This new setup turned out WAY better than expected!

Vitenskap og teknologi

We are bringing back a live show! But first, we need to build a set for it!
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Items used for Podcast Setup
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Microphones -
Mixer Board -
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  • Naga Conquer
    Naga Conquer18 timer siden

    is it possible put the mic arm to the celling?

  • Joseph Portman
    Joseph Portman2 dager siden

    3:48 jay is confirmed 8 year old

  • me0262
    me02623 dager siden

    7:08 You're worried about what viewers will do with the call in, when you guys are just naturally like that?

  • SkyfalconTin
    SkyfalconTin3 dager siden

    Watching people building their own setup is fun but watching JAY build his is funnier!

  • Drigror
    Drigror3 dager siden

    i'm sorry but i laughed too hard on this video

  • Brad Weizs
    Brad Weizs3 dager siden

    Thought RTFM meant Real Talk For Men

  • NitrousX Productions
    NitrousX Productions3 dager siden

    In the vid Jay mentioned about sound delay, did he say that its better for him to record the audio from the camcorder to the mixer? Instead of it being picked up via the PC? I would like to know as this will be something that I would be doing very soon for streaming content

  • Mayhem
    Mayhem3 dager siden

    YESSSSS, when I heard podcast I got really excited :D

  • Mossie Gee
    Mossie Gee4 dager siden

    Call it The Wang Show

  • Gwalix
    Gwalix4 dager siden

    You should have a look at the ProBoom Ultima boom arm, they are quite low profile and would be less obstructive :)

  • Kiloneie
    Kiloneie4 dager siden

    That OBS part Jayz going angry over OBS changing audio settings randomly, yeah xD that shit is so weird, same goes for windows 10 mic volume, just magically not 100% anymore.

  • xXfzmusicXx
    xXfzmusicXx4 dager siden

    People complain about miners using cards for mining, meanwhile Jay is using a 3090 to transcode a 1 camera stream Kekw

  • Noi Barragan
    Noi Barragan5 dager siden

    it sounds echoy

  • Thomas Hicks
    Thomas Hicks5 dager siden

    Seeing all those GPU's just sitting on those shelves when I just built a new PC for the first time in 12 years and not have a GPU to put in it is very saddening to me that's for sure. I hate this market right now I have all high-end parts minus the GPU grrrrrr. And the worse thing is I don't even want a brand new card hell I'd be happy with a couple older generation type cards.....

  • Nick Diesal
    Nick Diesal5 dager siden

    Who would watch this clown lol

  • AdminMedia
    AdminMedia5 dager siden

    i would so move to cali..... an be a Tech, Camera man / Editor lol then jay says in video this isnt us asking for more people .... :( would so move from MA to work with you guys lol

  • Stephen Beyer
    Stephen Beyer5 dager siden

    As an Australian, thanks for thinking of us Jay

  • Youngmoney_zay
    Youngmoney_zay5 dager siden

    You guys had too much fun but I think I also had too much fun watching it

  • Bor Greiner
    Bor Greiner6 dager siden

    As a radio guy I NEED to tell you that headphones NEED to be replaced. Go AKG K702 for the sound and looks.

  • Andrew Frey
    Andrew Frey6 dager siden

    It makes me smile watching these dummies just have fun together. Thanks Jay and team, I needed that.

  • Oatmeal Creampie
    Oatmeal Creampie6 dager siden

    Glad to see Nick back you guys look like you have so much fun, just goofing around.

  • Marcus Colwell
    Marcus Colwell6 dager siden

    Hey Jay! I bought a GoXLR because of your review. I mentioned it months ago during a WoWarships twitch stream. I love it, but I digress. What I was commenting for was, The GoXLR app doesn't automatically save your profile, so every time you boot your PC it reloads the last saved profile, so if you make any volume, equalizer, effects, or sound board changes you need to save your profile or all changes will be lost every time you close the app/reboot.

  • thecaneater
    thecaneater6 dager siden

    17:50 Phil, BC, Canada is the same time zone as California, ya putz!

  • thecaneater
    thecaneater6 dager siden

    13:39 Phil is broke.

  • thecaneater
    thecaneater6 dager siden

    3:14 That's some pro-level quality trolling by Editor Phil against Nick.

