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I've never actually messed around with Delta fans before... these things are no joke!
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  • Shawn
    Shawn7 timer siden

    Honestly hot dogs would be better lol

  • Brad Hershberger
    Brad Hershberger2 dager siden

    I love D-fans. Ive amassed a good sized box full of all sizes. From little ones, double-stacked little ones for 1U racks. Literally like turbines. Up to 140mm hurricane boxes lol had them cooling my first mini mining rig and it was below knee height. I was working and stepped back and the entire (90mm?) Face of one smacked the back of my calf lol it kinda looks like a sunflower scar lol

  • HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul
    HappyBeezerStudios - by Lord_Mogul3 dager siden

    Alternate title: 11 minutes of Jay playing with fans.

  • John King
    John King4 dager siden

    You should try Micronel fans. Even higher RPM, Pressure, and flow. Less amperage, too. No need for SATA power adapters.

  • Señor zeD
    Señor zeD4 dager siden

    2:45 Slavery at it's finest

  • Chris s
    Chris s5 dager siden

    Yeah fill up, get it right

  • DorAD
    DorAD10 dager siden

    it's true! it really does suck to find out about these things after they're over :'(

  • Dave Chimny
    Dave Chimny11 dager siden

    So you tell me to always use the guards on the fan ... and then you put several things into the fan even without the guards on. :D

  • Raider7779311
    Raider777931112 dager siden

    "It slices, it dices, it makes julienne fries!"

  • Wolfgang Mclain
    Wolfgang Mclain13 dager siden

    This has all the chaotic energy the kids seem to love.

  • EvilTurkeySlices
    EvilTurkeySlices15 dager siden

    Dell used these on their old BTX systems. They barely even drive that to 30% fan speed and it moves a good amount of air.

  • Stephen Meister
    Stephen Meister16 dager siden

    ''Not Apple compatible'' looooooooooool

  • David Brandenburg
    David Brandenburg17 dager siden

    add 4 more holes at the corners

  • David Brandenburg
    David Brandenburg17 dager siden

    try turning it off and letting the fans stop before you try to feed it! or the flying pieces will all be red!.

  • David Brandenburg
    David Brandenburg17 dager siden

    i got one of them and its only cost me a couple of finger tips, well after I paid for it!. hes not lying about losing a finger!.

  • David Brandenburg
    David Brandenburg17 dager siden

    yeah right

  • Seth
    Seth17 dager siden

    Should have strapped the fan to a selfie stick and used one of those grabber thingies (i believe that is the technical term) to put the carrot in there. Would have been much safer and add to the comedic effect.

  • Rondo Cat
    Rondo Cat18 dager siden

    I have gotten bit my by Noctua fans countless times...

  • Jacob C
    Jacob C18 dager siden

    I mean there IS markup re: your sponsor. They buy the parts at a discount and sell at MSRP.

  • Ethan Queen
    Ethan Queen20 dager siden

    1.6A is weaksauce. You need to get some of the 3.90A or 5.04A or 7.5A 140mm Delta fans.

  • Tiyath
    Tiyath20 dager siden

    6:53 I've watched his reaction to the fan DEVOURING that piece of cardbord 10 times and I'm still laughing xD

  • Crimson Night
    Crimson Night21 dag siden

    I have something even more powerful to the point it needs to be plugged into a wall

  • Mayhem
    Mayhem21 dag siden

    This was hilarious XD

  • General M-13
    General M-1324 dager siden


  • Brock Schwend
    Brock Schwend28 dager siden

    i have a 400hz 3phase fan that we use at work. thing sounds like a jet engine and is smaller than that thing.

  • John David
    John David28 dager siden

    Linus named it the 'Blowie Matron'

  • Logan Laity
    Logan Laity28 dager siden

    What’s up with all of the alcohol and beer AdSense? Could definitely be a me thing, I just have ad personalisation turned off for YT so I’d figure I’d check. :)

  • Rahmet.96
    Rahmet.96Måned siden

    STFU Take my MONEY.....

