This Custom Gaming PC is absolutely beautiful!

Vitenskap og teknologi

Ever wish you had one of those super cool looking PCs? Well now you can!
Check out this build available at Origin PC -
Corsair 5000X - White Case w/Tempered Glass
AMD Ryzen 9 5950X 16-Core 3.4GHz (4.9GHz Max Boost)
Hydro X Stage I - White (Hardline)
Max - White QL 120 mm Fans (10 Fans)
NVIDIA 24GB GeForce RTX 3090
1TB Samsung 980 PRO PCIe NVMe M.2
2TB ORIGIN PC Approved Hard Drive
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  • Dr. Prathap Kengar
    Dr. Prathap Kengar22 timer siden

    🥵 B roll

  • Pedrojie Dreams
    Pedrojie DreamsDag siden

    Bro if your not gonna have that can you send it out to me I’ve wanted a pc for ages but never got one love the vids. From:Me :)

  • Panda三さん
    Panda三さんDag siden

    So I'm just starting to get into PC gaming, and i have a question . . How much, if at all, does the price vary from a PC with all the lights and one without?

  • AAA
    AAADag siden

    Love the color, especially the ram covers

  • tim nes
    tim nesDag siden

    yea butt what about two hours into full use does it gradually heat up

  • Jaiden Reddy
    Jaiden Reddy2 dager siden

    It would look 10x better if you could custom cable those nvidia adapters

  • Frank's Channel
    Frank's Channel2 dager siden

    Hot DAMN!!!!!!!!! This is next-level stuff. Thank God Bitcoin and Etherium have been good to me. Gonna order this exact build!!!!

  • Gr1m_ Sl4y
    Gr1m_ Sl4y2 dager siden

    Do the build in black plz I beg you.

  • cryos420
    cryos4202 dager siden

    Corsair showing you options you can't select for a built..... Here's what you CAN'T have.

  • Mango
    Mango2 dager siden

    imagine getting this pc only to play minecraft...

  • Infernus
    Infernus2 dager siden

    lol that bends are off, and they sent this to youtuber lamee

  • Alucard
    Alucard4 dager siden

    I get you on the tubing. I will probably go through a lot of tubing when I go for a hard tube setup. I have had an AIO for a few years. I want to make the move to a custom loop

  • stacey vieira
    stacey vieira4 dager siden

    that ram actually looks badass. fits the build nicely

  • Adam Goodchild
    Adam Goodchild4 dager siden

    What vwas the software used in the video to measure the temps on the CPU?

  • Girl On A Quest
    Girl On A Quest5 dager siden

    Imagine using the right bit so it doesn't strip and skip.

  • D D
    D D5 dager siden

    They couldn’t have spent afew extra dollars in fittings to fix the crooked tubing from the res? Especially in system they know is gonna be reviewed? PS. My first watercooled system was an Origin. Modifying that thing overtime is how I learned custom loops. Soft tube of course. Don’t want to deal with hard tubing.

  • Jason Mcclean
    Jason Mcclean5 dager siden

    I need me one of those

  • Jason Mcclean
    Jason Mcclean5 dager siden

    I so love that

  • Jim B
    Jim B6 dager siden

    Whichever tech guy did the frosted tubing should have cared a little more about keeping those tubes perfectly vertical and horizontal. I guess no one is going to put the effort into a machine for someone else that they'd put in to it for themselves. Which sucks. Over all it's a nice build, for damn sure, just a shame those tubes are taking all those weird angles.

  • Solo Tango
    Solo Tango6 dager siden

    I see some ketchup and mustard at the bottom of the mobo. Completely unusable.

  • Ryarios
    Ryarios6 dager siden

    While the sloping tube looks funny, technically it’s correct to slope horizontal tubing. It appears to me the slope is upwards in the direction of flow which makes sense. It helps insure all air bubbles are moved along until they gather at the high point. It actually should be sloped at a steeper rate. About 1 in 12.

  • Nathan Chanthavong
    Nathan Chanthavong7 dager siden

    Jay putting the link Me checking it out Also me soon realizing it will be over my budget

  • The PC Amigos
    The PC Amigos7 dager siden

    oh, thats a pc, I thought you were running that on your hair

  • The Medieval Nerd
    The Medieval Nerd7 dager siden

    This confirms my biggest concern with some of these prebuilts. Is there no consideration for loop maintenance at all? How are you supposed to drain that loop? I don't see a valve anywhere in there. Are you supposed to just unscrew the front cap from the reservoir with towels and a bucket on hand? Good lord.