  • Robi Dawn
    Robi Dawn6 dager siden

    winter Australia.... nah its just little less hot.

  • muntedewok
    muntedewok7 dager siden


  • --
    --7 dager siden

    Phil's laugh always makes me laugh lmfao

  • Someday SuperSaiyan
    Someday SuperSaiyan7 dager siden

    Someone actually acknowledging Australia. I feel like I have to buy some merch now.

  • Darryl Miller
    Darryl Miller7 dager siden

    G'day from Australia. 60 Celsius is 140 Fahrenheit. A hot day for us is above 35 Celsius (above 96 Fahrenheit) 😉

  • Greg Turner
    Greg Turner7 dager siden

    Fake news! I've been listening to these so called "pod" casts for years and have yet to receive a single pod!

  • Scroaty McScroatBottom
    Scroaty McScroatBottom7 dager siden

    Time to get back into the gym matey ...

  • God Was Bored
    God Was Bored7 dager siden

    This helped me zero.

  • gundam fan
    gundam fan7 dager siden

    is that capture PC gonna sit on carpet?.. like you suggest to people never to do.. YES jAY IM BEING THAT DUDE LOL

  • gundam fan
    gundam fan7 dager siden

    its amazing how much light is needed for crisp filming

  • Matthew Barrios
    Matthew Barrios7 dager siden

    I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Jay and Nick and everyone having a blast at work.

  • Steven Nguyen
    Steven Nguyen7 dager siden

    Had that Mic Boom Arm and the cable failed. Hopefully yours fairs better than mine.

    MDBYSL7 dager siden

    I appreciate you and your team. I wouldn't make love to you, yet, as you still gotta work on those muffin-tops, though I appreciate you. Thanks.

  • Luke Scott
    Luke Scott7 dager siden

    If you don't want the arms to block the view, don't use overhead arms. Use something like the "Gator Frameworks Short Weighted Base Microphone Stand" with the deluxe weighted base. Keeps the arms down low and out of your face. They aren't as great for desktop use as an arm, for for podcasts they are great.

  • Tyler Bivins
    Tyler Bivins7 dager siden

    This video is the reason that J2C is better than LTT...

  • nin spearing
    nin spearing7 dager siden

    Teck talk 3.0

  • Luigi311
    Luigi3118 dager siden

    "i don't know why we would ever call in a viewer but we have the option" proceeds to call in a viewer on the first episode

  • Heinz Harald
    Heinz Harald8 dager siden

    23min documentary showing: men never grow up XD

  • John-Paul Tolczyk
    John-Paul Tolczyk8 dager siden

    nice setup Jayson

  • Tomás Hoces
    Tomás Hoces8 dager siden

    Yo u could have got 3 sm57 and put a flter on them, same result, bye.

  • Peebers
    Peebers8 dager siden

    hahaha i really thought that was your basement

  • ZonNoDon
    ZonNoDon8 dager siden

    What a fun goofy video this was! May the safety inspector NEVER see this shit. Heheheh

  • Lucky Taco
    Lucky Taco8 dager siden

    you look like you’re mad at me for something i don’t know i did

  • Homeless Kermit
    Homeless Kermit8 dager siden

    not sure why i find watching a group of manchildren extremely entertaining, but i do. dont ask.

  • Simple Gunner
    Simple Gunner8 dager siden

    this was gloriously incoherent.

  • Eli Percival
    Eli Percival8 dager siden

    I'm a nerd and have $100m in the bank so dating is not so hard...

  • Jan Danielsson
    Jan Danielsson8 dager siden

    Why? Now you look like 3 morons with headphones meeting Cyber Cthulu.

  • David Brandenburg
    David Brandenburg8 dager siden

    good luck with that as I don't do pod cast.

  • Emile Ballard
    Emile Ballard8 dager siden

    for a tech show your realy old, because the world agreed like 200 years ago! to use the metric system and you are still useing imperial

  • Kidnose
    Kidnose8 dager siden

    this is great man, great initiative, on the 1st of april :D

  • mike vlaanderen
    mike vlaanderen8 dager siden

    Never a dull moment with you guys lol.. They have just opened a Taco Bell near us here in Australia ..Logan City near Brisbane.