  • TheLegendInYou
    TheLegendInYouMåned siden

    "As funny as it would be to cut the tip of my index finger off...." Jay then proceeds to choke on carrot.

  • TheLegendInYou
    TheLegendInYouMåned siden

    I have 12 of them for my dust collection system

  • techmasterjoe
    techmasterjoeMåned siden

    That is not the craziest delta fan they have some 120mm that hit 6000rpm

  • Clinton Hurley
    Clinton HurleyMåned siden

    @JayzTwoCents can you post a link for the sata splitter that you used. I bought some of the delta fans and the splitters I have are not turning them on.

  • Reese Kaine
    Reese KaineMåned siden

    RIP Carrot.

  • David Wartenoch
    David WartenochMåned siden

    There are -Delta- Papst Fans with 380W out^^, some german hardware site testet them a wile back......

  • Trigger
    TriggerMåned siden

    Gamers Nexus really needs to take note of your testing methodology. They've really overlooked the whole fruit/vegetable blending side of testing. :)

  • Tyler Black
    Tyler BlackMåned siden

    "Redux Gaming PCs have no markups" As I am currently looking at their marked up $780 RTX 3070....

  • Skedge
    SkedgeMåned siden

    now i wanna buy one and shove my finger in it

  • siccas21188
    siccas21188Måned siden

    dude i had 2 of them fans they sound like jets and yes they hurt really really bad

  • Ben Coomer
    Ben CoomerMåned siden

    "This is really dangerous!" Yep... And you're going to play with it... Yep...

  • Geese Howard
    Geese HowardMåned siden

    must be a slow news week

  • 1uvakind
    1uvakindMåned siden

    I was waiting for Guy Fieri to pop out, and tell you that you were doing it wrong.

  • john white
    john whiteMåned siden

    I know you said do not do at home. If that blade had broken /shattered you may have blinded your self or your camera man. Disappointed in this video. I cringed the whole time.

  • Eric H
    Eric HMåned siden

    Jay invented a new juicer :-)

  • Pwadigy the Oddity
    Pwadigy the OddityMåned siden

    Have you considered that the vibrations from such a ridiculous fan might cause instability in extreme OC scenarios due to vibrating traces? Make sure to go hard on antivib

  • MrGlennJohnsen
    MrGlennJohnsenMåned siden

    I didn't quite believe the "hype up for danger" until the carrot came into the fan, holy crap those are scary.

  • Confreeknor
    ConfreeknorMåned siden

    FIXIT Bang

  • Justin Bell
    Justin BellMåned siden

    Might I suggest a bench vise so you don't have to hold those.

  • Benjamin Kasander
    Benjamin KasanderMåned siden


  • andres castro
    andres castroMåned siden

    4:32 phill almost freakin gave me a heart attack!

  • Auna Breslin gaming
    Auna Breslin gamingMåned siden

    they say 2000rpm is fast N...No it isn't there are motors that spin at like 15,000+ think vacuums or jet engines how powerful is this? i wanna know the actual HP of these fan motors

  • Niko Untalan
    Niko UntalanMåned siden

    Who won the giveaway?

  • ponakka
    ponakkaMåned siden

    Those delta fans are just beginner stuff. You should try ebm papst ones. I had one of these puppies undervolted and at one point my cpu fan died, and the ebm case fan moved enough air that i did not even see the need for cpu fan.

  • Anth0160
    Anth0160Måned siden

    Well, now I know how i'll air condition my house with

  • TrueOcer
    TrueOcerMåned siden

    Test noctua tower with this. But screw bench to floor first ;)

  • Anona Mouse
    Anona MouseMåned siden

    Just get a small 120v blower and call it a day.

  • omni weltall
    omni weltallMåned siden

    Lol.....careful Jay.

  • Krhys
    KrhysMåned siden

    You could use those things as garden strimmers...

  • MJ
    MJMåned siden

    No bullshit. I once got my finger stabbed by Arctic Alpine 64 Plus fan and it bled.