  • Joseph Agundez
    Joseph Agundez8 dager siden

    I typed in all the specs on Origin and it came out to $6k! Holy crap!

  • HWS_ Wolf
    HWS_ Wolf8 dager siden

    Personally I am a black and red color kind of guy. But that is nice and clean looking Wish the liquid was like a frost blue instead of clear and yes the odd angles of the tubes were throwing me off even before you mentioned them but I am a graphic designer and notice things like that pretty fast

  • Chinmai Dandekar
    Chinmai Dandekar9 dager siden

    Its just eye catching. can you gift me one if you have one extra hahahahah

  • --
    --10 dager siden

    That tiny RTX 3090 is the best argument I've seen for water-cooling. It's small!

  • --
    --10 dager siden

    They should use screws on that wood box. That would definitely reduce lawsuits from people getting stabbed by those staples.

  • samet shabani
    samet shabani10 dager siden

    Thats one mean machine there :) how i would love to have it QQ

  • michael mancuso
    michael mancuso10 dager siden

    So this is why Origin is 2 weeks late on my PC

  • Shane Torlay
    Shane Torlay10 dager siden

    love the vids but, that's roughly a $4800 computer... Who can afford that ? (AND the tubes aren't even level)

  • Chance Reid
    Chance Reid11 dager siden

    I think that even though aesthetically the tubes NOT being truly horizontal, doesn't look right, I think though that some slight angle would help with sediment build up from the liquid being used? Also, which direction is the flow of water travel? I'd think that if the water flow starts at the top and flows down through the CPU and then the GPU, then a little angle might be better instead of deadheading a 90 deg. bend...

  • Antonio Dejesus
    Antonio Dejesus11 dager siden

    Imagine not dropping 12k on this pc

  • Aryudsoh
    Aryudsoh11 dager siden

    What kind of tubing is that? Is it frosted glass or something?

  • Fronty
    Fronty12 dager siden

    I truly hope that in the future there will be a WHITE motherboards...

  • FAB Online, LLC
    FAB Online, LLC12 dager siden

    Not going to spend 6K on crooked tubing!!!

  • the real Max
    the real Max12 dager siden

    How is that thing an rtx 3090

  • UrMaMa
    UrMaMa13 dager siden

    JayzTwoCents Sells me a RTX 3070 man T_T

  • Downhome Geek Plans
    Downhome Geek Plans13 dager siden

    This is so cool!!! This is basically what I was looking for, except black. It's absolutely gorgeous!!! I am so excited to watch this!!! Thank you Jay & Crew as well as Origin!!! It will be weird to buy it premade, but I priced the components at the prices I could find them (if I could find them) and it was either the same or cheaper (a little cheaper anyway) to get the system through Origin. In a way, if I was ever wanting to do something like this the cost analysis makes it the best time to give a custom build pc a whirl.

  • QueenDeni
    QueenDeni13 dager siden

    I was planning to build a pc before all this craziness happened. This PC is basically everything I wanted to the maxed out and supercharged. I love the color scheme, the RGB, everything. It's waaaay too powerful for what I need, but I'd love to be able to say I have these parts. lol. I'd bring the CPU, GPU, RAM and SSDs down several pegs. Although... why have less when you could have more? Who needs to eat, amirite?

  • Jacob Mills
    Jacob Mills14 dager siden

    Did he mention the price? I just spent $4400 on Alienware that is 3 weeks out from delivery but I would go up in $$$ for a beautiful rig like this. I typically build my own but I can’t bring myself to pay a scalper for the rtx3090!

  • yayachichi
    yayachichi14 dager siden

    He said orjy with a g instead of a j heheheheh

  • Horace Grimsby
    Horace Grimsby14 dager siden

    How is that rear radiator getting any airflow?