  • SomeGuy
    SomeGuy8 dager siden

    #Jay You're gonna need hand puppets for your podcast; since they're hand puppets they can say inappropriate things. You could create a hand puppet based off of a female HSN host that repeats one or two single catch phrases... like "IT'S SO HUGE!"

  • Warren Garabrandt
    Warren Garabrandt8 dager siden

    22:34 Thanks for the new notification sound!

  • SomeGuy
    SomeGuy8 dager siden

    "Fart Noises" - Yeah, THAT'S THE TICKET!!

  • Rodrigo Santana
    Rodrigo Santana8 dager siden

    Jay, please unblock me on Twitter so I can know the times. I never found out why I’m blocked. 😔

  • Tiyath
    Tiyath8 dager siden

    3:20 The co-worker you do need, but didn't want and don't deserve!

  • SpurnOfHumanity
    SpurnOfHumanity8 dager siden

    Will be awaiting the dad jokes.

  • Dillon Cribbins
    Dillon Cribbins9 dager siden

    those are the same booms that Joe Rogan uses

  • Daniel Hanson
    Daniel Hanson9 dager siden

    So you are going to broadcast on Friday against a fellow NOlocalr that has over 10 million more subs than you , Do you see the problem?

  • SRT10 CAS
    SRT10 CAS9 dager siden

    you fellers are so fun to watch, of course for information and very important educated product wise information but also comedy wise, and just from a perspective of a few buds building your brand and company....just so genuine and excellent you guys are !!! Keep it up and I wish you the best.

  • RemCogito
    RemCogito9 dager siden

    This is the Best content!

  • fistticuffs
    fistticuffs9 dager siden

    Hey Jay👋 and community, been watching for 4months or so and you helped me build my first pc ,thank you so much bro! But I'm having trouble with vcrtime140_1.dll any chance you can help me please and thank if not all good. Ps I bought a windows key at first but ended up get official..idk if that matters

  • Syver Strand
    Syver Strand9 dager siden

    anybody know what headphones they used

  • Rob Watkin
    Rob Watkin9 dager siden

    lol phil be funny af sometimes.

  • Abdullah K
    Abdullah K9 dager siden

    I like the overall setup and the idea for the podcast, but I would say the mic arms are getting in the way of seeing you all clearly. I think the more you can hide the setup and equipment from view the more pro it'll look. Best of luck!

  • James Dean
    James Dean9 dager siden

    Still need coolant for your car turn on your air conditioner get the compressor working by turning it to coldest setting then wait for the compressor and radiator fan to start turning you will hear it dont rev just idle with door open then in park gear and then turn the engine off with the key then flip the bonnet latch and check the engine radiatior if it needs more coolant or not

  • baby_jake8585
    baby_jake85859 dager siden

    now all need is the famous actor in you'll be set lol

  • [MK] Vector95
    [MK] Vector959 dager siden

    This is gonna be sick af.

  • BrewDiePie
    BrewDiePie9 dager siden


  • _drk-.-h
    _drk-.-h9 dager siden

    I got a lot of info out of this video, mostly on how the podcast was put together but perhaps the most interesting piece of info was that Linus is a prick?

  • Steph Uys
    Steph Uys9 dager siden

    When Jay calls your trusty pocket kershaw a baby knife -_-

  • TheLeoElement
    TheLeoElement9 dager siden

    I've had that monitor since it came out and I love it. no problems since. the only thing holding this monitor back is the drop-off of the led controller. the software has never left beta forcing you to use a third party RGB controller like they just gave up

  • GhostNappa
    GhostNappa9 dager siden

    Why not just have a few sound blankets on a rod? Simple, cheap, and effective.