  • AmBush-UK
    AmBush-UKMåned siden

    @7:52 (apparently not Apple compatible) 🍎 🤣🤣🤣

  • ExtraGlutenPlz
    ExtraGlutenPlzMåned siden

    anyone remember the 60mm delta fans on the ocz dominator cooler? shit sounds like a turbine engine at idle at an airport no lie.

  • tutacat
    tutacatMåned siden

    Why not just use a better heat sink It's 53 optimum (800/15) 106 max (1600/15)

  • David Kearns
    David KearnsMåned siden

    Nobody show Jay a grainger catelog, one of those HVAC blowers and a 9x 120 radiator would be interesting

  • Bacon1eggs
    Bacon1eggsMåned siden

    Sooooo I have a question: can you slow this fan down to a manageable speed. My family got me this fan for my birthday today and I don’t think I’m going to have a practical use for it (way too loud, not running high temps to need this airflow)

  • ShadowOps Airman1
    ShadowOps Airman1Måned siden

    I had a 60mm delta on an AMD Athlon HSF, the noise was insane.

  • ShadowOps Airman1
    ShadowOps Airman1Måned siden

    Sata adapters dont provide enough power, use molex

  • ShadowOps Airman1
    ShadowOps Airman1Måned siden

    Server Delta Fans, the 60mm unit is ridiculously loud

  • SoletLuna
    SoletLunaMåned siden

    Ok, this might be a dumb question but does the different onboard audio on motherboards make a difference? Lets say SupremeFX High Definition Audio CODEC S1220A vs Realtek ALC1220. is the difference noticeable? No NOlocal videos cover this. Please help.

  • G J
    G JMåned siden

    I have a delta fan but no guard, I jerry rigged a power splitter wire into the fan and used it as a booster for the ac. It could go I believe faster but didn’t have Enough power I think. It sounded like a jet engine. I don’t know why there is a delta fan in my garage

  • Braden Farrell
    Braden FarrellMåned siden

    Why have techchannel-youtubers to touch the pcie-connector on cards every time? That may kill your card if you are unlucky.! Linus does it a lot,too. Then he drops the card...

  • Ken Miller
    Ken MillerMåned siden

    This was 11 minutes and 43 seconds of pure goofiness with absolutely no edumacational value at all and worth every second of it! Thanks for making me light-headed from laughing so hard.

  • Alex LeFevre
    Alex LeFevreMåned siden

    I used 2x 180mm Deltas for a project. They came of a Dell server/workstation tower. 3.6A monsters. I had to grab a 10A switchmode power supply and limit the voltage otherwise i COULDN'T HEAR ANYTHING ELSE in the room.

  • Alexander Lee
    Alexander LeeMåned siden

    It's a blowiematron!

  • Alexander Lee
    Alexander LeeMåned siden

    R.I.P. Grant Imahara

  • Opy
    OpyMåned siden

    huffing and puffing like he ran a marthon ,smh

  • Threetree
    ThreetreeMåned siden


  • K Z
    K ZMåned siden

    2:40 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 i have seen idiots put they finger in fan n ended up copping finger off before they learn how not to stick finger in fan they all like nope not anymore lol

  • DarthZackTheFirst
    DarthZackTheFirstMåned siden

    that old boomer cant even build a hover-craft

  • Jason Carle
    Jason CarleMåned siden

    These things will hurt you... proceeds to fuck around with it for 10 minutes (probably more)

  • Davi Beatz
    Davi BeatzMåned siden

    Thats insane

  • Steven Moeller
    Steven MoellerMåned siden

    Mythbusters is my favorite show from Discovery.

  • Jeff Dannewitz
    Jeff DannewitzMåned siden

    This week on 'Will It Blend?' a doofus dad cuts off his fingers!

