channel initiatives singing around getting drunk. This is not harmless fun don't kid yourself when you're doing is wrong.!!!!!! I will not be coming back!!

  • Timothy S.
    Timothy S.Dag siden


  • Ash Sherr
    Ash SherrDag siden

    Not bad for a dude with a long way to go before he's famous well done. Is what I'd say if I was a narcissist

  • jimshaly1
    jimshaly1Dag siden

    Makes me so happy to hear that Jay attended and entirely followed through with Dave Ramsey's seminar and teachings. Too many people write him off as a nut, but you can't argue with the fact that it just freaking works.

  • DarkOmEn Z
    DarkOmEn ZDag siden

    WoT asian server rage is very real

  • Alexander Lee
    Alexander LeeDag siden

    I almost cried when I heard that you broke an sn30 Pro+ controller! I just got one of those, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it and I couldn't imagine just rage quitting that hard and breaking it. It's too good of a controller!

  • Michael Schneider
    Michael SchneiderDag siden

    whats does rtfm mean?

    EXISTANZEDag siden

    I love it

  • Matt
    Matt2 dager siden

    i've never been more thankful for a fern in my life.

  • Alexander (Alex) Amorose
    Alexander (Alex) Amorose2 dager siden

    Such a good show, cannot wait for more episodes. Edit: it is so beneficial to hundreds of thousands of people to listen about debt and being in a lot of debt. It isn't something taught in school and as someone who just got their first credit card it is very informative to listen to experienced people and their perspectives.

  • CRE4TIVEediting
    CRE4TIVEediting2 dager siden

    This is Gold :DD thanks

  • Peace22
    Peace222 dager siden

    Someone want to tell me what chairs these are?

  • Dark Surger
    Dark Surger2 dager siden

    Why can't I find this on Spotify?

  • Donald Thorpe
    Donald Thorpe2 dager siden

    Get the children out of here!!! I want to hear the f bombs!

  • Chloe Grice
    Chloe Grice2 dager siden

    no, no, you all know what piece of technology you cannot live without... the dishwasher 😜

  • j ery
    j ery2 dager siden

    can you please just get rid of the plant on the table

  • Mike Harris
    Mike Harris2 dager siden

    Every podcast has that one guy in the background that laughs at everything! Phil is that on the camera!! Phil is awesome!!!! Jay, Phil needs a raise!! LOL

  • NimbleBeard
    NimbleBeard2 dager siden

    UNCLE DAVE! FPU!! Jay, give Wild Turkey Longbranch a shot! Keep the ice, shouldn't burn your tastebuds anyways! Loved this first episode, thank you for bringing back a tech show I can look forward to each week Edit: I used a pci extension cable to extend a sata modular cable and literally fried a HDD, smoke and everything!

  • Thank you For Coming
    Thank you For Coming2 dager siden

    These are either the best computer guys or the worst car guys

  • Shahrul Hafiz
    Shahrul Hafiz2 dager siden


  • mitchyk
    mitchyk2 dager siden

    Jay should totally bring out a new version of like pop figures but his own version and the first one is phil. They should be called chuckleheads and they do that weird sound when you wobble their heads like a jibber-jabber. Would totally buy one!

  • Lietu
    Lietu2 dager siden

    The only case where I would now consider a loan for is for buying my own place, otherwise it's just not worth it really. Back some 8-ish years ago I also had like .. 2 credit cards maxed out + some consumer loan thing with smaller interest that I used to "pay off the credit cards" and then immediately used up the rest as well. Gladly I had ended up paying up enough of my apartment at the time that when I moved out and sold the share or whatever I ended up basically at +/- 0 - no debt, but no extra cash either. Once I got there I've not even slightly considered going into debt again. Just get a debit card and pay things with money you actually have instead of being in debt to loan sharks who are trying to screw you over as hard as possible.

  • Lietu
    Lietu2 dager siden

    Biggest PC blunder: back when PCs didn't come with sound cards, I got my first sound card - it annoyed me that it was unable to play the PC speaker sounds through it out of the box, but it had some pins on it that said "speaker", so I figured I had to wire that myself. I took some wires, and hooked them up from the motherboard's speaker + and - pins to the card's speaker + and - pins, closed up the case, and booted it up. I was annoyed to not hear a beep at boot at all, and then smoke started coming up from the case. Panic turned off the power and opened the case, the wires I just hooked up were flaming. The sound card was dead, everything else worked fine. Literally burned my first sound card.

  • Lietu
    Lietu2 dager siden

    NO - REALLY bad advice, DO NOT change your passwords often. Use a unique good memorable password for your password manager and never change it. You need to remember it, and if you never reuse it, it's safe. Change it only when necessary. When people change passwords often they come up with shitty passwords and when they're forced to change passwords regularly they add a sequence number which they then forget. This is very bad advice from the 80s and 90s password policies that were based on guesses by idiot sysadmins who didn't know better, now we know better.

