Your Before and After Setups are INSANELY GOOD! WOW!

Vitenskap og teknologi

Today we take a look at your best Before and After Setup Makeovers! If you want to be featured in a future video, follow us on Twitter @JayzTwoCents
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    FILIPINOY7915 timer siden

    lol, is the other guy spinning the gpu fan on the right?

  • Gabriel Kröeger
    Gabriel Kröeger18 timer siden

    foreal though spread the mssg to start selling off older gpus for those gamers who cant afford the top gear. start populateing almost lost servers

  • John Hunt
    John Hunt21 time siden

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  • Jaedan Brandner
    Jaedan BrandnerDag siden

    Does anyone know what case thats behind them in between them?

  • Mathew Apatic
    Mathew Apatic3 dager siden

    We need a part 2 to this

  • Alex Johnson
    Alex Johnson5 dager siden

    That Coach Z reference at 9:17 had me cackling. Homestar Runner is always relevant

  • Jacob Chase
    Jacob Chase5 dager siden

    That Avicii album at 6:56 is fire

  • Jason Mercredi
    Jason Mercredi6 dager siden

    as an 80s baby, my mom told me jason was original for the 80s era hahaha

  • Horton Hears A Jew
    Horton Hears A Jew6 dager siden

    Her: it’s my first time I promise Also her: 4:22

  • Rick Barker
    Rick Barker9 dager siden

    LOL got a LTT add!

  • themonolithian
    themonolithian9 dager siden

    I love the amount of car guy references you guys use. Cars and PCs

  • Sketchy
    Sketchy10 dager siden

    9:56 is that an og xb1? aren't they supposed to be sitting flat rather than on their sides?

  • AJ Hranek
    AJ Hranek12 dager siden

    The laugh at 3:24 is very scary 😂😅

  • Philip Bellingham
    Philip Bellingham12 dager siden

    Wheres Nick at now?

  • jar jar binks
    jar jar binks12 dager siden

    Haha you're a meme

  • DarkAngel
    DarkAngel13 dager siden

    Those befores are kinda gud tho, i had an 10 y old pc on my school desk, also an 12y old samsung monitor with 60 hz xD now i got a 1k build and an 144 hz 1440p monitor (i still use my old monitor as a second one tho)

  • Marphey
    Marphey13 dager siden

    Is there something wrong with me because i prefer simple setup of just having monitor on my table and the pc case without any over the top stuff like extra monitors, rgb lights and other stuff ?

  • Nick H
    Nick H14 dager siden

    Mannnnn I would love to have matching panels. But I'll wait to buy another g7. My vertical 24" is fine for now 😅 another grand would take me a while to justify in my mind for a vertical panel 😅

  • R1nSy
    R1nSy15 dager siden

    toktok hhaha lmao

  • jakebrake_12
    jakebrake_1215 dager siden

    Goes down on pc, get rise in performance

  • Genjutsud
    Genjutsud15 dager siden

    The gainful dinghy biophysically level because recess interestingly kneel of a shiny heart. tiny, wrathful novel

  • T W
    T W15 dager siden

    Jay dude, what chair are you using man?

  • idk
    idk16 dager siden

    2:07 hisoka😌

  • Boss Levels
    Boss Levels17 dager siden

    6:15 desk draws from IKEA I have same lol

  • Tendot?
    Tendot?17 dager siden


  • Andre Rhea
    Andre Rhea17 dager siden

    I’m currently building my first rig, is it really bad to have mismatched monitors? I was going to have Alienware in the middle and two different monitors on the side being the same brand. Can someone give me some advice and or tips

  • Ayrichu
    Ayrichu17 dager siden

    What is the monitor mod thing they talk about around 3:30 ? I'd love to do something like that for my setup

  • Stwezy
    Stwezy17 dager siden

    Kanye can I have a discount plz 😭

  • davidbrennan5
    davidbrennan518 dager siden

    my gaming chair is a lazyboy

  • Saxon Descendant
    Saxon Descendant18 dager siden

    4:00 $10 says it's some lewd Nova art from StarCraft II.

  • deviledpanda


    5 dager siden

    Scroll up and you’ll see the persons comment its their wife

  • xcNeptune
    xcNeptune18 dager siden

    I got a Fold up table XD

  • Ten Komputer Nie Wybuchnie
    Ten Komputer Nie Wybuchnie19 dager siden

    Jay actually pronounced Piotr Lalik's name almost perfectly xDDD (a Polish name btw)

  • Mace Master
    Mace Master19 dager siden

    3:59 is the best part.

  • Teh Joke
    Teh Joke20 dager siden

    Wish I had the money and space to not have the mess I have lol, maybe I'll join Twitter and be on a video lol

  • MrFrekles
    MrFrekles20 dager siden

    "Good jorb!" Miss those cartoons lol

  • James Laforme
    James Laforme21 dag siden

    Wait, did Jay actually confuse the name Lars (rhymes with Bars) with Laser (as in laser beam)...?