  • Tim Longson
    Tim Longson9 dager siden

    Water cooling King Jay, I have a request for a new water cooling review: actively water cooled GPU BACKplates! EK have added a TRUE active cooling backplate (the "EK-Quantum Vector RE RTX 3080/3090 Active Backplate D-RGB - Plexi" with EK Product EAN: 3831109836460), rather than just being an unappealing metal plate is actively and vissibly water cooled with its own water block and has RGB (don't mix this up with their "founder addition only" unit, with the rear water in/out, as those dont have the water cooling block, and their wording is just hype). Could you please do a review/comparison between the default backplates on GPU waterblocks and the active water cooled backplate, to see what temperature difference there is? Maybe for comparison, compare how the EK specifically made for EK frontplates active watercooled backplate compares to the mp5works "generic" water cooled backplate (which is quite limited as it has to fit on top of all the existing back of all GPU backplates, rather than having a cooling block touching the rear of the GPU components directly) - I heard even the mp5works "fit any backplate" managed to an average of a 10 degrees C drop, with much greater overclocking stability. So really excited to see a proper active water cooled backplate designed to work with the active water cool frontplate. Could be a "game changer", very literally. ;)

  • Politically Inept
    Politically Inept9 dager siden

    Jay! Help! I already OWN both and rtx 2080 reference card, AND an MSI 1080TI. I can only find advice on which is the better value...but say that you already own both and paid very little for either....I’m running 1080p rn but sooner or later I’ll find a deal on a 144p high refresh. Problem is that these cards perform extremely similar, the TI actually edging out the 2080 in most tests...but the future happens...which card to I sell JAY?? Selling both is not an option since I am selling a couple PCs and I need to keep one of these for my current pc. All the PCs I have require hours. The 1080ti is higher build quality then the basic hp 2080. It would be an easy choice if I was deciding which one to BUY, but when you already have BOTH at an awesome price, which one do I SELL?!

  • Jero
    Jero9 dager siden

    Jay get a cloud lifter it will improve the sound of the sm7b the pre in the interface itself can't handle it.

  • Ennovative
    Ennovative9 dager siden

    You should start a show showcasing some of the oldschool games you loved to play when you were younger.

  • Sir_Clam_Hammer II
    Sir_Clam_Hammer II9 dager siden

    More entertained than I expected, good job!

  • Parker Ferguson
    Parker Ferguson9 dager siden

    Jay, when are you starting an OnlyFans?

  • Actarium
    Actarium9 dager siden

    So if you’re monitoring your stream how many times will we see you stare over at that screen?

  • HeFromNorwayz
    HeFromNorwayz9 dager siden

    OMFG how you absolutley butchered the "Røde" prenounciation xD. "THE ROAD CASTER PRO" its not ROAD its RØ-DE more or less

  • Chromatic
    Chromatic9 dager siden

    broo put that pc outside of the room. the fans are loud af

  • Sladeofdark
    Sladeofdark9 dager siden

    no way, i can watch more than a few minutes of this on a podcast.. Phil's laughter? gawd...

  • UrbyPilot21
    UrbyPilot219 dager siden

    6:21 There's your new intro, right there!

  • Dragoneer
    Dragoneer9 dager siden

    I still can't hear "Coconut Monkey" without thinking about the old school PC Gamer mascot. XD

  • Chosen
    Chosen9 dager siden

    the nerd level in this video is over 9000 and i love it

  • What I'm Working On
    What I'm Working On9 dager siden

    I tried watching the new show, but zoned out after 10 minutes.

  • Joseph Pak
    Joseph Pak9 dager siden


  • Mick Brady
    Mick Brady9 dager siden

    That capture card in the Origin PC only records at 1080@60fps though right?

  • jabcreations
    jabcreations9 dager siden

    I love Tom's NOlocal channel Moore's Law is Dead however he puts both his regular videos and podcasts on the same channel. Could you guys please put the podcasts on a different NOlocal channel please?

  • Rossvee123
    Rossvee1239 dager siden

    Jay has at least 15k in today’s prices worth of gpus alone sitting around that office

  • inportrace
    inportrace9 dager siden

    listening to americans saying Røde LOL its hilarious, he says road hahah

  • Ricky Sargulesh
    Ricky Sargulesh9 dager siden

    I am not a big fan of the Shure mic to be honest. It sounds a little compressed. I hope you can tweak it further.

  • Conza
    Conza9 dager siden

    So on my NOlocal search results you're the number 1 for RTFM. The only other RTFM I know of is a channel about board games, so it would be interesting if there are more that just aren't showing up for me (I'm not reading 1,200 comments to see if I'm a repeat).

  • WindySilver
    WindySilver9 dager siden

    I look forward to watching the live show. At least this Friday it was at 1 AM my time so I couldn't tune in, but I'll definitely check it out when I can!