  • Dan Merwin
    Dan Merwin15 dager siden

    I do have a question tho... After you mentioned the tubing being at a slight angle, did Origin reach out and offer to 'fix' it? Or did they just ignore? ;)

  • Stanley Kinzinger
    Stanley Kinzinger15 dager siden

    origin did a great job holy crap

  • Nikolas O.
    Nikolas O.16 dager siden

    I love it but they definitely need to improve their hard tube bends

  • Crypto Ronin Dude
    Crypto Ronin Dude16 dager siden

    How can I order this????????

  • maverick34
    maverick3416 dager siden

    Tubing is bad but anyone else cringing over the black motherboard on this all-whity system ?

  • Michael Stanley
    Michael Stanley16 dager siden

    Over priced show off unit.

  • Matthew Demarey
    Matthew Demarey16 dager siden

    Me, new to Jayz's channel: "I like this guy's videos, they're pretty good" Jay: *Opens the video by peaking out from behind a crate with a smile that's just slightly too big.*

  • devilmikey00
    devilmikey0017 dager siden

    I actually kind of love the double bend from the GPU to the CPU block. If they'd been consistent with that it might have overall looked much sexier.

  • Moonwaterz
    Moonwaterz17 dager siden

    Too bad they didn't use a Vision D mb

  • Jorge Sanchez
    Jorge Sanchez17 dager siden

    "I'm trying to keep it upright. Pre-filled and what not." 1 min later * tips machine almost 90 degrees to remove bottom foam *

  • Dan W.
    Dan W.17 dager siden

    i really like these TUUUUBEEZ

  • paresh ravikumar
    paresh ravikumar17 dager siden

    Is it okay to mount a radiator at the bottom of the case. I am using the ASUS crosshair VIII formula and placing the radiator on the top with the fans is not allowing me to have space for placing the water loop pipes for the VRMs. I have one radiator in the front and the second one would be at the bottom. Could you please let me know your thoughts.

  • Vinh Nguyen
    Vinh Nguyen17 dager siden

    It looks nice, but my god the bottom tubes make me cringe 😬. Just use corner fittings!!!

  • Miguel Hernandez
    Miguel Hernandez17 dager siden

    The scientific biology contemporaneously rub because letter paradoxically brush mid a rare buffet. whole, spooky class

  • juste
    juste17 dager siden

    ''thats how anal i am'' -Jay 2021

  • Mayhem
    Mayhem17 dager siden

    I just know Jay hates the bottom tube that runs to the GPU, is not in a 90 degree angle :P

  • scott from oz
    scott from oz18 dager siden

    great vid jay the pc is to white for my liking but other wise its awsome and i wish i had one as for the tubing it looks like they have left some angle on the pipes so that bubles of air wont stay in the tubes just my opinion

  • bm5k
    bm5k18 dager siden

    FInally, I've been looking around for someone who did/has a build that is following corsairs build guide. Now I have an idea what performance will look like with that cooling setup. Thanks jay!

  • Dave Ortiz
    Dave Ortiz18 dager siden

    I went with an EKFluidGaming pre-built after I couldn't find the gpu. I'm overjoyed!!

  • xNiiiCoLaSx
    xNiiiCoLaSx18 dager siden

    The scintillating cicada chiefly announce because skirt psychophysically knock past a shrill nickel. vivacious, rebel goal

  • Dreamz
    Dreamz18 dager siden

    100 percent gurranteed that beast is staying on your table lol

  • Alex Barry
    Alex Barry18 dager siden

    Are you still planning on doing the 5000D airflow build? I've been really looking forward to it after your first video with the case

  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ18 dager siden

    It's missing a dvd/bluray drive.

  • forever Hungry
    forever Hungry18 dager siden

    I am having a lot of respect on origin now.

  • forever Hungry
    forever Hungry18 dager siden

    Have to say, it is a freaking beauty

  • 77Brainfreeze
    77Brainfreeze18 dager siden

    B roll was on point for this one guys.

  • Ice Buble
    Ice Buble18 dager siden

    that custom cooling system it's absolutely discussing to look at.... looks like my 10yo nephew did it...

  • KuroOkami
    KuroOkami19 dager siden

    I have to point out that you CANNOT buy this system as spec'd. 1) No more ASUS MB (minor change so oh well) 2) Hydro Stage ? - In order to get liquid cooled GPU you have to pick Hydro Stage II and white is not an option on any stage any more. 3) As soon as you pick any RGB fan it reverts you back to AIO cooler and air-cooled GPU. 4) Storage drive 2TB - as soon as you select mechanical storage drive, see #3 I can't stand when companies do this. Send out great systems to reviews that you cannot ever buy.