  • ReadZead
    ReadZead21 dag siden

    4:02 they censured Linus's face lol

  • Googly Woogly
    Googly Woogly21 dag siden

    everyone: these setups are so good me: how did the person in 6:57 get a ps5

  • Brandon Stanley
    Brandon Stanley22 dager siden

    Was that a Homestar runner reference!! WOW its been a long time since them days haha. Great Jorb!

  • Gellona90
    Gellona9023 dager siden

    3:05 why did the fan stop?

  • Shehzad Azeem Khan Official
    Shehzad Azeem Khan Official23 dager siden

    @13:13 J you missed something, in 2017 he was waving for The Flash n now he is Avengers person 😂😃😆. He changed 😁

  • Griffin
    Griffin23 dager siden

    12:02 "This is the first guy here we looked at that built his own stuff." Just ignore the other 2 people who built their own desks earlier in the vid. They don't deserve credit...

  • malleus maleficarus
    malleus maleficarus24 dager siden


  • Jamie Lee
    Jamie Lee25 dager siden

    What are the chances anyone knows the items used for the desk at 11:00? It's beautiful and I want to try and probably fail at making it lol.

  • hong hoang
    hong hoang25 dager siden

    The elastic drum externally develop because ex-husband preferentially bare aside a right susan. undesirable, glib boot

  • warelephant77 on youtube
    warelephant77 on youtube25 dager siden

    How to do the sicker fish 4:21

  • Untamed Borger
    Untamed Borger25 dager siden

    Not once did I think I'd see a homestar reference in anything past the early 2010's

  • insane productions
    insane productions25 dager siden


  • Honest Jason
    Honest Jason25 dager siden

    "The miss matched monitors are already triggering me" says the guy that can have companies send him tech for no cost

  • Lord iKoniK
    Lord iKoniK25 dager siden

    2:33 I want a stream of Jay playing Rocket League now

  • tutacat
    tutacat26 dager siden

    It could be displate

  • Goldn Shadow
    Goldn Shadow26 dager siden

    anyone know the name of the chair at 3:40

  • Securitor
    Securitor26 dager siden

    Sorry Jay but the guy sitting next to you at the intro to the video looks like you're using him for a street cred, he looks sad

  • Melker Kristensson
    Melker Kristensson26 dager siden

    dude I've never met some one called Aileene but thats such a nice name but it sounds very very very American

  • Mohammed Ezzine HADDADY
    Mohammed Ezzine HADDADY26 dager siden

    I love how they are having a good time filming the video

  • RegularPit
    RegularPit26 dager siden

    I hate those Astro headphones since they don't last and the parts are overpriced. I like the Steel series arctis pros wireless even if I miss surround sound.

  • RegularPit
    RegularPit26 dager siden

    The case 4 minutes in is my brothers old one.

  • Nieco Adams
    Nieco Adams26 dager siden

    hey does anyone know what the first backround song is called? i tried to shazam it through the advert at the beginning but... wamp wamp wahhh, didnt work 😭 also: "aww man, I cant *heh*.. wait... *Jay does a J-Move* *Nick laughs & Phil Dies*" lol as always, funny becomes funnier 😂🤣

  • GutsRage
    GutsRage27 dager siden

    what mice is that one?

  • TejetejatyTJ
    TejetejatyTJ27 dager siden

    Rocket League!!!!!!!! Add me Jay!!!!! Tejetejaty1002 epic!!!!

  • LiK
    LiK27 dager siden

    Jay: "Time to grow up, Nick" Nick: "Why?"

  • The poinT
    The poinT27 dager siden

    the problem with tightened, sleeved and channelled cables is that althought they look nice, whenever you wanna change or upgrade something it takes an eternity to undo and redo the setup again. this is more for people who either have plenty of time or just set the whole rig up and never touch it again for years.

  • Anthony Johnson
    Anthony Johnson27 dager siden

    twitter= old school???? uh....... pleeeeesssssss explain

  • Mr Stealth
    Mr Stealth27 dager siden

    the first one pissed me off, downgraded all her audio equipment and her mouse, that really triggered me to the core

  • Eidetic Ex
    Eidetic Ex27 dager siden

    Have a bunch I've done like James' nice coiled setup. Those kind of coils are easy to do as long as your lay your cables out first and chase out any twisting. Just have to plan our your anchor spots so you know where you can hang the coil. But done well it looks beautiful out in the open.