  • Kyle Wendt
    Kyle Wendt2 dager siden

    @JayzTwoCents any chance of a Spotify version?

  • Half a Lemon
    Half a Lemon3 dager siden

    i can’t find the podcast in spotify

  • Karel Havlík
    Karel Havlík3 dager siden

    Very good, im happy to see more

  • mikgus
    mikgus3 dager siden

    Great format. It got me to level level 146 in bloons td6

  • JawaPunter
    JawaPunter3 dager siden

    Why are front case headers standard??

  • Jee Eun
    Jee Eun3 dager siden

    This is soo niceeeeee

  • Xavieron
    Xavieron3 dager siden

    I smiled about 85% of the time watching this. Great show guys!

  • hagentritz
    hagentritz3 dager siden


  • Arkadiusz Lepert
    Arkadiusz Lepert3 dager siden

    Nicko !!!

  • Mayhem
    Mayhem3 dager siden

    I swear Phil's laugh is just too good. Doesn't matter what the joke is, if Phil laughs, I laugh XD

  • Bryce Welker
    Bryce Welker3 dager siden

    Love the episode

  • I Am Me!
    I Am Me!3 dager siden

    Omg. That absolute last frame where Phil is laughing and looks like hes flipping off Jay. Hahahahahahah!!

  • Leigh Taylor
    Leigh Taylor3 dager siden

    That would be "Read The Friendly Manual" of course.

  • Stephen Gamble
    Stephen Gamble3 dager siden


  • Dennis Raßmann
    Dennis Raßmann3 dager siden

    Raging: The first time I ever broke anything for a game was in World of Warcraft. Onyxia. 40 guys. 6 hours in. And the same guy got feared into the god damn welps for the 4th time. AND he is the guild master. My desk didn't survive that evening/night. It's also the only game I ever raged about somebody else. Usually I am only very angry with myself.

  • l0ki4321
    l0ki43213 dager siden

    I raged at leage of legends once and destroyed some nice headphones.. didnt had money to replace them so i ducttaped the bow so i could wear them again

  • dandan theman
    dandan theman3 dager siden

    I know you guys are adults and can drink legally? Listen and watch podcast all the time but it seems like everytime I do watch one or your one they're always drinking alcohol almost everyone not all of them.

  • 336W
    336W3 dager siden

    ECSB on the rocks? Really? Come on Man......

  • Brandon Edwards
    Brandon Edwards3 dager siden

    Phil is so over the top and unfunny. It's cringe.

  • Glen
    Glen3 dager siden

    Jay you look lost behind them stands ur on needs to be joist mounted

  • Jacob Mees
    Jacob Mees3 dager siden

    Awesome podcast gents, keep it up!

  • MrDukeMark
    MrDukeMark3 dager siden

    Oh I can't wait for tonight to watch episode 2

  • N1neSe7en
    N1neSe7en3 dager siden

    This is actually really awesome!!!

  • Chris Chapman
    Chris Chapman3 dager siden

    This is one of those things I didn't know I needed in my life until I had it. Please keep the RTFM show around. Loved the content, the laughs and the real talk on debt. You guys should do a show where the person next to you brings a "mystery drink" you have to drink it during the show

  • BashtheSaiyan
    BashtheSaiyan3 dager siden

    For the first question, I did not know that. I recently finished a new PC build and wanted to follow you advice about using two separate PCIe cables on my Graphics card instead of the daisy-chained one. I was about to use a PCIe cable from my Old PSU. Thank God that I didn't have any extras, that would've been a disaster. Thanks for that. Really enjoying the podcast so far.

  • Mayhem
    Mayhem3 dager siden

    Don't change, it's perfect!

  • Whohashdealer
    Whohashdealer3 dager siden

    Doesn’t work on Spotify

  • Shaun Sommer
    Shaun Sommer3 dager siden

    Phil just needs to tie a block to the bottom of his foot lol

  • utmost submarine
    utmost submarine3 dager siden

    2's is the juice

  • Andy Whitaker
    Andy Whitaker3 dager siden

    They keep saying AMG, but what car?

  • Julime
    Julime3 dager siden

    do the bad words

  • Chase Power
    Chase Power3 dager siden

    Wait, i used spare sata cables from my power supply for my sister pc and they havent had a problem yet tho😳, been like 5 months of use now

  • Dr Peter jones
    Dr Peter jones3 dager siden

    Gigabytes B550 vision D. Will it run unix and linux as enterprise has moved towards these systems away from retail systems? what bios has it ? is it a dual Gigabyte set up with legacy bios support as usual ? On board ssd m.3 ?

  • Ole Ahmed El-Taftazany
    Ole Ahmed El-Taftazany3 dager siden

    What headphones are those? Looks good!

  • sh t
    sh t3 dager siden

    The fantastic apology biosynthetically arrest because berry conclusively wail but a crabby lily. defeated, beneficial underclothes

  • That Guy Mark
    That Guy Mark3 dager siden

    As someone from the UK id love our fuel prices to be $4 a gallon rather than £1.25 a litre

  • Susan Tompkins
    Susan Tompkins4 dager siden

    Shoot! It's worth watching this just to keep getting hearing Phil's infectious laugh!