  • Wesley Y DeVore
    Wesley Y DeVoreMåned siden

    Just got the tweet about the winner as as you said it sucks to find out after it’s over to slow for the screen shot 😂😂😂😂

  • angryangel66
    angryangel66Måned siden

    Jay you had me at Mythbusters ♫☺♥

  • Jon Square
    Jon SquareMåned siden

    I wonder how deep you could make a radiator for water cooling with those delta fans? Your CPU will never get more than 5 degrees above ambient.

  • Jays Tech Vault
    Jays Tech VaultMåned siden

    I am a little disappointed you didn't use your hot dog like I did.

  • Aaron Burns

    Aaron Burns

    Måned siden

    that was definitely the best what not to do with a fan video. the hovercraft was very cool though

  • Paul Mohr
    Paul MohrMåned siden

    I hooked 4 of those up to one of those little nzxt plastic fan controllers. It ran for under 30 seconds then fans started turning on and off, ramping up and down and then the controller caught on fire lol. I am not joking. Smoke starting rolling out of it and it melted the housing and wires. For the love of god do NOT hook these things up to a mobo header. So glad I didn't try that first. Luckily for me I called Newegg and explained what happened and they actually covered it! They credited my account and let me pick out more sane fans ( four delta fans are LOUD lol) and a new more beefy controller. Then shipped them to me next day shipping with return shipping for the old parts. I was pretty impressed with the customer service. They even transfered me to a tech to make sure all the parts would work together this time. And on a side note. I hooked up the delta fans directly to my power supply to test the cooling and with them all running full speed it really didn't make a big difference in cooling in my case. There is such a thing as too much air. All it did really was make more noise. There are instances were a ton of direct air flow does work though. Like if its blowing directly on a passive heat sink that gets very hot. However using that much air just for case air flow didn't do much. The new fans probably had about a 3rd of the CFM and worked just as well. Not to mention it didn't sound like a fighter jet spooling up lol.

  • EricTheDesigner
    EricTheDesignerMåned siden

    Prop over spin Time 9:15

  • EricTheDesigner
    EricTheDesignerMåned siden

    I've lost the tip of my finger to an nzxt fan before, for real. 220 mm fan from 2013

  • Plays NTraffic
    Plays NTrafficMåned siden

    No RGB.....LAME!

  • Cyberwolf74
    Cyberwolf74Måned siden

    your a madman

  • ramazan katlav
    ramazan katlavMåned siden

    Receive with Review + Listings Management, plus value-added bonuses like API uploading, Account Setup, and Review Dingo Pro Membership.

  • Patrick Teagle
    Patrick TeagleMåned siden

    EDC community is looking down on Jay for using a tip-down config on his Paramilitary 2.

  • TeslaInvestah
    TeslaInvestahMåned siden

    When I was a kid, I pulled this exact model of fan out of a mini air hockey table. And I tried to make a hovercraft out of it too! only I had no power supply and just used 9v batteries. I got a very airtight system by hot-gluing the fan to a gallon-size ziplock bag balloon, but on batteries it was pitifully underpowered and never floated.

  • Ricechrispy0527
    Ricechrispy0527Måned siden

    Lol. The logo on your shirt is a nice nod to LTT. Looks like one of their old logos a little bit.

  • Jayteasee
    JayteaseeMåned siden

    7:50 - make your own kitchen utilities!

  • stefan brony
    stefan bronyMåned siden

    @2:42 that is what happend to me once... would not recommend

  • Nido’s Hardwar3
    Nido’s Hardwar3Måned siden

    Jay, you have not seen the EHE Fans from Delta. EHE at the End of the model number means Extreme High End, the ones you got are Peasant level Compared to the EHE Fans. EHE Fans are usually found in Servers from 40mm sizes to 120mm. Source: Me, I am a Fan Collector and Enthusiast.

  • Shepp
    SheppMåned siden

    IFIXIT !!!! xD

  • speedster911t
    speedster911tMåned siden

    Oh wow its not a fan now after jay Ghetto ed it, wow its a mini hovercraft now lol😀😂

  • Alexander Neukam
    Alexander NeukamMåned siden

    Man, thanks, I needed that laugh :).