  • Caleb Neill
    Caleb Neill28 dager siden

    Coach Z reference in there? holy shit that's wild

  • McBushy
    McBushy28 dager siden

    Lol says blame this guy for taking all the gpus while he has every single one

  • Andrew Link
    Andrew Link28 dager siden

    Jay clearly went for a dodgeball reference and Nick went to guardians of the galaxy.... come on. After laser it always ends in Michelle.

  • Andri Þór
    Andri Þór28 dager siden

    Ok but can we see all of Jayz employees setups??????

  • Elliott Olvera
    Elliott Olvera28 dager siden

    Can anyone tell me what they are using to keep items such as a power supply/USB hub attached to the underside of their desk?

  • Dylan Artner
    Dylan Artner28 dager siden

    Sometimes matching panels doesn't work xD

  • javier olalde
    javier olalde28 dager siden

    3:57 the gpu fan starts spinning

  • Joeyboy150


    27 dager siden

    Thank you I needed to know that lol

  • Hä? Wassdalos?
    Hä? Wassdalos?28 dager siden

    Haven't had a good laugh in a while. Thanks!

  • Joshua Verrier
    Joshua Verrier28 dager siden

    Jay, what chair is that you are using?

  • JesseDeya
    JesseDeya28 dager siden

    Wow, Jay went full erp derp American in this one.

  • Peter Kamenkovich
    Peter Kamenkovich28 dager siden

    Slowmo suckerfish had me DYING

  • Abdul Rafey Artist
    Abdul Rafey Artist28 dager siden

    whats the name of that keyboard ?

  • Black Ice Esports
    Black Ice Esports28 dager siden

    3:15 I started on a tv tray... that offended me lmao

  • Carrboro_Chapelhill Fpv
    Carrboro_Chapelhill Fpv28 dager siden

    Mine is a work in progress, I am a bit ashamed of my poor 11year old XPS 8100 with its poor gtx 680. But, it still runs and plays games however low the settings and FPS.

  • Elim 99
    Elim 9928 dager siden

    sorry jay but i only buy products made by ifixit. got my new ifixit fridge coming

  • Douglas JM
    Douglas JM29 dager siden

    The "that chick's one" line really took away from the "(Sorry we kept saying "he")" apology. Kind of meaningless to apologize for misgendering someone only to later refer to them using a diminutizing and derogatory term.

  • Douglas JM
    Douglas JM29 dager siden

    That fucking Coach Z reference though.

  • Slytherin Reviews
    Slytherin Reviews29 dager siden

    go with StoryFire it's a new platform that beats Twitter. Also, lets the JayTwoCents suckerfish memes compenace

  • issa Ayash
    issa Ayash29 dager siden

    Why does he look like an young boomer

  • nem tudom
    nem tudom29 dager siden

    Well tied together cables, are almost as good as no cables

  • Catmeat Disco
    Catmeat Disco29 dager siden

    I never finished my new setup/bedroom arrangement, so this gave me a lot of motivation!

  • Alan Dauer
    Alan Dauer29 dager siden

    All these setups are terrible. They are for people without legs or elbows. It makes me feel superior watching this cra.p.

  • Bloody Mindset
    Bloody Mindset29 dager siden

    for the falling cable on the power bar just une some ziptie

  • Makkezzo
    Makkezzo29 dager siden

    I like Nick now that he's more comfortable in front of the camera. You guys work well together :) kudos

  • Jan
    Jan29 dager siden

    Thanks for reminding me of Great Jorb Done! ❤️

  • Jackson Taylor
    Jackson Taylor29 dager siden

    I love how the great meme moment happened to start at 4:20 ayyyyyy

  • Crazyinnova
    Crazyinnova29 dager siden

    That fan spinning is so distracting

  • Hop-Skip-Ouch
    Hop-Skip-Ouch29 dager siden

    3:24 The laugh you hear in horror flash games.

  • ScreamyBlegh 32
    ScreamyBlegh 32Måned siden

    Love the homestar runner joke there.

  • Mitchell Guntrum
    Mitchell GuntrumMåned siden

    Jay really wishes he was an interior designer lol

  • Mitchell Guntrum
    Mitchell GuntrumMåned siden

    If Twitter is old school...I'm a dinosaur

  • J
    JMåned siden

    Piotr's setup was awesome, but people (including you jay) really need to understand that bookshelf speakers like that SHOULD NOT be that close to a wall or your face. They aren't meant to blast sound into your face from 3 feet away. His setup is more coordinated than mine, but man, it's a shame to see those beautiful KEF bookshelf speakers be choked off like that.

  • John H
    John HMåned siden

    Why are you trying to sell us that trash ass capture card? Pure hot garbage.

  • Vex
    VexMåned siden

    Cable management stresses me out trying to get it figured out.

  • Rob Ore
    Rob OreMåned siden

    "It isn't stained on the bottom but who cares?" Jay cares cause he brought it up