  • Christopher Parrett

    Christopher Parrett

    13 dager siden

    100% CORRECT!!!!!!!!

  • Nash
    Nash19 dager siden

    Anyone else triggered as all hell with the crooked lines. The lower graphics card one is brutal. The price of this and it being a reviewer sample = Fail!

  • Harley Cleckner
    Harley Cleckner19 dager siden

    I knew as soon as I seen the tubes you would say something about it...I'm sure they did that on purpose just for you

  • Gregory Hartley
    Gregory Hartley19 dager siden

    Does anyone have the iCUE vapour wave profile? Because like looks really nice

  • Frederik Schumacher
    Frederik Schumacher19 dager siden

    Anyone else do a double take because they heard Jay say "I really like the prostitute" at 8:36?

  • Randy Wheeler
    Randy Wheeler19 dager siden

    I don't normally care for the RGB everything builds, this one though is admittedly beautiful. All things considered, great job Origin PCs!

  • Monkey _420
    Monkey _42019 dager siden

    Do u ever buy shit or u are a sell out

  • Monkey _420
    Monkey _42019 dager siden

    Do u buy this or free if free u need to see it back or pay for it

  • Lonnie Guthrie
    Lonnie Guthrie19 dager siden

    wait imagine a frosted water holder with frosted tubes

  • Soare Michele David
    Soare Michele David19 dager siden

    It would be cool to see a custom laptop design, from zero!

  • InSaNe GaMeR
    InSaNe GaMeR19 dager siden

    frosted tubes look so nice

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith19 dager siden

    Totally with you on those tube angles. I'm a plumber by trade and looking at that on my desk would drive me mental! Oh and I HATE white electronics of any kind, even the very best white builds look naff to my eyes.

  • goofy dood
    goofy dood19 dager siden

    You can't even buy this from their site

  • Max Courtney
    Max Courtney20 dager siden

    i tried building this to spec on their site and its cost is $6236 USD

  • Brycen Mages
    Brycen Mages20 dager siden

    8000 dollars configured on their website.

    CMDR SVT20 dager siden


  • Ame' Hayami
    Ame' Hayami20 dager siden

    I need advice I'm debating between buying a pc or building one. I think I have all the tools I need. I'm getting into 3d rendering/animation and gaming The games I love to is rpgs like Skyrim with a lot of mods, city building games and Division 2. Not really sure how powerful of a pc I need to run a highly moded skyrim and do 3d animation. U have 2k maybe 3k to spend would it be better to build my self one, oh BTW if I do build one this is going to be my 1st pc I have ever built. Or should I just buy one? If I should just buy one does anyone have any recommendations? I need a good starter, planing to upgrade asap. Thanks for your help

  • Erik Ballew
    Erik Ballew20 dager siden

    Honestly feels like the only way to get a CPU/GPU is to buy one of these...

  • Simonye Craig
    Simonye Craig20 dager siden

    Who ever does your music is a beat god.

  • ess yjm
    ess yjm20 dager siden

    The classy feet partially scrape because face yearly label within a jagged november. adhesive, breakable appliance

  • Shayne Wells
    Shayne Wells20 dager siden

    Very Nice but I do not like that angled line from the res to the radiator. They could have done better there.

  • William Maguire
    William Maguire20 dager siden

    Sure is sexy af for a $7000.00 build 😂

  • 2fast4all


    20 dager siden

    Like Linus just said a few minutes ago. That no one can buy! ROFL

  • Laura Brown
    Laura Brown20 dager siden

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  • Casey Ronson
    Casey Ronson20 dager siden


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  • GL H
    GL H20 dager siden

    Jay: No rigid-tubed system is ever perfect Declassified Systems: Let me introduce myself.

  • vJager
    vJager20 dager siden

    I would not mind if I can get that pc for free wink wink.

  • Cevandri
    Cevandri20 dager siden

    am I the only one annoyed at the tubes aren't completely straight?

  • Zatharos
    Zatharos21 dag siden

    That tubbing on the GPU is just PAINFUL