  • Pieter Kulwicki
    Pieter Kulwicki4 dager siden

    I love this, turn up nicks mic though. he's too passive and gets talked over

  • Δημήτρης Κουτσάκης
    Δημήτρης Κουτσάκης4 dager siden

    My Deathadder Chroma finally gave in after 6 years of use not because it doesnt work,it still does but it's shell has been reduced to bits and pieces from punching it when I went for Damascus in Modern Warfare.I totally feel Nick on that!

  • Kristian Dawe
    Kristian Dawe4 dager siden

    We need a call-in from Barnacules Nerdgasm, fans would love it.

  • DJLuisGarciaMixShow
    DJLuisGarciaMixShow4 dager siden

    RTFM episodes 2 lets go

  • thumbwarriordx
    thumbwarriordx4 dager siden

    lol I'm a big mechanical keyboard nerd and I don't understand the high roller elitism in the slightest. I've built half a dozen expensive custom keyboards for my friends and I run a 2009 Das Keyboard S with aftermarket switches and keycaps and some foam in the case. Cobbler has the worst shoes lol. People paying 150 bucks for keycaps like it's normal, and I haven't looked at legends since I was 15 years old. Yeesh.

  • Petri Nieminen
    Petri Nieminen4 dager siden

    Loved this and I cannot wait for future episodes!

  • SirBuitrago
    SirBuitrago4 dager siden

    I really enjoyed the banter. That was dope.

  • Meatsweats
    Meatsweats4 dager siden

    1 minute 7 seconds to early jay

  • Mossie Gee
    Mossie Gee4 dager siden

    Those mic arms are all wrong for that config

  • Mossie Gee
    Mossie Gee4 dager siden

    Plant placement makes it look like Jay is turning into SwampThing

  • Lord Zarfax
    Lord Zarfax4 dager siden

    will this be on podcast republic

  • Murdoch Jaxon
    Murdoch Jaxon4 dager siden

    This is good

  • iCameAsARoman
    iCameAsARoman4 dager siden

    Ray Tracing FM.

  • Andrew Speer
    Andrew Speer4 dager siden

    Really missed out on the intro clock opportunity. "We'll digress in: 01:45" Otherwise this is beautiful! Very well done guys.

  • Christian Bivens
    Christian Bivens4 dager siden

    I like the streaming 👍

  • Rocky Wood
    Rocky Wood4 dager siden

    I love it thank you.

  • Matthew Stevens
    Matthew Stevens4 dager siden

    Holy cr@p I haven't laughed so hard. This is legendary

  • Joe Santa
    Joe Santa4 dager siden

    You should add a rundown graphic like ESPN - put them on the bottom, maybe

  • Greg Ripplinger
    Greg Ripplinger4 dager siden

    The absent surname legally mine because faucet thirdly balance during a messy disease. annoying, flowery teller

  • Preston Belgarde
    Preston Belgarde4 dager siden


  • Drown Em
    Drown Em4 dager siden

    Gas prices in the US are so cheap.

  • Jaymz R
    Jaymz R4 dager siden

    Phil is on the verge of dying doing this podcast

  • Griffin Guy
    Griffin Guy4 dager siden

    Can anyone find this on Spotify yet? I looked it up and found the actual full name of it but it’s a different show and it’s all Hispanic lol. I’ll definitely be watching/listening to more of these podcasts, keep up the good work guys!

  • Mason Miller
    Mason Miller4 dager siden

    Favorite talk show. I listen and watch videos of all sorts 10hrs a day 7 days a week at work. I Weld, Build cars/bikes, CNC, and Robotics. This is gold because it raw and I relate to these a lot.

  • Erik Mattarei
    Erik Mattarei4 dager siden

    This is great! I love it.

  • Pammazord352
    Pammazord3524 dager siden

    Do they have the Spotify set up yet? I couldn't find the show on there.

  • Matthew Perry
    Matthew Perry4 dager siden

    Came for the bants, stayed for the whisky

  • Jagger
    Jagger4 dager siden

    This is amazing, as expected, thanks for helping me keep my sanity at work lol

  • Stewen W
    Stewen W4 dager siden

    Nice one. Really enjoyed the show. Next time i'll be prepared with a single malt.

  • Raymond Kimball
    Raymond Kimball4 dager siden

    Thanks, guys I enjoyed the show.

  • T0ph3rr867 Chris-Topher
    T0ph3rr867 Chris-Topher4 dager siden

    U guys cut off nick too much...otherwise love it

  • UrbyPilot21
    UrbyPilot215 dager siden

    Is it just me or the podcast isn't posting on Spotify? When I click the "Listen on Spotify" in Anchor.FM, I get a "Can't Find the Podcast" on Spotify. I mean, I don't mind listening to it on Anchor, but I don't have the app on my phone, only Spotify.